Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Little Bit of Everything

The letter is very vivid in bright blue today. Stop by and visit the Blue Monday shares

Jeremy and Brittany celebrated one year of marriage today. My day slipped away from me. the hubby has bronchitis again and needed a breathing treatment before we leave for Nick's graduation. So I am late posting but my love is with these two. They have had quite a first year. But they have each other and belong together. It is nice to see your child so happy. Happy anniversary !
These words are fitting for anniversaries as well as weddings. They are good reminders for every relationship. God did all the hard work, we just need to listen.
My niece Karla and her hubby Aaron celebrated 22 years of marriage today. Time truly flies away quickly. I remember the day Karla was born. She is not only my niece but my godchild as well. Happy anniversary to these two sweethearts. They are quite a sweet couple.
This big boy turned 4 today. He is quite the character and keeps me busy. He loves to eat all the cat food and roams from bowl to bowl. Poor Rose and Daphne can not seem to catch a decent meal with this big guy around. But he is kind and sweet and loves me so I can not complain but instead wish him a Happy 4th birthday. Love my Mr. Kitty.
A little love finish this post. have a wonderful day.

Monday, April 24, 2017

"U" is for Underwear

These two think they work for the A.T.F. Someone will be in trouble when the mess has to be cleaned.  Tell Sandee you enjoy Aw...Mondays. You know they make you smile.

U is for underwear. I found this on google images. A comfy head dress. Hee Hee Hee! I thought of this because Suzanne is crazy with planning her daughter's wedding and she said today she put on two pairs of underwear and it took her a few minutes to figure out why it did not feel right. LOL! Busy plans will do that to you. The day before my wedding, what can I say, I loved my job, I made coffee but without the pot. They sent me home quickly saying come back after the honeymoon. Hee Hee Hee! I worked with the best people back then.

 Thinking about a wedding that Rebekah and Zach want in September. 2018. So I was thinking about making these tasty little cream cheese mints. You can make them in any color combination.  They are just one of those happy things. Stop by Blue Monday and visit some blues today.
Have a blue-ti-ful week.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"T" is Tea Tyme and The Spring Tea Cup/Mug Exchange

This tea gift photo is sideways, kind of like me today! I have been battling allergies and sinuses and today woke up with a severe attack of dizziness. So I am late posting my gifts that I received in the Tea Cup/Mug Exchange hosted by Stephanie . I have participated in this exchange twice, once last Fall and this latest Spring share. It was delightful. I was blessed with this gift package from Sandy in sunny Florida. She sent me a sweet tea mug with matching porcelain spoon in a gift box.
This mug is so sweet. It has a porcelain spoon and cute gift box.
There is a sweet smelling tea candle and a cute tea wallet plus lovely soap from Italy and candies and honey spoons too.She also included Earl Grey tea and I already sampled those. Thank you Sandy.
Francesca from California sent the sweetest letter and I learned a lot about her. She sent me a pretty white and pink tea cup and saucer. She sent a favorite tea, it is an organic Wild Strawberry tea and so yummy. She also made an eye mask filled with chamomile and lavender and other herbs to give you a restful night's sleep. It was just a wonderful gift and I am thankful to have received it.
This was the package I sent to Pat in NC for the Spring Mug exchange.
Te red mug was already wrapped so here is a photo of it before I wrapped it. I thoguht this mug so cool so I purchased one for my hubby and myself also.
T is for Tea and I love everything to do with tea.
Isn't this pinterest find Elephant Teapot cute? So colorful. I have a sweet white elephant my daughter Rebekah purchased for me at a thrift store. He is very sweet too. I use to find so many pretty teacups and teapots at thrift stores. Now I rarely find any. But I have a nice collection and recently found a sweet tea mug:
A few years ago I participated in a Memory Quilt Project for a little girl named Shannon who lost her young life (age 3) to a rare brain cancer. Her parents were overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers who had created a quilt for their child that turned into the memory quilt when she lost her battle with cancer. They sent each one of us a letter with a packet of forget-me-not's and asked us to plant them in memory of Shannon. I do it every year and then I found this tea mug. I had to have it and think of sweet little Shannon when I use it.
I hope we can get together with more tea cup/mug exchanges. Keep these words close to your heart.  Visit Pink Saturday too .Have a blessed and beautiful day.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Aw...Mondays and Blue Monday Fun

Here is a Karaoke Kitty for you on Aw...Mondays . I hope you stop by and say hello to Sandee.
The last movie we saw had this Blue Smurf in the lobby. Stop by and say hello to everyone at Blue Monday. Our oldest daughter Noelle had the largest Smurf collection ever! They were popular when she was small and now they have made a comeback and have had some movies including a brand new one! Do you like little blue smurfs?
Love is...making me think of fresh bread. I have a bread maker and I do not think the bread will make itself so....

s is a great letter. The karaoke kitty is silly and there is a fun S word. How about Smurf, you know the little blue creatures? Sweet is a good s word for Sweet Love is...shares and there it is again! S is for share or sharing. So many words that start with the letter S.

A favorite grandgirl Christal and her sweet hubby Alex. They were baptized this weekend in the Catholic church and on Easter SONday  they were married in their church. Their three children were also baptized and I admire these parents so much. They attend church with their kids each week and they had a lovely wedding. Here is a collage of photos Noelle put together. we had a wonderful time.

Christal is so crafty and she created these sweet centerpieces  for the reception tables and inside those sweet boxes were mini heart shaped cookies. She is a special young woman and I love her so much. Alex too, he loves baseball and who doesn't love America's favorite sport?
Hope your Easter was a beautiful day too.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Week

Easter Week is here and I chose the letter "R" and the word "Resurrection" for my Alphabet Day post. This image of the letter R reminds me of the promise of God. The rainbow represents God's Word that said He would never destroy the earth with water a second time. The clouds reminds me of Jesus being risen through the clouds into His heavenly home.
I set  my heart and my mind on the Word of God, our world is increasingly getting more difficult and I put my trust in God .

As a child my mother made sure we celebrated the Easter season every year. She was a faithful servant of God and her faith never wavered when I was young. She prayed and taught me how to pray. Someone I know was in a difficult situation during the night and she said she began to pray but wasn't sure she even knew how to pray. I believe God hears our prayer. He does not require we use specific words or dramatics. He only asks for us to trust Him and believe that He will answer those prayers in His time. We like everything quick fast today. Food, driving to places we need to go, even carrying on conversations, people rarely take their eyes off their phones. we should stop and think of of Jesus and all He did for every single human being. He did not die for a specific group of people. He died for all. We are so busy judging others for things they say or do we never set our hearts and minds on Jesus.
I find myself worrying too much at times. I know I am my father's daughter as my dad took everything to heart. He worried about the car breaking down on the road, needing new carpet in the house, caring for my mom after he would be gone. I find myself thinking every much like he did. Oh he loved God, he knew Jesus died for all, but it is something built into some of us that is hard to shed. So he prayed and I pray today. Trusting God wholeheartedly for some is a life long process.
Not the best photo but here are Easter baskets for Jayden and Michael. I tried to fill them with some good snacks as Michel is allergic to peanuts so it makes it tough designing a basket for him. Hopefully the boys will like their matchbox cars too.
This is a very traditional sLOVEnian breakfast. Growing up in BoJontown my mom prepared all the wonderful dishes. We colored eggs on Good Friday and mom bought fresh horseradish to serve with the ham she baked. she baked potica (the nut filled breads) the week before Easter. She served kolabasi fresh from Franks Market  and we enjoyed these foods for breakfast and lunch and dinner. Addyson and Harrison took their baskets home already.
Saint Mary's Catholic Church was where I spent my childhood and it was a very good one. I attended the school which was located across the parking lot.  Although the majority of teachers were nuns they did value us and wanted us to learn. Today children can not even write in cursive so they remove it from schools! How will you ever sign your very first paycheck or change jobs and have to sign your final check at one company to move to another?  This was not true in the Catholic school system. I can not comment how they have changed throughout the years but I know what a fine education I had. We also learned the three "R's" Reading, Religious Education and Respect! I think that education and the various people I attended school with helped shaped me. I keep in touch with many of the kids from my school days even today. We had to respect each other so we learned to get along no matter any difference we had. It was a very happy time.
I hope each one of you will celebrate Easter and have a beautifully blessed weekend.
Stop by  Pink Saturday and share some pinks today.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Aw....Mondays and More

HaHaHa! We have many phamily photos like this one so I am sharing these silly kittens with Sandee  I thought this photo was too cute not to share.
"Q" for a quaint cottage. I would love this little cottage surrounded by gardens of flowers. Lovely. I hope you stop by Blue Monday so everyone sees the blues throughout my post today too.
Love is....knows how to play "love".
Today is #nationalsiblingday. I have two sisters, one went to heaven in 2001. I miss that Patty Girl. One lives 120 miles away from, I miss my Mary and am blessed I get to see her occasionally. I have two older brothers also, Bill and Ed, one in Pueblo and one in Littleton. Siblings are the very best.
My sister Mary was a nun and I was her angel. Gosh that was ages ago and my late Uncle Sam Cosimano was so artistic, he made my halo from a wire coat hanger.
All the siblings with our folks, I miss mom and dad too. They raised us right.
God knows how to make us smile.
My sister Mary and I. I sure love this girl.
Actually two of them. Have a great day and if you have a sibling or two give them a call today.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Memory of My Father

Today is another bittersweet day for me. 32 years ago today I lost my precious father. My dad was an amazing man, He is pictured here ,the gentleman on the right side leaning on the bat. Anyone who knows me knows how I love baseball and it is Springtime and I miss my dad. He knew everything about the game. He played semi pro ball and was a catcher. That was in the 1930's long before I was born. But everything I know about the game he taught me. He was a NY Yankee fan. He had the pleasure of catching behind the plate when the great Babe Ruth was up to bat during a game. This photo is very special to me. My friend Jacque Pechek, a year ahead of me in school, gave me this photo. Her dad is the man in the middle in the first row. His nickname was Coogan,  All sLOVEnian/BoJon men had nicknames. Several of Jacque's uncles and Coogan's brothers are in this photo too. I do believe the gentleman peeking out from behind my dad and the gentleman to his left, is my Uncle Rudy "Moon". He was dad's older brother who passed away way too young. My sister Mary would tell you, Uncle Moon taught her how to bowl! My phamily loves all sports. Oh, Jacque is a newly retired softball coach and well loved by her former students and players. That BoJon blood bleeds baseball.

I just bought this shirt and it arrived today. My dad must have been thinking of me from heaven.
My dad was a very humble man. He loved my mother and all five of his children. This basbeball quote is perfect to remind me of my dad.
A good reminder of the game and position my dad loved.
Baseball is coming to a stadium near you. You should stop by and enjoy a game. I always wished I could have shared game day with dad. Maybe there is baseball in heaven? Hmmm...