Monday, August 29, 2022

Aw...Mondays and Happy Tuesday and Anniversary Memories of my Folks and an August Birthday Boy



Today would have marked the wedding anniversary of my beautiful mother and handsome father.  They would have celebrated 50 years in 1986. Unfortunately, heaven called my dad home in 1985 and my mom  wanted more then anything to join him . She did in 2001.

 Although I miss them, I am happy they are no longer here. This world is spinning out of control day by day. 

I want to make my post happy but I have to clear up a few things. When our good friend Edna passed away from a diabetic coma she was not at fault but rather the man made machine (pump) that stopped working while she slept.   

I also love wildlife, I Just do not want to listen to a noisy squirrel when I need peace and quiet.  People who know me really well will tell you I adore the prairie dogs.  I love them because they are smart and have devised a living system that is unbelievable.  They are true to each other in their colonies and they are smart and loyal. Just an FYI from me to you.

A female prairie dog and a juvenile. 

Our youngest grandson turns three on August 30th.

A favorite photo I snapped of this adorable birthday boy. He loves big trucks, fire and police vehicles. He is a smart and witty child and growing up way too quickly.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Blake. He makes Happy Tuesday a happy place for me in the midst of all the sadness that has fallen around my loved ones.

We will celebrate this beautiful boy and I will share more photos too. God bless you, pray for John & Carrie and kids and thank you for being here.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Anniversary Wishes


Happy Anniversary to Noelle and Roger. Twenty Two years and counting. They have had a wonderful life and a beautiful phamily. This year they are dealing with health issues and staying strong for each other.  Today we had breakfast with them at their favorite spot, the Bluebird Cafe. A locally owned restaurant. It was vandalized over the weekend last week. Everyone came out this week to support them. Rebekah and Zach joined us. It was quite a nice morning.

Smiling faces, pray for them as they journey through this evil cancer touching their lives. We wish them many more years of happiness and are grateful they belong to us. 

I forgot to post our delicious food photos because we were so hungry we did not take any! I pulled my photo from a visit last year. I forgot to get included in these other photos. It was fun and good to relax and enjoy some loved ones.

"Forever is a long time , but I wouldn't mind spending it with you." Author Unknown

"The secret to a happy marriage is to find the right person. You know they're right, if you love to be with them all the time." Julia Child

"In a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you. " Author Unknown

Friday, August 26, 2022

Feline Friday and Friendly Fill In's with Pink Saturday

 1. I collect __________________________.

2. I recently treated myself to ______________________.

3. I used to _______________________back when _________________________.

4. Though I have never, ___________________, I have _______________________.

Ellen & Lorianne Each week these two ladies choose these phrases and we select our answers. It is fun to see the different answers we all select. Come join the fun.

My answers:

1. I collect too many things to list here. I should blog about each thing. It would fill up several posts!

2. I recently treated myself to new headbands. It doesn't seem like much, but they make some wide headbands that are soft and comfy so I can cook and clean without my hair falling in my face. We recently lost our favorite hair stylist. She moved back home to our hometown of Pueblo, Colorado. we were sad to see her go but understand why. Times are getting more difficult by each passing day. A good time to be near to those we love best.

3. I used to run and also power walk back when I was a bit younger and not troubled with life getting in the way.

4. Though I have never left American soil since I was a child, I have no desire to travel anywhere out of this country.

Feline Friday

This is how I was hoodwinked by the C A T who lives with me. He was so cute although if he was a twin, I did not know it. I would have been sad because I do not think you should ever separate twins. I am not sure how I would handle two of him! But maybe, if he had a twin, the twin would have been the calm and quiet one. 

This is how  my C A T acts  - he is a terrible bully. I am constantly after him to be nicer!

This was him in 2013 when he came to live with us. He was the dearest, kindest and most sweet friend to Roxanne during her last months. He never left her side and he was grief stricken when she passed away that November . I often wonder if her death affected him so severely that he never quite recovered. Roxanne, I believe was an angel in disguise.

Pink Saturday

Random pink goodness, how about some knee high boots?

A pink chandelier.

A pink golf cart for the spoiled Pink Princess! I'll take pink please and thank you.


Pink bottles......I would love to have a few of these pretty pinks! 

Enjoy your weekend and if you like or love pink, share your favorites too!



Thursday, August 25, 2022

Happy Tuesday

 Happy Tuesday I am backward because I am so late here. But a favorite football legend, Len Dawson passed away at the age of 87. He was one of a kind in an era where real men played the sport because of their love for the game. Not for politics, not for money but for passion, grit and determination to win. Rest in Peace Len Dawson, you made my youthful years better with football.

This one struck me as someone recently told me their upper management said there should be no human error. Someone from Mars perhaps?

Both John Wooden and Lou Holtz were college football coaches. Their wisdom makes me smile.

James Plunkett was an Irish writer (1920-2003) not to be confused with the former Oakland Raider QB Jim Plunkett. His advice is solid.

My all time favorite QB Joe Montana, who I was fortunate enough to watch play in his college days. His former team, the SF 49ers, a favorite, not so much. 

Truthfully, there was a time we lived to watch football and than the politics and personal views started to muddy those waters.  The expression, "leave well enough alone" is still a truth.   Oh Maxine.....

Sandee a double delight in Maxine for you today! I know you are not a football fan but you have to love Maxine's humor on most anything!

Had to swipe this photo of Noelle with her first born grand girl Jaslin born August 22. That girl had some strong lungs as an infant, she loved to howl at us! She grew up to quite a lovely young lady. She shares her birthday with my lifelong friend Lynette.  Happy Birthday to both of these amazing ladies.

A celebration yesterday of the 132nd birthday of Duke Kahanamoku, the king of surfers and an Olympian too.

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." Marcus Tuillus Cicero

Wordless Wednesday beach in  Pupukea, Hawaii

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Feline Friday and Pink Saturday

 Feline Friday

There are no words when this guy is getting his rest. Oh the life he has! He looks so sweet. Do not allow him to fool you. He is a terror by nightfall. But his days are long and lazy. 

Friendly Fill In's 

Ellen and Lorianne co host this fun blog hop. Please come join the fun and answer their questions here:

1. I would like to see what books are on _________________'s shelf. (Thanks Melissa)

2. I adore ___________________.

3. There is no amount of money you could pay me to _________________.

4. When I failed to ________________, I _______________.

My answers:

1.I would like to see what books are on my local library's new section shelf.

2. I adore my grands, and great grands. They are the very best joy a person can have.

3. There is no amount of money you could pay me to sell out my loved ones.

4. When I failed to find a new job after my job loss in 2014, I made the very of it all, and will never regret all the joy I found. Money is certainly not everything in this life.

Pink Saturday

My husband isn't much of a pink guy, at least not when it comes to kitchens.  But if I could have a secret garden with a cottage I would add this pretty pink kitchen inside. A girl can always dream her dreams out loud .

I have gotten into the early morning rising due to my husband rolling out of the bed at 5 A.M. I am usually up between 5;30 and 6 to see him off to work.  Oh Maxine.....look at that beautiful sunrise behind you that you are missing! Now I can not promise I will do this when the snow starts flying!

I will love these until the end of time!

Pink Saturday

Rebekah talked Noelle and Zach into attending the Northglenn 70's, 80's and 90's Music night. She even made sure she and Noelle had the appropriate 1980's look! They had a fun night. 

Visit Beverly and all the Pinkies. is...always makes me smile!

Ooooh Maxine, were you peeking in my closet? hahaha...I am just getting my sweatshirts ready to roll for the cooler weather. Maxine invented comfort for all gals! 

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Happy Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday

 I love these words. They make me happy when you understand that these words are so true. Everyone has a battle they are fighting and if you aren't you have previously. 


Dear Heavenly Father,

For all the children returning to school, send your Holy Spirit as their guide and protector.

Keep them free from danger and unnecessary harm. Put our sons and daughters in the right place, at the right time , to receive your grace.

Let them learn and grow strong. May the presence of your Spirit fill their hearts.

Help us to mature as parents and caregivers. 

We entrust our children to you, Dear God.  Since the beginning, they are yours to keep. 

In the name of the greatest son of all, Jesus Christ. 


With children going off to school, there is only one protection they need, Jesus Christ. Our grand girl Addy started high school, Harrison James went on to the first grade and Brody will head off to a second year of pre school after Labor Day. Hannah, my niece Jessica's oldest girl heads off to college and filling her dad's vacant home as her own. All my grands and great grands, I pray for their safety and their days to be filled with useful information. The homeschoolers I know will be front and center with our Lord and I pray for each and everyone of them by name each day. 

When did this small boy go from this (with Leo) to :

This?? Memories have overcome my mind. If he gets much taller, I am going to have to look up to him. 

Please pray and visit Happy Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday

School days, school days, good old golden rule days. 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Love is...…Thankful Thursday


I usually post Love is...on Monday's but today marks 7 years ago that Jeremy, our son proposed to Brittany, his wife, and she accepted.  I thought this was the sweetest share for them. Happy Proposal Day to our kids!

Thankful Thursday

I wanted to catch up with a few blog hops. I always enjoy visiting Brian and the feline friends here. So I am always thankful when I see them. 

I doubt Mister Kitty would jam with the likes of Jazz or Soul or rock n Roll.  I am still thankful for him. But this was just precious since tonight I received some very sad news. 

A lovely dear heart and one of the kindest souls I knew passed away. Edna Cave had been in a diabetic coma since August 9th, 2022. Her daughter Liz posted that heaven gained a new angel tonight. Edna's husband has been battling an illness in which he was given limited time on this earth. Please pray for Michael . Pray for Liz and her children Theo and Tillie . They were the joy of Michael & Edna. Pray for Edna's sister Emalie too.  Also Lincoln Cave. I am forever thankful that I found Edna at social media and was able to keep in touch. Life is so fleeting, I am forever thankful that I knew this wonderful lady. She was 53 .

Revelations  21:4 "He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or crying or mourning or pain, for the old order of things has passed away."

Thankful to have known such a bright and shining light in this world.

Pink Saturday

I love cool and classic cars. Vintage cars! I love pink so I love this pink Volkswagon bus. What sweet memories of the 1960's.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Happy Tuesday


Happy Tuesday Today we celebrate Jeremy Edward, our first born son, They are having a mini vacation in the mountains. Wish we were there. 

He shares this day with my late Auntie Mary, my mom's oldest sister. 

Mary is the oldest girl, holding baby sister Elsie in this photo. It is a rare photo I have of my mom and her siblings. Only Auntie Jo is not pictured as she was not born yet.  Happy memories  my mom always said before the loss of their dad and brother Tony (small boy).

Wishing our son Jeremy a very happy birthday. 

Happy Heavenly Wishes today Auntie Mary!

"The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace."  Numbers 6: 24-26


Saturday, August 6, 2022

Feline Friday and More


This C A T sits in front of the water bowl and meows at it! He rarely likes a drink if anyone is watching.  Why he is so stubborn is beyond my knowledge. He is treated like a king, butting in making himself comfortable even when I am uncomfortable. He has become very brazen too. Last night he thought he would change up his routine and sleep on Avery's legs. Well, it was not a good outlook for either one of them! He met his match with my husband and my husband with him.  I hope you visit Feline Friday

I found this ultra cool 1950's car in pink on an email a friend sent me. Man oh man, I would love to have a cool car like this::

A Thunderbird is pretty in pink.

How about a fifties Pink Cadillac!  Those white wall tires!  So pretty and shiny too. can dream. 


I  love this verse. Here is a photo I took of the sun rising today.

The sunrise was lovely this morning, but it is hard to see much of it as there are so many trees in my neighborhood. Ancient  5o plus year old trees. None the less it is a pretty sunrise.

"One of the things I associate with God is sunrises. How many sunrises have you missed over the years, and God created that? Donald Miller

Here is our new t shirt that we wanted to match but the Men's shirt did not come in heathered green only grey. That is ok, we love these shirts and have received so many compliments already. 

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend.