Sunday, July 30, 2017

Aw....Mondays and I Am Happy to be Back

I felt the way this kitten looks when my blog disappeared for several weeks. I am not a huge fan of blogger or google because I could not get any help and a few people asked if they removed me as the blog administrator! I wondered why anyone would even think that! So here is my input with Sandee and everyone at Aw...Mondays! This kitten and I share the same eye color. So the blue eyes will work for Blue Monday too!

I have had a flu bug all weekend. Feeling a little better but this crude keeps attacking me. A lot of it is mixed up with sinus crude. We had a big torrential rain for about thirty minutes earlier. Grateful for our sump pump that it works.
A little humor about something I love.
Love is....fits me to a "T".
Oh Maxine, this girl can make me laugh out loud.

These 14k gold earrings belonged to my grandmothers cousin Frances and when she passed away she left them to me. Many sLOVEnian women wear these and I wish I knew the story behind them. I am going to continue this blog now that I figured out the blogger/google mix up and continue with my newer blog too. The name of that blog will be My Tata's Cottage. It will be here on blogger too. I am waiting to get a header and I was under the weather so I finally got all my photos and such to my dear sweet pal Cat and she is designing my new header. I will keep you posted.
Have a wonderful week and stop by and visit some blogs today.