Thursday, April 30, 2020

Blog Friends Feline Friday Friendly Fill-Ins and Pink Saturday

I was catching up on my blogging when I stopped by Carla's blog Her sister has been sending her postcards while away from each other and sharing childhood memories. They had some great ones and what a sweet idea! Angela at shared a favorite canning recipe and Caren shared some of her creativeness. Years ago, when I first started to blog, I won the prettiest collage art wall hanging from Caren. I still have it and it hangs in our bedroom. The detail she used is perfection.

If you are a blogger you should visit these ladies. If you don't blog, it's a great time to get away from the constant chatter on what's going on in our country.
If you read the bible what is happening is laid out for you. So check out other people and their likes and see if you find someone to follow or learn something new. Also if anyone who does blog knows the whereabouts of Iggy at Barbara is a lifelong friend. She sent me the tea mug with infuser she bought in the UK and some yummy tea called Pink It Up! The shortbread is courtesy of my sweet friend Debbie . She is off the grid of all social media including her blog. She is a person who will pray at the drop of a hat along with many other prayer warriors that I see here and at their blogs like Marsha HarwoodMarsha and Pamela Cessna Kuhn. Linda . Friendships formed through life and also through blogging are the best.
This post is lengthy but I had a lot to say. Tired of the constant yammering about the virus. If you do not wish to go out, don't. If you do, so be it! I've said it before, the bible details everything going on in our world. So I do tire of the constant hysteria because there are folks who can not handle the pressure of it all. Not everyone has the ability like a duck out of water where the water beads up and slides away! So many people suffer with anxiety and other debilitating problems. Some people can slide through it all unfazed. Whichever category you fall into, be kind. Don't be mean. Do what works the very best for you.
Please stop by Feline Friday These three kittens are precious and they always catch our eye when they are so small and soft and cuddly.
Now, how about the fill-in statements for tomorrow's Friendly Fill-Ins challenge? Ellen of 15andmeowing is the mastermind behind the first two, and Lorianne came up with the second two.

1.)  It is important to learn _________.

2.) When I was _________, I was obsessed with _________.

3.) I feel _________ about _________.

4.)  My lucky number is _________.

Here are my answers:

1.) It is important to learn good manners. I think the world today lacks them terribly.

2.) When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with Paul Revere and the Raiders.

3.) I feel thankful about my life. Roof over my head, relative good health, loved ones. Life is good.

4.) My lucky number is Three.

Visit Pink Saturday and share a favorite pink (or anything). Addy in pink with Duke Kaboom!
I like to keep my mind on the Lord. It helps me keep grounded. I Like these words, they are calming like the water lapping the rocks.
This chunky baby cracks me up! I like naps but lately I have been too busy to take one. 
I am going to close at long last. Hoping you all have a beautiful weekend and you get to blogging!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Thankful Thursday with Anniversary and Birthday Wishes

Happy anniversary number 4 to Brittany and Jeremy. They were married April 30 2016. It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful celebration.  They have weathered a few storms already. But good marriages always take the great times with the not so perfect ones.  I am thankful for these kids and their kids too. They are champs when it comes to managing their household, the new rules for living in recent weeks and still smiling when all is said and done. 
These two belong together. They met at their mutual job site. They are both Denver Bronco fans so their wedding had a Bronco theme. It was a great day, it snowed a bit but the wedding was indoors so it made for a perfect day.  Their life together has had more joyful moments. It has been good this past four years because of these three:
Jeremy stepped right in  and took Addy  along for this new journey . She is a great girl and Jeremy enjoys this life he is living. Brother I came along and then Brother 2. These three make their lives happier and there is lots of fun in their household.
Marriage is never easy. It is was everyone would be happily married. We would all like to walk into it with a box full of good things, all the wonderful things we enjoy. But marriage is truly like an empty box. You get out of it what you put into it.  It doesn't hurt if you choose to put Jesus at the center of your marriage. He adds the perfection.
I love this little poem. You might think it is sappy or silly but I like the words to it. I want Brittany and Jeremy to have their hearts locked together for this entire lifetime. They are raising a beautiful phamily. They have lots of love at their house. Laughter too. The kids are the right additions to this great marriage recipe! I hope you will join me in wishing them a happy anniversary and a wonderful life.
Before I sign off I have to wish Mister Kitty a/k/a Tiger or Mister Tomkins a happy feline birthday. 
He turns 7 on April 30. I tried to give him away for their wedding present but they politely declined. When Jeremy was a single guy still living at home he thought this feline was a fine addition to our house. Hmmm.... I never wanted another cat after my Boots left this ole world. But here I am seven years later making sure this big boy has a good home and isn't roaming the streets singing for his supper. As you may have noticed, this fellows hasn't missed a single meal in seven years. Happy Birthday kitty. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Wordless Wednesday and More

Wordless Wednesday
Although we lost this gentle dapper gentleman in 2018 he would have a birthday April 29, 2001. Bandit was so loved and he was the phamily icon for pets as far as longevity goes. He was a rat terrier and he lived a very good life for a very long time. This is a favorite photo of him, in the prime of his life. He was kind and gentle but he had a ferocious bark that would scare you if you didn't know him. I know you are running free at the Rainbow Bridge Bandit so enjoy your birthday in all the glory.  "Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault , really. " Agnes Sligh Turnbull
He loved his long naps as he grew older but a faithless friend was this fellow to Jeremy. He loved him unconditionally and that is hard to come by. The birthdays at the Rainbow Bridge are quite lovely, I am imagining. Canine and feline alike celebrating with each other while waiting for those they left behind.

 "We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment.. " George Eliot 

Tuesday Show and Tail and Happy Tuesday with Maxine too

Two years ago today these three little cuties came into our lives. Loki and Thor are Rebekah and Zach's. Lulu is my girl. She had come off a long hot ride from Kansas where her breeder lives. She was dirty and smelly and the lady I received this little gift from bathed her. Loki and Thor are not her siblings but they are her best friends. Come visit Happy Tuesday
She cleaned up so sweet and she fell in love with all of us especially her pals Loki and Thor. She has the most beautiful ears all grown up today and mom to her daughter Mollie and son Finn. We never expected her to have any pups. But the vet could not spay her saying she had blood vessels that were too small. All the boys are neutered so we will get the girls spayed sometime this summer when things are not so chaotic. But her children are such a sweet heritage. Even though we never expected it. These photos of these precious pups are a smile maker for Tuesday Show and Tails. I hope Angela starts up the blog hop again soon.
This was my girl after her much needed bath. She was so very tiny. Chihuahua's don't usually have large litters but I wonder if her mom had more then she could handle. Lulu was born in St. Francis , Kansas nearly 200 miles away from us. She is a joy to us and she is a busy girl. The hubby had to work at his office this morning so we shared a bit of our lunch with her, turkey sandwiches. She loves food and treats. She loves walks too although there is no one who enjoys the walks more then Thor. If he hears the word he stands tall at the front door ready to roll. If he sees his harness he goes gaga and can not wait to get outside. Loki is his own kind of pup and he does his own thing. Sometime he is a little lazy like me. So we make the perfect walking partners! " There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."  Ben Williams
Maxine is my hero during this stay at home time.
This was another favorite cartoon I loved reading in the newspaper.
Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Aw....Mondays with Love is... and Much More

My entire Monday post just disappeared. I can not tell you where it is as it is just simply gone! I had written some interesting facts about Jack LaLanne and Bruce Lee and it is all gone. Very frustrating. Thanks for comments though.  I loved this Panda Bear. He is such a large critter even though he eats a strict vegetarian diet. Bamboo is his favorite treat. I sure feel like this big guy lately. The restrictive times are hard to handle. Food is a great coping mechanism. I see people posting their dinners and lunches and even breakfasts. I need more exercise and less food intake. But life is not moving too fast so why risk missing out on something great? Stop by Aw...Mondays
Jack LaLanne was a popular guy when I was a kid and in high school. My mom loved him and I did too.  I still pull up videos at and watch Jack. He is easy to workout with because he catered to housewives. It's funny to watch those videos. Times have changed since the 1950's and 1960's. He was a healthy habits guy! A true icon in the industry of good health, good eating habits and working out without a tremendous hassle.  He was a sugar addict and junk food junkie until he was 15. He was a scrawny kid too.  He started working out and changed his lifestyle. He lived to age 96 and did lots of amazing things in his lifetime. He accomplished many feats that the average person would probably never attempt. He had a fascinating life and enjoyed it to the fullest.
Bruce Lee was equally talented like Jack LaLanne except his passion was martial arts. Bruce was one amazing person. He was a national Cha Cha champion in Hong Kong and was quite a snappy dancer which leads me to his incredible talent as a martial artist. He created his own Jeet Kune Do martial arts form. He had a round house kick that was brilliant. When filming they had to slow the camera speed because he was  too quick to be caught on film otherwise. He wrote beautiful poetry for his wife Linda and his life was cut at age 32 in 1973. Although she eventually remarried his wife Linda never stopped being involved with their daughter Shannon carrying on his legacy. There is a museum in Seattle that they oversee that is dedicated to Bruce Lee. In Hong Kong there is a statue of him in place. But aside from his talent as a martial artist he was a part of the TV series, The Green Hornet. He did all the stunts and action scenes yet because he was American born Asian he was not given the title role.  He was Kato to the Green Hornet who did not put forth the physically demanding efforts that Bruce did. He became a champion for the Asians in TV and film and many people do not know this about him. He was ahead of his time in every aspect of his life. My husband admired him greatly and loved the martial arts when he was younger. He has a copy of the original book Bruce wrote on Jeet Kune Do. We even have a photo of him hanging in our house. Rebekah bought it for her dad for a gift last year.
It is a beautiful portrait someone sketched.  Even his birthday cake last summer was a Bruce Lee themed cake.
A Cake Occasion makes a beautiful cake for any occasion. We use to use our Albertson's store bakery and they sold out to Safeway so we don't go there as much as we use to.

We have used Cool Gear for our tumble needs with reusable straws. We don't like the sip and close tumblers. But we found these Yeti tumblers ans think we will buy them next. They also have reusable straws. I like the light blue but the hubby likes the darker blue not shown here.  I was hoping to stop by Blue Monday
We have an anniversary number 36 May 3rd. Last year we had a wonderful long weekend and did lots of great things. This year is going to be more quiet. Jeremy and Brittany have their 4th anniversary coming up April 30. I will write a post here and pray it does not disappear.  Bandit would have had a birthday on the 29th and Mister Kitty turns 7 April 30. I am going to be busy writing my posts. Love is...has the best shares for all our needs here.
I don't want to post everything here today. I will be back.
This is a favorite smile maker.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Weekend Thoughts

We are going to work out in the yard today. The sun came up and is shining bright.So we can finish cleaning the flower beds and pulling the nosey little weeds that spring up overnight. I saw this and had to smile. I'm not 6'2" but the hubby is close to it. I am a shrinking Violet. I was always 5'5" now they say I am 5'3". I do all the right things. When I was young, directly out of high school , I worked for the County Treasurer's office. The Deputy County Treasurer under our new boss Lorraine, was Augustine. Our original boss Mary had retired and let me tell you, she was the finest boss for a woman I ever had the privledge to work for. She was gracious and kind. She was tough when it came to getting the work down but she always gave you praise for a job well done. After her retirement Lorraine took over. She was from a big Italian phamily and she loved the Lord front and center. Augustine was her Deputy as Lorraine had once been.  Augustine was married to a fellow who was a native of the country of Italy. He was a prisoner of war from WWII. They had a long and wonderful marriage minus any children. But she loved people and did her job well. She would take all of the young gals aside and makes us do posture exercise.  She was very tall, probably close to 6' and she was regal. She held herself as if she were the authority but never treated anyone that way. She would gently pat your back and say hold yourself high. Head forward, chest out or you will end up with a Dowager's hump. Some of the chesty gals were a bit embarrassed at first, but Augie as she was fondly called, explained that a lady should always act like a lady and be self-assured and confident. I still remember her words that whisper in my ear to stand tall and make sure your back is aligned.
I can't locate photos of these wonderful three ladies but they made my working days easier by their fairness and simple kindnesses, something so rare today in our world. This is the Pueblo County courthouse. It is a beautiful building and I will always be grateful I was given the opportunity to work there.  
This was just too cute to pass on. There are people known for their ability to whisper to bees and get them to cooperate. I don't know that I could "bee" one of them. The precious dog face made me smile out loud. Have a wonderful weekend. 
Please stop by and say hello to Angela and see their cute new puppy. A D O R A B L E ! I hope she will do the Tuesday Show and Tail blog hop! Welcome back Angela.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Feline Friday Friendly Fill-Ins Pink Saturday and More

This big boy doesn't love me anymore. He covets the hubby's pj pants! Won't leave them. They have a real love/I don't like you  relationship. He sleeps there every single day. It's funny because they eyeball each other. I think because my hubby feds him in the morning and turned the faucet on in the bathroom so he can get a drink! He is terribly spoiled. Visit Feline Friday to share your favorite kind of feline.
Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs, provide Friendly Fill-in questions.
Ellen came up with the first two questions and Lorianne came up with the last two questions.
If you need help, please let either Ellen or Lorianne know.
Here are this weeks questions:
1. If I couldn’t live in my country, I would live in _____________.
2. I wish I had kept _________________________ from my childhood.
3. I would choose _________ over _________.
4. _________ doesn’t matter in the long run.
Here are my answers:
1.) If I couldn't live in my country, I would live in Ireland.
2.) I wish I had kept all the dolls from my childhood.
3.) I would choose love over hate. Kindness over Meanness.
4.) Wealth and privilege doesn't matter in the long run. 
Maxine forgot to separate her laundry! She fits in to Pink Saturday perfectly.  So stop in for a visit today. 
I always loved this verse. Mary Ash who founded the Mary Kay Cosmetic company lived by this and taught this in her classes of new consultants. She believed in Faith first and Family and to live by the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. MaryKay would love Pink Saturday. Her company was all about "pink". You can visit Pink Saturday too from here.
Mary Kay raised her only child, her son Richard well. He took over the company when his mother passed away. One of the few companies that wasn't run into the ground by greed. I think Mary Kay would be quite proud of her son. He has taken the company global.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Thankful Thursday

 I can't speak what I truly feel about these times so I will simply be thankful for those I love.
He's coming whether you believe it or not! He will not allow our world to be the way it is.  I'm thankful for my faith.
Thankful Thursday