Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LOVE Is....

Jayden filling his daddy's big boots!
My Sweets ran these as a high school teen! I could never get the hang of it! There is a pretty girl at my grandsons school with bigger hair than Diana Ross wore in the 60's and she can clear these hurdles like a champ! I know her hair must weigh more than she does!
This is us trying to get through these winter winds! I have a new sinus infection. My Sweets pulled something in his right shoulder. We are a pair.
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Saturday, February 25, 2012


My goodness does time fly! Last weekend we were helping my sister-in-law and brother-in-law get a $30 off coupon for their new water heater! We had installed one the weekend before! This weekend we need another coupon for us! Our C-trap is backing up! Darn trees! Waiting on the plumber, sigh, such a wonderful weekend!
I am joining Jenny Matlock to see who can have the most things go wrong! Laugh Out Loud! I say this with a smile because what else can we do? I am way too old to sit around and cry over things I really have no control over! I am grateful the hubby, my Sweets, is a good budget maker! He can really make things work! So I am using my 2012 word daily here,  'grateful'. Grateful to have the ability to get up, go to work and earn enough money to take care of the daily routine we call life! Grateful we can have decent credit to make these larger home repairs! Grateful we paid off all our credit cards recently after living very frugally for many,many months!
So in joining with Beverly and the Pink Saturday crowd I am sharing a photo of our crab apple tree from last Spring! The pretty pink flowers bloom and make me smile each day!
Here is a pink shirt I love to wear:
The saying on it says it all!
Now I hope you will have a wonderful weekend and know how much I truly love each and everyone of you that visits me and know my blog world would not be complete without you!
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If anyone can give me any advice on this new linky business I would appreciate it! The site tells me I already registered but won't accept my info, user name and password. Twice I sent a request and twice nothing has been done! I am a little nervous as I know the google reader is going to be gone soon and I do not wish to lose contact with any of you!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"N" is for Nails

I could not decide what to do my "N" post on! After the crazy work day I thought "nutty" was appropriate. Our audiologist is on vacation for ten days in Hawaii! Sigh! The medical assistant went home with flu like symptoms! Ack! Good thing I had the flu shot! I hope it helps! Several patients cancelled or rescheduled today and tomorrow because they have the flu! Ugh! I decided if I ever get the time to hop over to the nail salon I will get my nails done! I like the french manicure. It is my very favorite. So...hopefully I can show off my nails this weekend!
Now I will show you a few images I found to get my nail message across!

Nails are nice! They add a polished look to your hands! They can  be long or short or in-between! I see lots of different styles of nail design! During football season I see lots of Denver Bronco nails here:
This lively collage shows lots of nifty nail colors and designs!
In the USA seventy fifty percent of women have had a manicure. Mainly woman have a manicure on their wedding day! Just a fun fact!
Now if you want to be cruising through lots of other "N" blogs hop over to Jenny's and join the neat crowd of nice folks giving you their best!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

LOVE IS.....

Today I am going to share two Love is... with you! I was having a hard time deciding so decided to share both of them!
This one touched my heart! Do you know my friend Theresa? Her nephew Justin recently returned from his military assignment in Afghanistan! We had all been praying for Justin and his fellow Marines and it was good to see that he arrived home safely! In fact, I still pray. I think these young men and women could continue to use our support and prayer in their daily lives while they are away from a war zone and back at home with their families. I know Justin's mom Cindy is tickled beyond belief to have her son safely at home!
When my Sweets sees this behavior in public he says "Get married and get a room!" In our society today we lack humility and modestly. In fact, I often wonder if most of the younger generation  knows what those words mean! I think it is due to all the celebrity coverage and reality T.V. It tends to take away our innocence and often people just think that is how everyone acts! Ack! I am not judging here I am just stating a fact. I was once a single mother and I know the pain and frustration of people and their wickedness with their tongues!
But on a sweet note love tends to align those stars and your eyes are often filled with them and the moon shines on what seems to be only you and him! I really thought the whole concept of this was cute. Plus if you saw my "M" post for Alphabe Thursday you know I enjoy looking t the stars and the moon! I find God's handiwork so comforting. I will do a follow up post this week because I tend to get to wordy and you will be bored with me. So enjoy!
I hope you visit two of my other favorite friends Marydon and Sherry and come join the fun with Love!
Jeremiah 31:35 Thus says the LORD,
         Who gives the sun for light by day
         And the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night,
         Who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Nostalgic Pink Saturday

I wanted to show off our new security/storm doors. They are so gorgeous! The first home we owned still has our original door on it. It looks like new and was installed in 1985! They are not pink but they are so new and pretty in shiny black!

I was watching Toy Story 3! It reminds me of Nick! Goodness, he received information about a college in state today and he was a bit excited! So I watch and get teary eyed and blubber! It is hard to see your youngest go off to college!
My favorite number 3 with the poster from Toy Story 3~ See the little pink pig?

Here is the pink pig again! He is Hamm from the Toy Story movie series. I didn't want to show Lotso! He is the evil pink bear that runs the show at the Sunnyside Day Care/School.
So while I sit and think about my sweet boy growing up so quickly I wanted to share a flying pink pig with you today.
I hope you will visit Beverly and thank her for the weekly support and all her timeless work to pull this off. It is such a pleasure to know all of you! Go visit lots of Pinkies this weekend and please have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"M" is for Moon!

We still have this children's book! Nick particularly loved this book as a child and loved hearing it at bedtime. I love the moon so it was the reason I originally bought the book! I am going to find it in our storage this Spring and put it on a shelf!
I am always amazed at God's creativity. Who could design the earth, the sun, the moon? Someone with greater knowledge than we could possibly fathom! I love finding facts about the planets and the sun and moon.
A full moon! Oohh...when you work in the medical field and particularly in the emergency room of a hospital you dread the full moon! Why? Because all the weirdness in people comes crashing through the doors ! Full moons also bring labor on and lots of babies are always born! It is funny how God has this sense of humor and uses it to show us His handiwork!
A new moon is so delightful! I love how the crescent starts to outline the whole moon!

This a very gorgeous moon! It looks like there is a light inside of it!
I love this and thought the moon was  perfect for Alphabe Thursday ! Now don't forget to visit Ms. Jenny
"He counts the number of the stars ; he gives names to all of them. " Psalm 147:4

"Praise Him sun and moon; Praise Him all stars of light." Psalm 148:3

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Collection of Things

It is 8:15 P.M. MST so I am getting really tight with time to wish you all a beautiful Valentine's Day! I have been under the weather! All weekend long I was bothered by my right ear! It felt plugged and made me dizzy! I also felt some sinus pressure! So Monday morning I pulled my chart at work and hopped in the chair (in place of a patient who had rescheduled last minute)! The doctor said I had lots of negative pressure in my ear so the Audiologist tested it! The doctor gave me a five day course of anti-biotics!  Today I feel a little better! So I am going to share my Valentine's Day with you and add my Love is.. (Sunday) and Blue Monday to this post! I need to prepare my posts ahead of time and then release them appropriately. Someday's I just get overwhelmed! Marydon and Sherry share their favorite Love is.. too! Hurry over to visit!

My "Sweets" gave me the sweetest Valentine's Day card. It is perfect and he knows me so well! Too limited on time to snap photos. So you have to go with my google images!
A"blue" wrapped Lindt truffle. A patient's wife gave "us girls" a bag of red wrapped Lindt truffles! Yum!
Another patient gave us these:
A vendor gave us these cute tiara hair clips! Laugh Out Loud!
Another vendor gave us these:(notice the "blue" socks)

I came home from work and made lasagne for the phamily!
A meaty variety for half of us and
Cheesy lasagne for the other half! Fortunately for me my local grocer has a nice selection of heat and serve lasagne trays for a quick meal and they were on sale!
Some sparkling juice for dinner or

Beautiful "red" wine!
My favorite Valentine, Lady and the Tramp! Aw......too cute! They have a pretty "blue" background and blue tablecloth!
I hope you liked my Valentine wish for you today!
 Our new security doors are going to be installed on Friday! Yea!

 The new water heater Saturday was our "Valentine" gift for the phamily! It cost a lot of money! Whew!
One more "blue" for the Blue Monday crowd! Sally is the "blue" Monday queen! Please visit her too!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am sure you all know the Pink Panther! He was always a cartoon favorite when I was a kid! He went on to great fame and fortune as the spokesperson for insulation! When we bought our house last year the two car garage was partially insulated. We plan to upgrade and finish that job along with adding extra insulation throughout the outer walls of our home.
When you live in a cold weather area you are always looking for ways to keep the house warm and cool without breaking your budget! Perhaps this is not the romantic post you were looking for but when you home is warm and cozy in the winter and cool and enjoyable in the summer your home is a perfect paradise!
I thought the Pink Panther was a nice reminder to all that Pink Saturday is here and we should  all wish Beverly a wonderful weekend and thank her for her ongoing support of this weekly fun!
Take a moment and visit some pinkies. There is always someone new to visit and you know you love to stop by the old favorites!
I am thinking about Spring since we will have a high today of twenty degrees! These red and pink roses look and smell delightful!

Enjoy your Valentine's Day and be kind to someone you don't know today. A trivia bit for you before I close, did you know that women want electronics for Valentine's Day over sweet treats and flowers? 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

L is for Love is....

Ms. Jenny's a great teacher! She rallies us each week to think about these posts we all manage to pull together. For instance, if you stop by my friend Judie's post you will see that she is a lovely lady with a kind heart! For the past two weeks  she has made her posts about all of us. You just have to put on your thinking cap and match the  childhood photos to their rightful blog owners! Judie is one lucky lady, lively and loved by many. She is lots of fun to get to know! Go visit her soon.

It is a fact that I L O V E the cartoon Love Kim Caselli. Although Kim passed away her sweet Love is...lives on because her son took over the idea and today it is still in print with someone  filling Kim's shoes. Here are a few of those Love is... vintage and new:
I like this one a lot! I think joy in the morning brings peace throughout our day and makes us smile lots!
Ha Ha! I am the fearless Sagittarian! I am not fond of mice or spiders but I am a December baby!
After the crazy upside down week I am having I am ready to "go with the flow"!
My Sweets and I are going to buy bikes this Spring! Hopefully they will help us put a "new" spring in our step!
Hee Hee! When our kids were younger they built forts and tunnels in the deep snow. After last weeks huge snow storm even had some folks "tebowing" their snowman!
Oh, I just could not resist!
Now for a bit of color:
I am not a seamstressbut I sure admire those of you that are so crafty!
Aw....a special day just for the two of you!
Do you think spring can be far away?

I hope you enjoyed my "L" letter today. February is the month of Love and I hope you will come join us with Love is...Just stop by Marydon's and come join the fun each week!

Don't forget to visit the Alphabe Thursday gang and leave Ms. Jenny a comment today! Have a lighthearted day!