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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Aw....Mondays and More


Cats exist to inconvenience the human race. Please see Aw...Mondays

Love is...makes me smile everyday

Sometimes a guy has to have an entourage. Especially if he has food in his hands.

Birthday DInners and More


Last night Rebekah and Zach surprised us with a dinner at Fogo de Chao. This was such a wonderful experience. I am not nutty over  lamb but if I could have stuffed the bone to my lamb chop in my purse, I may have used it as a baby uses a teething ring! It was the most incredible lamb chop in the history of lamb chops. Nick came to dinner with us and my junk food junkie son is a lamb connoisseur! I had to join him in having one of these delightful chops. The whole evening was terrific and we were so busy eating we never stopped to take photos. I was unable to borrow any on line pohots due to copyright enfringement. I have never been a thief and I suppose we will have to have a second visit so we can have our own photos to share. Shea Shea is also a connoisseur of fine dining. She is able to eat for free due to her age and let me tell you, the girl loves good food. She eats more than her five year old brother.  We have been to the Texas de Brazil several times and both places are similar. Lots of different choices on their salad bars and most of the food they serve is quite similar. If you have not tried one of these fine food establishments, I would highly recommend them.

My girl the Instagram Queen. Colton holds the Instagram King title with his friend Dani from California. These two young men have been buddies since July 2019 ans have racked up over 584 consecutive Instagram posts. Noelle gave us fashionable "Dolly Parton hair do's".

Noelle and Roger treated us to breakfast at the Blue Bird Cafe. She snapped this sweet photo of Colton with Grandfather. Avery will frame this for his desk at work.

A little phamily snapshot. Jacey's mom had the kiddos so these kids were flying solo today. She was headed to work and he was headed home to sleep so he could work the late shift as a deliveryman to many establishments. Very proud that he completed trucking school. Happy to see them earning a good wage  to care for their little phamily.

Pie Fest today and Noelle and Roger gave her dad a beautiful hoodie with the Colorado Rockies logo. Avery has always wanted a California Angel's baseball hat so Jeremy has one coming to him. Dinner, breakfast, gifts, Avery feels so blessed for all the attention he had for his birthday. He also celebrated 30 years at his job and they gave him a cupcake and champagne party. He does not induldge in the champagne so he brought his bottle home for me. He also giftded me:

We had an excellent celebration. Now to get some rest and sleep late tomorrow and Monday as he has the day off. Very thankful for all the beautiful blessings surrounding us in people and love everywhere in the air. Have a wonderfulr est and hoping to see you tomorrow.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Birthday Celebrations, Controversy in Baseball and More


I am grateful for Friday. I am thankful the week is finally closing. My sweetheart Avery had a birthday today. He was unable to take off today from work but he does get a three day weekend, having Monday off instead.

This day is a very important one to me. My father was born on this date. I would not wish him back to this messy world but when he was in it, he loved celebrating all the holidays and birthdays with loved one. I knew my husband was a good man when I met him and found out his birthday was the same day as my dad. I remember my dad was smiling when I told him Avery shared his birthday. He said, "He must be a good man." I wish my father  a happy 36th birthday in heaven. I feel he is smiling down on all of us. My father was a "phamily man". Secondary only to his faith, he cherished his phamily.

I have found, as the years roll by, I never feel better than I did the day I lost my father.  Time marches on and my love for my dad will not cease until this life ends and a new heavenly one begins. Then I can see all those loved ones who went before me. I am anxious for that day.

Anyone who knows me any length of time will know my dad played semi pro ball. He played in the 1930's with the likes of guys who he had the opportunity to play against like Babe Ruth and Satchel Paige. The stories I heard from my dad about these baseball greats, when men were men and basball was played for the love of the game, not any politics. The climate today ripped out the heart of the great American pastime and turned it into a political free-for-all. Sad but  I am grateful my dad is not here to witness the shameful events taking place. Today my cousin reminded me, if Bob Feller were alive he would throw a fast ball right into the middle of the nonsense surrounding the Cleveland Indians. Call 'em what you like, be PC but they will forever be the Cleveland Indians to me. I can see my sweet father shaking his head in disgust at all this political nonsense.  If anyone had the notion to sit down and talk with someone from my father's era, they would have learned lots of wonderful baseball facts and lots of other important hisdtorical facts. They would never have spoken one political word about the once great American past time.

My father in his favorite shirt,  navy blue with white dots. He loved that shirt. You have to realize, all week long I have remembered conversations with my dad about baseball. He would remind me, that Bob Feller pitched for the Cleveland Indians until his career was interrupted by WWII and his service in the U.S. Navy. He would say things like, Ted WIlliams and Stan "the Man" Musial would both agree that Feller was the greatest pitcher of their era, Williams adding he was also the fastest. He would remind me of the great poverty Joltin Joe DiMaggio grew up with and yet went on to become one of the greatest basbeball players in the history of the game. Joe DiMaggio loved opening day. He said he felt he owed giving his best to kids watching him from the stands. He said they deserved to see him at his very best.  My dad would talk about Branch Rickey, the former baseball player and basbeall executive who crossed the color barrier to hire Jackie Robinson. That is why they are known as the "Greatest Generation". Because they cared, they loved their teammates, the played the game of basball simply because they were passionate about it. I should sit down and write out asll the little things I remember in conversations with my day. Cal Ripkin Jr. breaking Lou Gehrig's record for most consecutive games played (2632) after 56 years and a title Gehrig held (2130) that people never dreamed would be broken. I believe in this age of baseball Cal Ripken Jr. will be holding that record long after this world passes away. Another travesty of baseball, my dad would remind me that Pete Rose did belong in the hall of Fame and anyone who thinks differently is judging him because they are putting themselves above God Himself. "Charlie Hustle"  will always be one of the greats and he will always be in my Hall of Fame. I could sit here all night telling these little tidbits. Dizzy Dean was another favorite. But you will have to do your own research. If I go on telling tales about these Greatest Generation men in sport, I will surpass War & Peace and need a U-haul to carry my words to the printer. If you want to learn how baseball was before the PC Patrol moved in, check out guys who played the game before political correctness became a way of life in the world. I am glad I have many of these memories tucked inside my heart. Who knows when all history will be erased completely to ease the minds of people who never understood what history really is and why when bad things happen in it, the simple fact is, you never repeat it! It is so complex they would have to rise Stephen Hawking from his grave but he might hurt their feelings too.

My dapper husband at his former elementary school, Parkview. He was a handsome lad. He grew up to be such an exceptional man. He reminds me very much of my own father. Except I believe my father, having been raised in the Catholic church.  read his bible privately and my husband shares the gospel with anyone who cares to sit down and listen to the words from it.

Avery and his mom, Rita in Arkansas, November 1960. His father Carl was born and raised there.  My husband is the spitting image of his late father and our youngest son Nick is the spitting image of Avery. Noelle has a friend, Tracy, that she grew up with. To this day, Tracy, who lives in Arkansas, by the way, will say how is little Avery or Hey isn't that little Avery? I have wanted to travel to Arkansas because so many of my father-in-law's loved ones are buried there. He had quite a rich history. spanning years from Ulster Province in Ireland to Arkansas and Tennessee as well as Pennsylvania and North Carolina. We have the genealogy paperwork and those are the four states I can recall where many Robinson phamily members settled. Their trials and suffering have afforded so many a better life. I really wish more people would understand that. I have always done my own research and will continue to do so. If you think times are tough today, you should have to pull out several volumes of the Encyclopedia Brittanica and search for information that was otherwise, not readily available 50 years ago. Personally, it broke my heart to give up my encyclopedia set.
I am grateful for all the memories, grateful for the parents I had, grateful for the man I married and had a marvelous dinner with tonight. I will share those details tomorrow. Sweet dreams. Happy Birthday Wishes to everyone who celebrated another 365 trip around the sun.

Monday, July 19, 2021


 Happy Tuesday

Tea is calming. It is simple to prepare and there are hundreds of varieties of it. The cup and saucer or the tea mug brightens the day too Makes a soul happy. When my friend Cindy left her first marriage, a terribly abusive one, she gave me some pieces of her china. I kept them because they were a special gift she gave herself in memory of her grandmother. Cindy and I bowled on a league together where I knew her forever husband Rick. He asked me to introduce him to her and they have been together nearly 40 years. I found this tea cup image at google but it reminded me of Cindy and Rick and I had to share it. 

       I found this google image of this cute tea poem. Tea makes me happy so I had to share it with you here today. Do you like tea? Do you have a favorite? My friend Debbie from the Colorado mountains gave me Blueberry Wild Child tea. It is a favorite. I also love peppermint tea but Tea Drops has a peppermint tea I especially like. I have a tea cup collection as well as many mugs for tea and coffee. It is something I enjoy. They make me smile and I have lots of wonderful memories from various cups and mugs. How about you?

Oh Maxine, you are not being very nice today! I do love tea but keep it hot and inside the cup. 

I woke up with a blasting headache and it did not go away until late in the day. I took my time, resting, and keeping my eyes closed. I am happy to note the headache left but not until my sweet husband came home from work and rubbed my neck. I am hoping I can get back into the swing of things soon. Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Aw....Mondays and More


Handsome boys with fresh haircuts. They are such good friends and growing up together , they will have lots of memories to share.

Love is....always has the right thing to say. 

Charles Schultz creation of characters were each taken from his own life.  I like me. I Like to be me. I don't think I Need to change for anyone on this earth. I think it woulf be terribly sad to be exactly everyone else. Plus Pig Pen was messy and sometimes I am a mess. 

Monday is here once again. Don't be sad just dance!

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Saturday Sushi

 Our avocado salad at the Zen Bistro.  It was good to visit them after a long, dull year. The young lady who waited on us said they can not get help. Many left when the 2020 chaos occurred. Aside from that they get many fresh items from Japan and due to this on going disaster, that is also on holdd so their menu is not as complete as it once was. It was still wonderful.

I didn't sleep well last night, too much racing around my mind. Nick was out late, always worry about him getting home safely. Then thinking and praying about Hannah and Jake and Franklin getting home safely. To top things off, when I started to drift off, I heard a horrible scream. Avery and I jumped up! Mister Kitty was sitting in the front window in the living room. That black and white cat from across the street was screeching her mating call or whatever call she was making a racket over! The owners said they took her to a vet when she showed up on their doorstep and she was spayed. But she was out of control last night. We got the water spray bottle and she left the scene and our cat finally settled down.. They let her roam at night. I don't like it, our vet always says there is too big of a risk of getting hit by a car and all the other night time worries. But she sleeps all day and at night they let her go out. She would be terribly unhappy here. The lake not far from our house is loaded with danger at night, foxes, coyotes, bigger predators.  I know my boy Boots liked to sneak away. But he came to learn how loved and safe he was inside rather than running free outdoors. That crazy girl feline is a troublemaker. Typical getting the poor ole boy in trouble because she is a wild one!

Their presentation of the sushi  adds such a wonderful touch.  I forgot to snap a photo of our egg rolls and the dinner salad with cucumber and peanut salad dressing. Please visit Pink Saturday

The little dessert bites are a perfect finish. Zach had green tea, Avery had chocolate and I had vanilla. We are thankful our sushi place is still going strong. 

Lorna left a text message, her surgery went well. But she had some blood oxygen problems so they kept her overnight and ordered an x ray. SHe has the respiratory therapist and was sent home with oxygen. They gave her a pain medication and she was doing well. She felt her headache was from the surgery pain radiating. She was going to take it easy. Thank you for your prayers for her.

I will close for now. Once my new week gets into full swing I can devote my time to getting all my commenting done.  Wishing you all a beautiful SONday. I am going to write a few things about our farmers market trip today and watching Brody play T Ball at my Tata's Cottage blog. Goodnight.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Everything Good ....

Hannah and Jake left this morning, to go home. I am always sad. It has been a wonderful time having them here. It is always hard but all good things come to a close. I pray they arrive home safely and we will see them again soon.

I will take a day to get back to my regularly scheduled program  I appreciate each one of you that stops by. Have a great weekend and come back soon.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Feline Friday


Feline Friday I can't get many good shots of Mister Kitty. He is a lazy bones.Now he loves the Minky Couture blanket. I hope he is having sweet dreams.

Sometime I wonder what he is dreaming of. He is always very content so I suppose that is an excellent sign.

Ellen and Lorianne sharing hosting duties on this blog hop. Ellen thought up the first two and Lorianne the other two. Here are my answers:

1. I just can't bring myself to believe anything I read at social media.

2. I have a hankering for fresh peaches. We go to a farmers market that says the Palisade peaches are here. I hope they had a GREAT crop this year.

3. Grandchildren changed my life.
4. At this stage of my life, I  take one day at a time and try to be kinder.

Come over and share your answers too.

We had pasta night at Jeremy and Brittany's Tuesday night. This girl is fearless. Inside the dog house or kennel if you will she went. That face is priceless.

I am not sure if this is a new dance but Harrison and Brody sure were living it up. 
Both Brody and Blake are fascinated with Shea.  Blake is such a smart little guy. He can count and he knows all his colors. He will turn two next month.

This photo was taken December 2, 2017 when Rebekah and Zach married. We could never win the longest marriage  at a wedding dance against my brother Bill. On july 13, 2021 he and Joyce were married 58 years. That is quite an accomplishment. My brother also has the same lifelong friends and they are not kids anymore! A belated Happy Anniversary to Bill and Joyce.

 Now for some rest and hoping and praying for sweet dreams. Going to be sad when Hannah and Jake leave tomorrow. Please pray for safe travels. Also pray for my friend Lorna. She is having a complex surgery tomorrow.  Get your beauty rest. Thank you for being here with me.


Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Thankful Thursday

 Thankful Thursday

We spent the day with Hannah and Jake in Colorado Springs. Here are a couple phoots of Saint Mart's Catholic Church in  downtown Colorado Springs. As a young girl I attended the funeral of my mother's aunt Francesca Marold.  It is a lovely old church and I remember it well. I add the churches I snap photos of to my Pinterest board #whereigotopray

Here is the view of the front of the church.

We went on a nice hile at the Garden of the Gods. We saw this twisted and broken tree lying on the ground.

Jake and Hannah enjoyed the views up there and the weather was perfect.

Lots of brave souls climbing high up to take photos.

The weather was perfect. 

We had a nice time and saw people riding horses along side the upper road. It was a sight to see. There was one horse who had no left eye when he passed by. They were really beautiful creatures.

The rock formations are so beautiful and the mountains setting behind them look a lovely shade of blue. Lots of trees and  bushes everywhere.

Our son-in-law Jake and my husband Avery had a nice time. we really enjoyed the day.

This church, Plesant Valley Free Evangelical  was on the road on the way to our restaurant. We had hoped to get a reservation at Fargo's Pizza but could not get through their phone line and we stopped by but there was a line of people outside the building. So Hannah found a diner close by. The Black Bear Diner. The fod was great, the atmosphere nice and it turned out to be a nice dining experience.

We were all thankful for the nice day. Thankful the weather was great. Thankful we saw some great sights and thankful for a good meal. We are going to miss the kids as tomorrow is their last day here with us. We made some new memories and are so thankful them too. I am coming over to share a fence at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado/ Thank you for letting me participate.

Sweet dreams and thankful for being here and hopeful for another tomorrow. Goodnight.