Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Warm Heart Wednesday/

Had to visit Ms. Jenny and everyone at Warm Heart Wednesday. Somedays I think there isn't enough kindness in the world to keep sharing but then someone waves you into busy traffic and gives you a jump in front of them, you smile. It is all those kindnesses that warm your heart.

We have been wanting to get some Popeye's Fried Chicken. It is one of those things we rarely have so we decided to stop there tonight and pick up some great fried chicken for dinner. As we were waiting to order a gentleman leaving with his purchase stopped and asked all three couples standing in line if we were getting the 3 piece dinners? We all were and he gave us coupons to purchase one and get one free. That was a warm heart Wednesday kindness. A total savings of $6.99, what a great deal.
We are still experiencing very bitter cold temperatures. I am hoping we can get some full sunshine this weekend. The cold weather is ok because we need the snow and moisture but when your backyard is frozen solid from the first big snow over a month ago, it is time for a warm up.

This Sunday is the baby shower for our grandson Colton and his girlfriend Jacey. They are expecting a little boy, Harrison James, sometime in February. Needing to get out and get a little shopping done for the baby. Baby needs have certainly changed since our youngest was born 22 years ago. Everything is so high tech. Anxious to find some great gifts. Instead of greeting cards they would like everyone to bring a book for the baby and sign it. I will share my book choice for Blue Monday this weekend. Everyone have a wonderful weekend and join the Warm Heart Wednesday.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Love is.../ Pink Saturday/ Blue Monday/Aw...Monday/On the Road Home/

I love Sunday church, even as a kid I loved it and than having my mother's wonderful meals which were either fried chicken or pot roast. Ah....the tasty memories. Today our church was closed and we celebrated with them on the T.V. special "Holiday Hangover Two". Every year after CHRISTmas they have this special and each year it is different. This year they were in San Francisco. These really help put the holiday season into perspective for people. I am grateful we can watch it on our television.

Tiny little pink tree from Disney. I have to lean it against the wall because a leg is broken on the base. The tiny ornaments are Disney Princesses.  Next to the tree is my Princess House angel from several years ago. She is so special I leave her out all year long. Please visit Beverly and the Pinks today.

I wanted to share this Bronco Bedroom. I think it would be so cute to have a guest room decorated in Bronco colors. Stop by Sally's and join some Blues today.

HaHaHa! I think women get their way most of the time! This white kitten reminded me of the holidays and those unique eyes. I am going to visit my sissy tomorrow in Pueblo and she has a brown and green eye! I think that is so cool. Please stop by and say hi to Sandee and everyone who shares Aw...Monday.

Tomorrow two of my girls and I will visit our relatives in Pueblo, my hometown. It is about 2 hours from where we live. This is the Arkansas River and the railroad bridge above it. They have not had as much snow as we have. I am hoping the weather will hold up for us tomorrow. It is bitter cold here and my backyard is a froze tundra.

Hopefully we will get some warmer weather in the weeks to come. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I will post our celebration day later. Have a great week.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Warm Heart Wednesday and Other Delights

I have been absent for a few weeks. Not because I enjoy missing my blog and not visiting yours but because life has been wild!  Please visit Ms. JennyWe are hosting Christmas with 21 of us present. We decided to go low key since Thanksgiving was such hard work. We are having a Mexican food buffet. Noelle bought tamales at our favorite Mexican restaurant and she is going to whip up a big batch of Mexican rice.

She pitched in and helped me buy all the ground hamburger for tacos. My hubby will make a big batch of green chili and it will be loaded with tender chunks of pork and Pueblo chilies. We will also have a batch of shredded beef for tacos and lots of extras like sour cream and avocado. I am hungry thinking about it. My hubby will make a homemade batch of refried beans. He bought me a pressure cooker this year and my niece Karla tells  me it whips up the best beans ever! The new models are so cool and even has a browning unit. My goodness, I remember mom praying that her pressure cooker would not blow the roof off the house! Times have changed. Please visit Sally
A google image of what my pressure cooker looks like. I will post food photos after the holidays. LOL!

No self respecting BoJon girl would celebrate the holidays without a potica. My daughter Noelle got in touch with her aunt Joyce in Pueblo and she is bringing a loaf to Noelle Christmas Eve. I was nervous and contacted Nick, the greatest guy ever, at Sunday. He sent a loaf out to me Monday morning and it arrived yesterday. He runs a wonderful business in Evergreen, Colorado. No one will ever replace my mom's potica's but Nick's come close. He warmed my heart for the holidays along with my daughter and her aunt. I am excited to see what kind my sister-in-law is sharing with Noelle. I guess I should mention with all the holiday festivities I forgot about ordering my potica!

So we are weird! Is that what you were thinking? I bet you thought why would they have a Mexican buffet with sLOVEnian potica? Ha Ha Ha! Because we are nice and normal. That is why! Other folks may have flan or sopapillas  but we like to live on the edge! Wink Wink!

Mr. Kitty is dreaming of a white Christmas with a tasty salmon fillet in his dish and perhaps some tasty treats on the side. He is watching his calories during the holidays. His new favorite spot is the top of the sofa. Silly Mr. Kitty. Please visit Sandee

Father Cyril Zupan was the parish priest when my mother was a young gal. He and all these other gentleman are posing for a nice picture long, long ago. One of those men was Joseph Steblay my mother's father. Oh the wonderful stories she would tell about him. The holiday season makes me yearn for my folks and all those who went before us. I am so happy my sissy gave me this photo. I was having a sad day yesterday just thinking about my folks and how  much they loved their own siblings and all got together during the holidays. I do not share that luxury with my folks. Some phamily just don't make time for their phamily siblings.

A Santa gift from Karla last year. I love it.

Mama's older brother Uncle Louie as a young fellow. Love that bow tie! He was the most generous man to all of the nieces and nephews. If you brought a friend along he handed out money to them too. He once told me he had "lucky money" and the more he gave away the more that came back to him. I miss Auntie Ang and all her Christmas Eve dishes and desserts she prepared. They were the kindest two folks you would have ever known and I miss them too during the holidays especially.
BoJon power! The best people created by the Lord Himself. This is how you say Merry Christmas in sLOVEnian! I know a handful of words and phrases.
Since I have missed two weeks I thought I would share an extra Love is....This is me getting my foot rub. Ahhhhh.........

CHRISTmas  is all about the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is about phamilies and kindness and being extra nice, something we need to work on throughout the year. Everyone of us. I did not wish to end on a political note, but have you ever noticed how cruel people can be to one and other? Regarding anything that seems to be a hot topic these days. I am appalled because you want kindness and concern for your cause or your group that you support but when someone disagrees you turn vicious and cruel. Something to thing about. With 2016 nipping our heels and 2015 coming to an end I decided I would choose two words and concentrate on them in the coming year. Forgiveness and Kindness. I think it is a good combination and I will share it here. I wish you all so much love and kindness during the holidays. Have a blessed and beautiful Christmas no matter where you are, who you are with or what you are doing. People often say do not make a big deal about the holidays, some are hurting. I am always eager to listen and although I am not worldly wealthy I can pray for you. Just ask. It is a simple kindness and it can work both ways. Don't ever feel alone, God loves you and you have many friends here willing to lend an ear or share a kindness with you. May God bless you and enjoy the CHRISTmas season.

I am sharing with all these terrific folks who spend time and give so much effort to share their thoughts at their blogs with us. Join us won't you please? Warm Heart Wednesday 
Thank you Jenny for sharing your painful journey with
 us regarding your health. Sandee at Aw...Mondays
Thank you Sandee for the smiles and many hearty laughs.
Thanks Sally for all the "Blues" you keep finding everywhere you go.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I should have come over this morning and done this but my hubby has been so sick with bronchitis and because I hang around him I now have a wicked cold! Feeling poorly and very miserable. But here goes the winner of the ornament from the Blog Hop!
 Beverly who shared on Face Book and pinterest too. Beverly please send me your address so I can get your ornament in the mail soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated and thank you for visiting and sharing. Once I get over this miserable cold I will be doing a giveaway again sometime in January for the New Year.

Take care everyone and Congratulations to Beverly.
Please pray for Ann and her family during this difficult time. She lost her sister on Thanksgiving. Having lost my big sis Pat in February 2001 I know how big that hole in her heart is. Sending you love and prayers Ann.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pink Saturday Post/Blue Monday Post/Aw...Monday Post/Love is../

I love Barbie. When I was in the second grade and my sister was in sixth grade, she had her tonsils out and my mother bought her the most beautiful Barbie doll. I was so jealous and it was another year before I got my very own Barbie doll. I have loved her ever since. For my birthday On Thursday my hubby bought this beautiful Barbie cake for me. The decorator at our local Albertsons store decorated this from an image I found. It was a wonderful cake. Please visit Beverly and all the Pinkies too. I had a delightful birthday with gifts and a movie, dinner and we even got our flu shots. I had a wonderful conversation with my doctor about the ways of the world and his children. Always a pleasure to see him and since I lost my job he has really been extra nice to me.

The sky was still blue while the darkness set in. Rebekah's little blue car is sitting in front of the house . We put a red and green light on our walkway . Hopefully my hubby will feel better and we can get some lights up on the front of the house.

This is Jeremy's driveway with lights on his garage and one of those Shooting Star projectors. So pretty but they are a hot item and hard to find. My relatives in Ohio had their's stolen off their front lawn. Christmas Grinch somewhere in their neighborhood.

Jeremy's yard has some characters hanging around. The snowman has on a blue sweater. I hope Sally likes these blues today.

It is hard to get a good shot of the Star Shooter projector.

We have been working on our house and getting the tree decorated. I know you can see some blue ornaments there.
We are going to use Jeremy's old bedroom for an office so today we moved that computer and desk in there. Now we have more room in the living room area.

Stella loves to be with Jeremy. In fact, she and Smokey love to take a ride in the car. She is a loyal friend and loves to be in the company of Jeremy. She is a good girl and when I watch them during the week, she is quiet and spends the day passing the time napping on my bed. Now if I could just get the others to join her! I hope you visit Sandee and everyone who shares with Aw...Monday. Remember to leave a comment here today because tomorrow I am going to draw the winner of my pretty handcrafted ornament from my friend Cheri in Ohio.
We have not been sledding in quite some time but what a thrill, acting likes kids, We have had some cold and snowy weather and are expecting more snow showers this weekend. Life is like that in the Colorado high country, sitting at one mile high, we get our share of cold and snow in the winter time.

Thank you for the prayers for Ryan, the friend of my girls. He is doing much better and his family appreciated all the good thoughts and prayers headed their way. Have a good week and enjoy your Monday.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Snow Pictures/Warm Heart Wednesday/Blog Hop Ornament Giveaway/Birthday/

 This is an old draft I was working on back in 2009 when I first started blogging. Hannah, my youngest daughter, took these photos. She is a good shot!

I am way behind my on Warm Heart Wednesday but I had to share. I found these 2009 snow pictures that Hannah ran outside and snapped for me. Gosh, we had a lot of snow back then. We have had some snow lately but more cold temps than anything. So I am grateful that I have a roof over my head and  heat and water. Are you praying for Oklahoma and Texas and other areas of the country? They were hit by some brutal storms and many lost power. I spend a lot of time in prayer. Yesterday I shared a prayer request with many friends regarding Ryan, a young man who has been friends with my girls Rebekah and Hannah for a long time. A few years ago Ryan joined the U.S. Navy like his older brother. During basic training he contracted spinal meningitis and of course, the government cut him loose. He was in very bad shape and he miraculously survived.  This past summer, he jumped off the side of a cliff into deep water that had a shallow area. Although he broke his back,  he was not paralyzed. Last night he took a turn for the worst and his brother Nathan said it had something to do with his lungs. Although he is getting dialysis his lungs have cleared up and he is doing really well. Ryan is sort of like a cat with nine lives. He has cheated death a few times before. I have a warm heart that so many good hearts  prayed for him and he is doing so much better today! Thank you. Please visit Ms. Jenny and everyone at Warm Heart Wednesday too.

Lots of violence everywhere we turn today. My answer is to continue to pray without ceasing. I know who is in charge. Apparently gun free zones are not working either! I don't like to hash over this stuff here but we do need to acknowledge it otherwise we bury our heads in the sand. I like to pray for the families of loved ones lost, loved one hurting and recovering from their injuries and pray that our law enforcement was able to step in and do their job.
Social media buzzes with everyone's opinion about everything from Tim Tebow to the recent shootings and on and on it goes. I like this and I think it is is well suited for the times we live in. As for Tim Tebow, I can truly say, too bad we do not have more men like Tim Tebow in the world. He is a much better role model than so many others. A world judging a young man for his purity. Wow! I must be old fashioned.
I stepped out of my car today, heading into the grocery store for a few items and looked up to the heavens and told God "I sure don't feel my age today even though I am a whole year older. "The hubby and I have checks ups with our doctors tomorrow and then I can enjoy a nice lunch with my Sweets and he will treat me to a beautiful cake tomorrow night. My doctor is fussy about everything so I figured I would not let my guard down until after I see him! Tomorrow I will share my cake and some of the lovely gifts I received.
Don't forget to comment and enter the giveaway for this pretty ornament. My friend Cheri created this and donated it to this giveaway. Just leave a comment until Dec 7th when I will draw the winner.  Brenda changed the blog hop this year a little and each participate will draw their winner on Dec 7. Check my previous post for all the other folks joining this blog hop. Thank you and have a dleightful evening.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I woke up with a miserable headache but here I am getting ready to announce the winner of my ornament on December 7th. All I need from you is a comment here I was blessed to have my handmade ornament donated by a dear friend Cheri. She is super talented and I hope you will want to win this lovely ornament:
Please share a comment and share this blog hop giveaway. we all want to spread the love. Brenda is our hostess and she is one of those artistic souls too.  Please visit her blog and you can go to each participates blog to enter these fabulous giveaways for wonderful ornaments. You may reach Brenda's blog here or on my sidebar too. Here is a list of the participates:

Thanks and good luck to all! I will share at my Facebook page too! Comment for more chances to win and if you follow me that would make my day!