Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I missed my Blue Monday post with Sally and all the fun folks who post! It was a busy weekend, a very hot temperature wise weekend and Sunday I had to cool off and decompress! Monday was the same, Nick took a summer course to finish a class he missed due to his track and field season and he had to file his FASA! He received his acceptance call from the coach at the Kansas Wesleyan's! I am personally overjoyed! We had hoped he could attend this university from the beginning two years ago but his two years at Cowley put him on the right path for this private university! It is seven hours from our home to the campus door and we are so tickled! Plus the coach is one amazing Christian man and he is the very best kind of influence you want on your kid!

We have had a busy month at my office. The doctor is on vacation next week. It will be great to catch up on things that otherwise have to take a backseat. I have had a streak of good luck. I am not sure I am a believer of good luck but whatever has happened lately is great! It started out by my winning a wonderful cookbook at Linda's:
Friday on the way home from work, I picked my honey up at the bus and as he was driving home I heard a contest on the radio called "Dive In Movie". Held at Elitch's amusement park you can swim and watch a fun movie. It came with a four pack of tickets. I think I might give those to the four kiddos.
Rebekah will start training for a brand new job Monday 28th. It is a real blessing, as she just lost her health insurance as of June 30th because she turned 26 and finished college. We celebrated with a nice lunch Saturday with her dad and myself. It was a nice afternoon.
Now we can go shopping for some new work outfits! This lil gal is a wonderful, articulate young lady. She is a special person with a good heart.
This sweet baby is my honey! He has one of those milestone birthdays tomorrow. It is also the birthday of my late father. So I am wishing my husband a great birthday and I know my dad in heaven is enjoying his day too.
I am thinking the small boy in the front is my dad as a little fellow. I wish I could have all their voices recorded so I would never ever forget the sound of them.

Lots of prayers have been answered. I will ask for continued prayer for sweet Tarrah. She is still unsure what is causing her seizures.
Andrew, Tarrah, Roger and Colton. Still no answers to why Tarrah keeps having such terrible seizures.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Love is.../Blue Monday

What a week! I could complain! I probably should complain! But lots has happened and I am just grateful for what is!
We missed the super moon but Saturday morning this beautiful sun came shining through a hole in the clouds. So I know God is still good and He is watching over this world.
We fell asleep Saturday night before catching the Super Moon. So here is a sweet share, how about a paper moon hanging in the window?
Nosey kitty. Mr. Kitty likes to be in a photo op! He wakes me each day with a loud "Meowwwwww." because he wants food and he wants it now! I am thinking of changing our bedroom colors to shades of orange but he is comfy here on my light turquoise and brown comforter set. We use the light fleece cover to catch all the pet hair and messes they send our way!  Especially litter trapped on their feet! Sigh!

The Margaret Carpenter Open Spaces has two bodies of water. This is the larger one. You can walk about one mile in distance around both and on the other side is the grassy fields where they play various sports like soccer and junior league football. Nick ran up here during high school. Lots of cool birds and critters like frogs and muskrats. Isn't the sky and water looking lovely in blue today?
This mean ole bird was eating all the fish and frogs on the shore, he would dive and never miss! He sits in the middle of the larger lake and commands everyone else. He is a supreme jerk and I was so angry that he ate all the frogs. Argh......
Mean ole bird and here is his friend, I call this egret Ego Bird:
He lets you get so close and flies away! He is another jerk! Lots of the little ducks and birds will just hang out these two are annoying.
This is yoga duck he is chilling on this rock enjoying the cool breeze. We walk one to two miles each weekend day. We use to walk every single day because we got up at five a.m. and enjoyed the quiet. Now it is getting harder to rise earlier. Both of us have super busy jobs and we need our rest! I am hoping we can go up to the rec center Thursday after work. The Nacho Men will be performing from 6:30 to 8:30. They are a unique band. They combine humor with dance music and lots of great costume changes as well as performing hits from the Swing era, the 50's, the 60's, Disco and beyond! I will hopefully be able to get close enough to the stage to take some photos. Please visit Sally and all the blues today!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Blue Monday/Love is.../A Belated Happy 4th of July!/Hannah's 23

Hi and welcome to my late Blue Monday post! Too much fhun, phamily and friends this weekend! A long weekend too! Whew! We had a blast. It is always wonderful to spend time with those you love. So here are some shares from our weekend. Hope you spot the blue here!
Hannah turned 23 on Thursday July 3rd. This was her cake! Our local Albertson's Bakery did a fantastic job. Plus it cost about fifteen dollars less than the other bakeries near our home. It was a marble cake with butter cream frosting and chocolate fudge filling! This is from a song by Blink 182. The lyrics are a little obnoxious so I won't share them here! But the sentiment is funny. I must confess we do like her even though she is 23! We had a quiet phamily barbeque. It was a nice evening.
Sleepy kitties. Notice any blue? These two dislike the heat and they
sleep whenever they can! Mr. Kitty on the left and Rose on the right.

Here is the sky at dusk. I wish the pink in the clouds was as vibrant as when I shot this photo. It really was lovely. The blue sky is settling into night time too, just like those kitties.
Hannah (bikini) and Nick (black shirt) hung out with friends at the Cherry Creek Reservoir on her birthday. It was very hot! Skip over to Sally's and say hi to all the nice blues you will find!
Me and music. Music and my honey. I adored the Bee Gees and love their music dearly. They were three unique individuals and I appreciate all the range of music they wrote and performed all through the years. I can not play a musical note but I sure love the piano.
This is an oldie. Nick and I in 2012 before he left for college. My goodness, two years have passed us by. But we try to fly our flag most days and especially for the holidays. I had Old Glory hung in the breeze all week last week.
Although we enjoyed the fireworks displays around us safely from our home we did see this display in 2009 at Estes Park. It was a freezing cold Fourth of July. This was beautiful though. Hope you celebrated safely. We can see fireworks from Northglenn, where we live, Thornton to the East of us and even some of the fireworks they shoot at the stadium after a Colorado Rockies game, But my neighbors up the street had fireworks that were spectacular. I was a tad disappointed in our city's display.   We pay a premium for our use of the city water and I think they should use that money wisely. A little extra fireworks would have been nice. Lord knows they did not use any of it on street repairs!

I hope your week will be wonderful and you will find many memories to share with us here. Have fun!