Friday, September 20, 2019


I wish this google image was mine. It is so beautiful and makes me feel thankfulness for all the natural beauty surrounding us.
There is always something to make us thankful, just look around. Visit Brian and be thankful too.

Rose was not as cooperative as I had hoped. Sometime she is willing to pose, today she is being difficult. Let Feline Friday know you are joining this fun meme.
Some pink hair to style for Pink Saturday

Lots of different shades of pretty in pink.
How about some pink ombre?
Another shade of pink ombre.Visit Beverly and say Happy Pink Saturday.

Friendly Fill-Ins:

Each Thursday Ellen at 15andmeowing and Lorainne of Four-legged Furballs co host this fun meme.

Here are this week's questions:
1.  Never have I ever ________________
2. I won't ___________again.
3. I believe I have good knowledge of ________________
4. __________is my worst enemy

Here are my answers:
1. Never have I ever loved someone like my hubby.
2. I won't be around negativity and drama again.
3. I believe I have good knowledge of raising good kids.
4. Dieting is my worst enemy.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Late for Aw...Mondays, Happy Tuesday and More

The past week has been a tough week. So I am going backward, starting with my Wordless Wednesday You know I can not be wordless. Sigh!
There they are!
Happy Tuesday it simply Mr. Kitty, Mr. Cat, Mr. Tompkins! His life is what you'd call :the good life".

Humor: it is the best go to drug you can use. Besides all the nasty Big Pharm pills have too many side effects. Tacos are good too. You can make them or buy them so many ways! Tacos are good.
Why didn't the dog wanna play football?
....Cause he's a Boxer! hahahahahaha
You're welcome!
Surround yourself with good people. Ones who like to laugh. Nancy from my Premier days is one of those people.  You can thank Nancy for this silly dog joke. Than visit Aw...Mondays and say a belated hi and hey to Sandee and the gang!
The hubby wanted to watch some football so I joined him. The photo on the left, anytime he wears his Kentucky wildcat Basketball hat. We meet the nicest people! A guy came rushing over to our table and stuck out his hand! Wildcats, yeah....he said!  That hat makes the best conversation starters. Thanks Colton, the wonderful grandson who gave him that hat when he visited Kentucky!
This precious boy would have turned nine months old today. It has been hard living without you. Your Daddy and Mommy and brother Harrison miss you so much. We all love you and Grandfather Avery says it best, you are playing with Jesus in Heaven. We will never forget your laughter and your beautiful smiling face.  Alastor Avery, Rest easy baby boy, one of these days we will join you too. Smile down at us.
My sweet friend Cheri lost her precious mom recently. She is a nurse and had the pleasure of caring for her mom. It is very hard for her and this is something I want to share with her. We all hang by those threads when we lose a loved one. Please make sure you are hanging on the hem of Jesus. Ruth, I never had the pleasure of knowing you face to face but the stories I have heard and the wonderful life you built made me smile. Your grandson told us about your love of sports and I have heard so many other stories about you. We know you are with Jesus. Rest easy Ruth.
This says it all.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Aw.....Mondays and More

I am ready for cooler weather. Not snowstorms but I am ready for some changing leaves, sweater and cooler days and nights. I love black cats best of all and this one looks so chic! Stop by Aw....Mondays and join the fun.
I love LuLaRoe and although I do not have this beautiful Mimi I sure think it would be perfect for the cooler weather. I like clothing you can layer.
I love Love is...but this caught my eye because they are wearing matching shirts and we love to wear matching shirts! Love always right on point.
My dad always said don't wreck your car putting bump stickers on it. I did listen to him although we have a magnetic one that says I love my chihuahua lol.
I like to remind myself who is in charge.
SONday was Grandparents Day 2019. Harrison is on vacation in Wisconsin, Andrew and Tarrah's boys are a bit far away from us and so are Christal's three. So I put a few photos together from Jeremy and Brittany's house and a photo of Logan from Tarrah. Grateful she posts so many photos from the hospital each day. Here are some of the photos.
Addy, Brody and Blake gave us a sweet mini puzzle for Grandparents Day. We need to sit down and put it together.
HaHaHa! I am not a fan of nursing homes but I am of cursive. I thoguht this humor was too cute not to share.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Feline Friday

Junk Food Kitty, Mr. Kitty!  Stop by and visit Feline Friday This cat is always looking for food but seriously, we do not feed him junk food!

Friendly fill ins and Friendly Fill Ins:

1. I joined ________in________.

2. I wish I'd asked ________about_______.

3. _________had the biggest impression on who I am today.

4. _________is the most beautiful place I have ever been.

Thank you to Ellen and Lorianne for hosting and thinking up these questions. My answers are here:

1. I joined the world in the year 1953.

2. I wish I'd asked more about my ancestry when my folks were still alive.

3. My childhood and neighborhood and heritage had the biggest impression on who I am today.

4. Pikes Peak is the most beautiful place I have ever been.

Steven Spielberg was a collaborated on this cartoon about two lab mice who pursued world domination.  But somehow along the way they unwittingly sabotage their own plans. Sounds to me like our political world today. But wanted to give a twist to my share for Pink Saturday
I am at an age where everything I think about, I think about God first. In Matthew 22:21 Jesus told the Pharisees render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's. We aren't going to leave this world with any worldly possessions so it is always good food for thought.
I strive to be like my folks. They were hard working, humble and faithful servants. I miss them so much.

Love them and miss them always.
Jeremy and Thing One (from Dr. Suess).
This boy is so kind. He loves that baby brother so much.
Baby has to have the bili blanket. He is Thing Two ! Such a good boy.
Together to see the doctors about the bili rubin levels.
A boy and his momma. Moving forward each day. He is one amazing baby boy.

veseli petek


Me and my brother - Brody and Blake. Baby Blake has the bili blanket! He is getting big already.  These two make for a great Happy Thursday. It is always fun to participate and make someone smile. I know I love visiting and seeing all the neat contributions. Thankful for all my phamily and friends that are so amazing.
I have learned to keep my hands to myself and use those fingers to lace each other in prayerful meditation. No need to wave any fingers around. But this was too cute not to share. Someday's it is hard to be nice but I find if I am kind I feel better than if I walk away or drive by angry. Thankful to trying to be kind everyday.
This is a Labor Day photo from September , 1962. This was my dad's sister Angela (Auntie Gela) and her grand daughter one of my sweet great cousins Savannah. Her mom is Jeannie, my first cousin. They were in the annual parade. I love this photo and my phamily.Thanful for memories like this.
Our sweet boy Logan seems to be saying no more photos, I am trying to get my rest! He is such a little warrior growing and getting stronger and bigger each day.  I am amazed sometimes at the medical advancements. Other times I am shocked what goes on in our world and in our medical field. This boy is a shining example that God intends, for His own purposes, to allow life to go on. Thankful this boy is a fighter and warrior and growing so sweet each day. Thankful for his sweet momma and daddy and three brothers too.
Thankful for my sLOVEnian heritage.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


I am never wordless on Wednesday. Love the camel. He is so annoying but he sure makes a great point! I love going to the zoo and seeing camels and saying this to them. 
Visit Wordless Wednesday and if you visit my beautiful home state of Colorado, come see Pikes Peak. 14,115 feet majestic feet.
Very proud to be a Colorado native. I knew a lady who was a 6th generation Colorado native. My parents were born here and so was my mother-in-law. Which makes the hubby and I second generation natives. My father-in-law was born in the great state of Arkansas.
Perfect words for my state. Just remember without love there is nothing.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Tuesday Happy and More

The gang is all here, with the long haired Chihuahua bunch! Only Leo isn't in this photo. It is hard to catch these rascals all together. So they make a perfect choice for Happy Tuesday and Tuesday Show and Tail
There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. ~ Ben Williams

Maxine can always crack me up! How about you?
Love watching the sunrise. This was this early A.M.
God is responsible for the artistry around his earth.
We had a lovely breakfast on Labor Day at The Huckleberry in Louisville, CO. I love their crepes made with mascarpone cheese and cream cheese and mixed berries. The hubby was not a fan of their green chili but he did eat most of his burrito.
This quaint restaurant has an in house bakery too. It is a fun place to visit and you may stop by for afternoon tea as well.
There was a Labor Day parade outside which we stayed and watched. It was a toasty 99 yesterday so we tried to stay close to shaded areas. Afterwards we had ice cream at the Sweet Cow.
The ice cream is always fresh and yummy at the Sweet Cow. You can even purchase a Howdy Cow for $42 to take home. We did not.
Some water and cat humor.  Never met a cat who loved water other than to drink it! But a woman I once knew had a cat who loved to take a bath. Hmmmm....
The new baby is fitting in perfectly with his two siblings. They are such a sweet little phamily.
This pinterest find is very sweet welcoming a new month. My goodness, the year is nearly gone. I hope the heat disappears soon. I am tired of the long hot summers and the dry weather weather. I am ready for cooler days and nights with crunchy leaves and comfort foods like soup and fresh bread.
We were grateful to say goodbye to August but we will have heavy hearts for a long, long time with the loss of our sweet Alastor Avery. It was not the best month we all shared. The day is still young though, and there is much to do. Have a good short work week if you had to head out. THanking you for stopping by. Have a wonderful week.