Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Are you celebrating? We hand out candy to the kids and we get bunches of them especially the really cute lil ones. Some area businesses have treats for the kids too. we are having cooler weather so I am not sure if we will have the kids we had last year when it was warmer weather. Tomorrow they say we may hit the 70's.
Charles Schultz had a way with kids and writing great children's stories. I still love watching the specials during the holidays.
Times have changed and so has the all American baseball. Are you a fan? Since neither one of the teams I love are in the world series I did not want to watch it. But it has been a great series. Will the Houston Astros take it tonight or will they go the distance, the best of 7 and see the LA Dodgers win it all?

Prayers for New York City and those who lost loved ones and those who were injured in today's terror attack.
This was Halloween three years ago. I was still employed and I remember it was windy outside. But I had my talking candy dish and it was a fun day.
I have always loved this quote.

My sister Mary and I on All Soul's Day. Today it is called All Saint's Day.  Our mom's oldest sister, Auntie Mary had a closet filled with hand sewn costumes for Catholic school kids. My sister was wearing one. There were many different orders of priests and nuns. I believe I wore that same hand made halo in a Christmas play where I was the angel holding the star over the baby Jesus in the manger. My uncle Sam Cosimano made that halo and also the star from the Christmas play. We always had great fun on Halloween and All Soul's Day.

Have a terrific night!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Monday Monday

How did Monday roll around so quicky? It seems the days are flying by. I hope you will visit Sandee and say Aw...Mondays to everyone who shares their fun here.

Isn't this 1939 Paragon Blue Hydrangea tea cup and saucer perfect? I love beautiful teacups so I wanted to share this one for Blue Monday. Come join the fun today.
I have never been a great tennis player, in fact, I love to hit the ball like I would a baseball. It doesn't make for a great game or a pleasant partner! But this Love just perfect.
I haven't been a fan of a U.S, President for my adult life except for Gerald Ford, who passed a law which gave single mothers the right to add their children to their health insurance benefits. Maxine makes a valid point here. We seem to go to one extreme and then the other. Oh Maxine, you and your opinions.
This is my childhood school, Saint Mary's Catholic School. It was built in 1923 with bricks from the smokestack of the defunct Colorado Smelter.  My grandpa Joe worked there for many years. I had many happy memories at this school and still keep in touch with so many of my former classmates. Today it houses a library and has information regarding our sLOVEnian heritage. It is on the edge of BoJon Town .
On the other side of the school is the parish priests home and then the church.

 I believe this is the prayer garden and today the church is known as Saint Mary Help of Christian Church.
I love catching and collecting photos of churches and this Old Testament verse seems so fitting for teaching the little ones today. My friend Maureen says we need to teach the little ones abut Jesus.
This is a tiny sneak peek of the beautiful tea cup I received from Brenda J. in Marietta, Georgia. She gifted me this lovely cup as she was choose to select a tea cup for me in Stephanie's Tea Cup/Tea Mug Exchange. I want to remind everyone to please leave a message and answer the simple questions to be entered in my own Tea Tyme Giveaway which will end October 31. We will draw the names of the three winners on November 1. Please follow me and answer these questions, do you love tea and/or coffee and what is your favorite? What is your favorite color? Do you love chocolate and what is your favorite kind? This is limited to the USA only, I am sorry to say. I wish I could send a gift to everyone who has become a friend here. Seeing everyone leave comments always makes my day If you do not have a blog, send me your address via my e mail. Any questions, just let me know and have a wonderful week.

Friday, October 27, 2017


This is the newest tiny in our phamily. He will be  a whole two weeks old tomorrow! Of course, this handsome fellow is a little gentleman!
We just found out my niece Kate will have another girl in March. She is due about the same time as my daughter-in-law Brittany. My phamily will welcome another little boy into our world but Kate will be tickled pink.
Little boys are so easy to raise. Little girls, not so much. They are more demanding and pouty. But I would not trade the kids I have for anyone else's.
A few more pinterest finds in pink. Make sure you visit Pink Saturday and share your own pinks. I wonder if this trailer park had any pink modular homes? Hmmm.....
Strawberries and Cream and Cream Cheese cake. So pretty in pink. Do you think it may be calorie free?
A pinterest find in tiny cottage pink house. Suzanne McCrone is the lovely photographer here. Check out her cool pink bike too.
I would love to find my mail in this vintage mail box. It is so sweet. If you join my tea tyme giveaway maybe you will find a tea tyme surprise in your mail box. It is easy to enter:

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The giveaway is currently for US residents only. Please join the fun today and leave a comment here.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Baseball, Tuesday and Beautiful Babies

Oh Reggie Jackson, how I loved that guy! Mr. October, one of the greatest clutch hitters in baseball. I love my Colorado Rockies but my dad made my heart truly belong to the New York Yankees.
Bill Veeck, you were one smart baseball guy!
I understand how Nolan Ryan must have felt leaving baseball.   I L O V E baseball. I use to love the NFL too. But I felt betrayed. Politics and football do not mix. The league and the players ruined it for me. I do not wish to watch politics running around a football field.  I loved watching sports because it takes my mind off the real troubles in our world, not just the USA. Is change necessary today? Of course it is, but disrespecting the American flag isn't solving one issue.  No one thought about 9-11 or the Boston Marathon Bombing. They just took a knee without blinking an eye. The flag has done nothing to deserve your disrespect. Tom Brady didn't deflate footballs, the NFL did it. So I will continue, in my own heart,  to always love baseball best. I will mourn it's loss when winter comes and there is no baseball.

Joe DiMaggio said it best:
Jackie Robinson knew what racism was. He lived it daily. But it never stopped him from becoming a great ball player. An icon, people remember his name.
Tuesday was a great day! I watch my handsome great grand boy and today he and I went with Grammie Noelle and we drove to see our newest phamily baby :
He is so tiny, like a little loaf of bread. Oh how I loved cradling him in my arms and loving his smell, his sweet sounds and his beautiful smile. This is momma's twin. After two blonde haired blue eyed handsome  boys just like daddy, momma got her dark haired handsome boy number three. My grandgirl Tarrah is a super momma. She is never easily riled, loves her boys and is one of the very best examples of a momma who loves the job she was given.
These are the silly Fruit Loop cousins. Sharing a bowl of fruit loops while watching some Disney cartoons. My heart is smiling.
Vroom Vroom, Harrison's favorite sound when he hears a motorcycle. Several of my neighbors have super cool motorcycles, big "hogs", and oh how he loves to listen to them rev the engines! Boys and their bikes, hanging out with cousin Michael, the chill kid, cruising the patio on their bikes!
Grammie says I love this tiny tiny bundle of pure J O Y ! Benjamin James, you are stealing my heart.
My treasure is in my phamily. If I have to live on this earth I want to be here with all these babies. They are such a joy in my  life and boy oh boy do they make me smile.
Today was a lovely day. I am grateful that God gave me this beautiful day filled with sunshine and babies and boys and their bikes. Have a beautiful week.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Aw...Mondays and Other Fun

Rose has been under the weather! The poor girl has asthma and has sneezing fits! All was fine until a couple weeks ago, she was getting bloody noses and spewing it everywhere. We took her to the vet and they did a swab to find out if it was just an infection or more serious. Grateful it was an infection and she is finishing her anti-biotic. She is not a fan of them but then literally licks and smacks her lips! She is such a quirky girl. Stop by Sandee's and say Aw...Mondays! Come over and join the fun.

Next you might want to visit Blue Monday and share some blues! I thought you might like this pretty blue and white tea cup. Here is something blue to go with the tea cup too:
I love this google image too. Yummy treats with pretty pinks as well as blues.

This cat and mouse teapot is just so fun and sweet. Love that chubby kitty. Make sure you go to my tea giveaway post and answer the questions in the comments to join the fun until October 31. I will have my hubby pick the winners, three of you, on November 1, which will celebrate my blogaversary. I am not good at linking the post to this post so bare with me. It was written on October 15, 2017.
Love is...always has the right words to say. This is how I love to share sweet treats with my hubby.
Oh Maxine, I agree with you so very much today!
Thinking about all the loved ones I have lost. Saying "lost" is really not right for my sister.  I think I would be better to say, she went to heaven and is sharing in a beautiful new place. My big sister Pat was much too young to be taken but when she did pass away her heart and mind belonged to God. She was more ready then most people included myself.. She had been ill for quite some time and she had a long while to think about eternity and where she would spend it. She was an incredible person, so beautiful as a child here with Josie, the phamily heirloom doll and also as an adult. She has a grand daughter who reminds me of her so much. Racheile is a beautiful young woman and a picture of my sissy.  I really need to get some photos of Racheile to share. My sister reminds me that heaven is near and I need to try to live my life as faithfully as she did.
Although my sister passed away in the month of February 2001 I miss her each and every day. But I would never want to see her come back to this world filled with so much uncertainty and many times for many hopelessness. She made her peace with God and is undoubtedly enjoying the company of other loved ones and Jesus Himself. That alone makes me smile.

Gratitude is so important and sometime I see so many being wasteful with it. Assuming good things just naturally come their way. We all need to be grateful for all the little things because one day we will realize they really were the big things.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


When I don't have to drive in downtown Denver, I love to snap photos. This is from my iphone so it is not really terrific. But SNARFS Sandwich Shop is HOT PINK! Not all of their shops are this neon but it is a healthy place to grab a bite to eat. I hope you stop by Pink Saturday and share some pink!
October is a month to remind us to do the self check breast exams. Having lost my favorite Aunt Ang to this dreadful disease in August 2000, I would love to see this disease wiped out.
 She was the coolest person and I miss her terribly. While I read all the classics like my Uncle Louie, her husband, she loved to read the Harlequin romance novels.

  They were so beautiful and so young. Always looking sharp and polished. Missing her always.