Monday, May 30, 2016

"H" is for Happy and Handsome Harrison

Happy is a terrific word! It just sounds h a p p y! Since I am trying to do my Alphabe post let's say H is for Happy. It is also great for Harrison and since he is a handsome boy the letter H is almost complete for today. Harrison was enjoying the Memorial Day weekend with his cousin Jaslin. I love these kiddos! My house became a home when we moved our phamily into it!
How did a girl like me get so darn blessed to be related to these handsome fella's? Jayden and cousin Devin. They are so special to me.

A house is nothing more than a place to live unless you have an awesome phamily, then it becomes a home you can you share  with them and be blessed! My hubby re-stained our old front porch deck and did a really great job! We planted some new flowers and plants at long last. What a perfect day and we spent it knowing how blessed we are because of the sacrifices of our military around the world. Memorial Day weekend is often very sad when I think how same gave their lives so you and I could enjoy a freedom in so many things. Never forget these folks who give so you can have a better life. Our oldest son's friend lives in Alaska currently with his phamily as he serves in the USAF. My late brother-in-law Gary served in the US Army. My Tata Rose's  husband John served in World War I. My father-in-law  Carl (USN) was at Pearl Harbor when the bombing occurred. My Uncle's Edward "Munson" Trontel and Tom Binder were in the USArmy and USArmy Air Corp. My hubby's uncle Virgil served in as well as his brothers Bud and Duane. My mother's cousin lost her only son, James (USMC) in Vietnam. My sister lost half the boys in her graduating class there too. My late former brother-in-law Bob served there as well as my cousin Jess who contracted and passed away from complications of Agent Orange. It was very ironic Admiral Zumwalt ordered the spraying of Agent Orange and his son passed away from it as well. Please remember all the fine people who serve our country so well. Please pray for them and know how blessed you are.
Aw...Monday is a fun Monday meme. I love Sandee sharing her smiles with us and everyone else too.
A tiny Patriot to remind you of all the blessings you have because you have one thing that is vital to being a free nation: F R E E D O M.
A part of my big phamily minus tiny Harrison at Jeremy and Brittany's wedding April 30, 2016.
The New Testament talks about Faith, Hope and Love and says the greatest of these is L O V E. My Love is... made me smile thinking of all the blessings I have because someone has sacrificed their time and often their life so I am may live free.
Ah...Maxine, you gotta love her! I know how she feels about that a/c and the cost to run it. But with warmer weather finally here, I try not to complain too much.
Some of the phamily here too.
A patriotic cake to enjoy and finally please pray. My friend Bonnie was hospitalized and I am asking for prayer. You can never take those who love you the best for granted. Her oldest son Moses posted a picture of himself with his mom today Please pray she is well soon. Bonnie was widowed a few years ago. She lost her husband Moses at a young age. He was 57. She is a good friend, a former neighbor  and her daughter Gabrielle and my Hannah are born three days apart.  If you visit Jeanne tell her you saw some blue here and go visit a few of the Blue Crew. My week was blue because our former Blue Monday Sally celebrated her birthday for 2016 in heaven. I am happy Jeanne is continuing in Sally's role.

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Little Bit of Everything in a Good Life

"G" is my letter today. I have been gone for a bit, spending lots of quality phamily time here with the little ones. I also toyed with the idea of joining Premier Designs, which is a wonderful company and signed my contract earlier today. I love their jewelry so I am going to give this a try and see if I can add more beautiful pieces to my collection as well as collect new friends and reconnect with old. When I find something I enjoy I go in completely. I am very passionate about people and like to see smiles and laughter. It is a good life to live and I try to make it entertaining.

This pretty necklace is one of the pieces I want to add to my collection. Isn't it gorgeous? I love the natural design and neutral colors too.
Have you seen this bashful kitty? Perhaps I might tell you he is a very lazy kitty too. He was hiding his face, not wanting to see the camera taking his picture. I hope you will visit Sandee and everyone visting Aw...Monday. If you want to share a smile this place is a great way to start!
Manchu Picchu looks so gorgeous. Look at that blue sky behind those mountains peaks. This beautiful and historical sanctuary is located in Peru. I have spoken to people who have had the good fortunate of visiting this wonderful area and they all enjoyed their trip there immensely. Perhaps Jeanne and the folks at Blue Monday would enjoy the blue skies. we have had some rain lately so we have lots of gray skies to share.
Jeremy married into a wonderful phamily. These are his in-laws. I thought you would like to see the blues so many of them were wearing at the wedding too.  It was a gorgeous wedding and the rainy/snowy weather was good luck. My mother always told me if it rains on your wedding you will be blessed with a lot of cash. The newlyweds were able to purchase new appliances for their kitchen with the wedding money. They have a beautiful home but those new appliances add so much to their kitchen. They are blessed.

These fluffy clouds were gracing the skies over Burlington, Colorado on May 3rd, the day we left for Kansas to bring Nick home for the summer. I wanted to share them with Seasons. I would love to share an Ireland photo that Rebekah took while she was visiting there last month. I would love to visit Ireland someday too.
She took this photo while sightseeing in this exceptionally beautiful country. Please join Jesh and Seasons soon.
Anyone who knows Jenny Matlock knows that she hosted Alphabe Thursday for a long while. Jenny got sick with chronic pain and took a brief break from blogging. She came back with Warm Heart Wednesday and her health seem to worsen. She informed us she would be taking a long break from her blog. Makes my heart sad. Jenny is one of the kindest people I know here and she was a real doll when  met her in 2011. I am going to miss Jenny and  pray she gets some results from her search to be pain free again.
I have to disagree with Maxine. I often drink French Vanilla decaf coffee. You can stop by  Betsy Banks Adams  Face Book page and blame her. She gave me the idea of drinking this addictive decaf! It is a nice treat and I really love Betsy so I am only teasing her. My link keeps telling me I have a broken link to her blog. But she has a beautiful photo filled blog where she shares her travels with her sweetheart and hubby George.
Uncle Louie was a favorite relative. Today it is getting harder and harder to love your relatives because so many of them are self centered or plain hateful. But I was raised by two wonderful parents and this gentleman was my mom's only surviving brother . They lost their brother Tony in a gold mining cave in at Victor, Colorado in February 1927. Mom was 13, Uncle Louie was 18 years when their father and brother perished.  My grandmother did a wonderful job raising her children alone and she took in boarders and did lots of odd jobs to keep her phamily together. Our legacy is one of strong faith in God, something sadly lacking in today's culture. Phamily was important and they relied on each other to get through each day. My folks would be so sad to see the condition of the world and the meanness running through some of their children today.
Uncle Louie and his wife Auntie Ang at Preseren Home in Rye, Colorado. They never had their own children but loved each one of us as their own. I had many wonderful cousins growing up and I am happy to say I keep in touch with several of them to this very day. My BoJon life and neighborhood is something  else that is lacking in today's society. We knew all the neighbors and they knew us and the parents never hesitated to discipline us. Today a lawsuit would be filed and the majority of people rarely know any neighbors. I live in a relatively quiet area and I know several of my neighbors. In fact my neighbor Nancy and her daughter Amy have been having yard sales for the past few weekends. They have given me lots of great tips. Nancy is a Pennsylvania girl so since she works for the Adams 12 School District she gets the whole summer off and will fly home to be with her loved ones.
I enjoy participating with Pamela and the others who belong to the Sheltering group. We encourage anyone who  needs some encouragement and we like to wish the little ones well too. If you have anyone who you thinks needs a note or a card please private message me their info and I will see that they get some cards and notes in the mail.

Have a good week and come visit again very soon.

Monday, May 9, 2016

F is for Fine Feline

Rose was looking beautiful on Mother's Day yesterday. she loves Jacey and Harrison too. She always stops by to say hello (Meow) to Harrison. She is perfect to share with Sandee and the folks at Aw...Monday. Rose is also perfectly fit into my letter of the day "F" which is perfect for feline. Rose is a very unusually feline and she will meow loudly when you pet her head. she loves to be brushed but when she has had enough she will bite you. I learned quickly to double my fist so she nicks my knuckles! We get along beautifully.
My grandson Colton and I toasted Monday with his huge white chocolate mocha and my 99 cent Mimosa at the Buff, a Boulder eatery that serves three special 99 cent drinks with your breakfast/brunch. Although we both have blue eyes here is the guy who makes me smile and I love to be seen with:
Harrison James will light up a room! He got to take lots of cool photos with his mom and dad for Mother's Day. He just makes my life happy. He has beautiful blue eyes and was wearing his blue denim overalls in this photo. Please stop by and tell Jeanne to have a Happy Blue Monday.
Love is...makes me smile on Monday and receiving mail via the USPS makes me smile too. Being involved in the sheltering group is something I look forward to each day. Please have a beautiful week and stop by for a visit soon.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sisters and the Letter E

Happy Mother's Day to all! Mary, Pat and our Mom. My sister Mary and I miss these two so much. They both passed away in 2001. That was a really difficult year for all of us. I wish my mom and my big sister a beautiful Mother's Day in heaven  today.

Some Scripture to remind me of how my mother and my sister Pat encouraged me. That is my e word today -E N C O U R A G E !
Mother's Day 2013 with my girls. sons!
I want to encourage each one of you to have a wonderful SONday and everyone who does double duty as a mom, grandma,  dad's who do it all, everyone enjoy a beautiful day. I know there are many who had hoped to be mom's and had that dream shattered. Prayers for you. Many more mom's who took the challenge of special needs children, foster moms, fur baby moms, enjoy a leisure day and take a moment to pray for someone else today too.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Directions / Maxine Cracks Me Up/ Wedding Love/Mother's Day/

"D" is for directions! You can get directions when you travel, my goodness, your iphone will send you on your way. You can find direction in your life, the path well traveled or the unknown journey on a different path. You can explain a pattern, a word, an image to someone and give them direction too. I thought it would be a great word for my Alphabe Day post. I enjoyed this all the years Jenny Matlock did Alphabe Thursday at her blog. But she changed directions too. Oh, I can not forget the English boy band One Direction too!
Leave it up to Maxine to have an opinion about everything! This one is quite cute and very clever! It seems  the older we get the more we want to hide "stuff"!  Camouflage those flaws! Laughing all the way...
My BoJon heritage seems to increase as I age! Our son Jeremy married last Saturday to Brittany and added a new daughter-in-love to our phamily as well as a beautiful grand daughter Addy. A joyful addition to our P H A M I L Y !

Colton's graduation last May 2015. Jeremy and Addy dancing to "All You Need is Love" at the wedding April 30, 2016. Love fills the heart with song and smiles.
Noelle and Brittany are two terrific mom's. I am blessed that they are part of my heart and my phamily.
Happy Mother's Day to all who have taken on this job and survived to talk about it! Kids are something, I often wonder how I managed it all! Here are some more sweet momma's, Christal with her two daughters and son and hubby, Colton and Jacey minus Harrison in this photo. Noelle, my oldest child and one heck of a momma! Tarrah an incredible momma to her handsome sons, Jayden and Michael. I am so blessed and very honored to have these women in my life.
A Mother understands what a child doesn't say. I have seen this anonymous quote attributed to a Jewish Proverb. It is true, a mother can read her child's heart. I hope you will visit Jenny and those at Warm Heart Wednesday. I am sure you have guessed that the people  in my private life really warm my heart. Tell Beverly and the Pinkies you wish them a Happy Pink Saturday and join me in wishing all mom's everywhere a beautiful and blessed Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Anniversary Joy to My Love

I would! I would jump for joy to marry this sweet fella I call my love. He is one simply devoted husband, father, grandfather and great granddad! Thirty two years with him seems like yesterday.
One of these days I am going to get a dress form and display my pretty and very simple wedding dress. My father had become very ill and I did not have the wedding of my dreams with phamily and friends. Instead we were married quietly by my hubby's friend, a chaplain. But no matter what size or kind of wedding we had we made a huge commitment that day and we never looked back.
Our grandson Colton's birthday 6/7/2013 We love wearing our matching t shirts.

Proud of our youngest son Nick who attends the Kansas Wesleyan University.
One of our favorite Scriptures we have tried to keep close to our hearts.
We needed this is our day to day lives. Otherwise I don't think we would have been here.
Most of our phamily last summer.
Another wedding Day memory.
More phamily tyme! All of us together for once! We have had some good times to make up for the bad!