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Friday, May 6, 2016

Directions / Maxine Cracks Me Up/ Wedding Love/Mother's Day/

"D" is for directions! You can get directions when you travel, my goodness, your iphone will send you on your way. You can find direction in your life, the path well traveled or the unknown journey on a different path. You can explain a pattern, a word, an image to someone and give them direction too. I thought it would be a great word for my Alphabe Day post. I enjoyed this all the years Jenny Matlock did Alphabe Thursday at her blog. But she changed directions too. Oh, I can not forget the English boy band One Direction too!
Leave it up to Maxine to have an opinion about everything! This one is quite cute and very clever! It seems  the older we get the more we want to hide "stuff"!  Camouflage those flaws! Laughing all the way...
My BoJon heritage seems to increase as I age! Our son Jeremy married last Saturday to Brittany and added a new daughter-in-love to our phamily as well as a beautiful grand daughter Addy. A joyful addition to our P H A M I L Y !

Colton's graduation last May 2015. Jeremy and Addy dancing to "All You Need is Love" at the wedding April 30, 2016. Love fills the heart with song and smiles.
Noelle and Brittany are two terrific mom's. I am blessed that they are part of my heart and my phamily.
Happy Mother's Day to all who have taken on this job and survived to talk about it! Kids are something, I often wonder how I managed it all! Here are some more sweet momma's, Christal with her two daughters and son and hubby, Colton and Jacey minus Harrison in this photo. Noelle, my oldest child and one heck of a momma! Tarrah an incredible momma to her handsome sons, Jayden and Michael. I am so blessed and very honored to have these women in my life.
A Mother understands what a child doesn't say. I have seen this anonymous quote attributed to a Jewish Proverb. It is true, a mother can read her child's heart. I hope you will visit Jenny and those at Warm Heart Wednesday. I am sure you have guessed that the people  in my private life really warm my heart. Tell Beverly and the Pinkies you wish them a Happy Pink Saturday and join me in wishing all mom's everywhere a beautiful and blessed Mother's Day!


LV said...

No doubt you will have a wonderful mother's day with such a loving family.

Sandee said...

I love Maxine. I am so snarky like Maxine at times too.

Have a fabulous Mother's Day Anne. ♥♥♥

Theresa said...

Great pictures and I agree with Maxine:) Have a blessed Mother's day dear friend, HUGS!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Happy Mother's Day, Anne!

shortybear said...

Maxine cracks me up too

Betty said...

You have such a nice family. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.