Monday, May 9, 2016

F is for Fine Feline

Rose was looking beautiful on Mother's Day yesterday. she loves Jacey and Harrison too. She always stops by to say hello (Meow) to Harrison. She is perfect to share with Sandee and the folks at Aw...Monday. Rose is also perfectly fit into my letter of the day "F" which is perfect for feline. Rose is a very unusually feline and she will meow loudly when you pet her head. she loves to be brushed but when she has had enough she will bite you. I learned quickly to double my fist so she nicks my knuckles! We get along beautifully.
My grandson Colton and I toasted Monday with his huge white chocolate mocha and my 99 cent Mimosa at the Buff, a Boulder eatery that serves three special 99 cent drinks with your breakfast/brunch. Although we both have blue eyes here is the guy who makes me smile and I love to be seen with:
Harrison James will light up a room! He got to take lots of cool photos with his mom and dad for Mother's Day. He just makes my life happy. He has beautiful blue eyes and was wearing his blue denim overalls in this photo. Please stop by and tell Jeanne to have a Happy Blue Monday.
Love is...makes me smile on Monday and receiving mail via the USPS makes me smile too. Being involved in the sheltering group is something I look forward to each day. Please have a beautiful week and stop by for a visit soon.


LV said...

Wish there were more people that shared the love you and family do. The little one is adorable. With beautiful blue eyes too.

Linda said...

I love all your photos, the cat is lovely, you look happy and the little one is precious! Thank you so much for sharing.

Donna said...

What a sweet blog you have. Thank you for the sweet comments on my sunroom, too.

Marg said...

That is a good looking cat. I have a cat here that sometimes tries to bite me. Great pictures and that little tyke is just too cute. You all have a great day.

Sandee said...

You have two Awww's here this week. The kitty looks so regal. I'm sure she is too. Harrison James is also extremely adorable.

You linked your site just fine. I do know that blogger is having issues with anything that isn't Google. It's the http to https thing that's causing a lot of issues.

Have a terrific day Anne. Big hug. ♥♥♥

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

lovely, lovely photos and the kitty is gorgeous!! catchatwithcarenandcody

pilch92 said...

Very pretty kitty, sounds like she gets over stimulated. Your grandson is a cutie.

The Cynical Sailor said...

Rose is absolutely gorgeous and those blue eyes on Harrison James are stunning!

Cheers - Ellen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting! Don't mind me, I've been so absent minded lately, with the finishing of the barn/studio (so it's not you, it's me!)

My goodness - have never seen such a huge mocha!! Baby with his "don't bother me" look makes me smile:) Oh, Anne, I was just wanting to link up to Jenny Matlock - it's hard so see (know) someone's seriously ill and suffers:(

Hey dear lady, am not giving up hope you're coming back to SEASONS - it starts now on Sunday (to give people more time) and now, you can link up with a photo that was taken in another season (am learning what goes, and what's too limiting lol:) Have a great rest of the week!
P.S. would you like a reminder (don't want to appear pushy!)?

Jim said...

Hi Anne ~~ Thank you for your kind words a bit ago. I too will be missing Jenny's fun meme action, I've been with her for a long time. She is on my prayer list, I know she has a blogger support group but I'm not sure off there in the Wild West who all she has there.
Your grandsons are looking good. And Rose is to die for. I'm glad she bites you a bit, love bites they are.
I will peek in here soon again. I also post on the Photo and Poem Place blog. Neither gets very many a week, sometimes ONE is enough.

Jeanne said...

Hello dear Anne, Please forgive me for not visiting you sooner. We had a crazy busy week. Senior Games was going on and we were very active in all of the fun. We won some medals in bowling and a few other things and had a grand time with all our senior friends. Tomorrow night is the final event, a banquet to celebrate all of the members. We have three hundred plus members. Wonderful people.

Your cat is stunning. I wish our poodle Cheri' loved to be brushed. Bill has to hold her so I can brush her and she bawls us out like crazy. We love her dearly in spite of it though. HA!
Harrison is a beautiful baby with the bluest eyes ever. Adorable. What a blessing our little ones are.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Jeanne

Edna B said...

I love your photos. Oh my, Rose is gorgeous! We have a black cat that adopted us almost two years ago (right after another kitty adopted us) and sometimes he bites us too. We just have to be quick about moving our hand away. Blackie loves to be petted, but will only stand it for a minute or two before he bites.

Both our kitties showed up on our doorstep cold and hungry. We brought each of them inside and fed them. They've never left.

You have a great day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Intense Guy said...

Rose is one beautiful cat!!!