Sunday, February 28, 2016

Silly Sunday/Aw.....Monday/Blue Monday/Love is.../Maxine Cracks Me Up/

I forget Sandee celebrates Silly Sunday and I had a little story to share. My high school friend Yvonne has the best stuff she shares with me. So thank you to Yvonne. Here is my share:

The IRS had returned the Tax Return to a man in New Jersey after he apparently answered one of the questions incorrectly.
In response to the question, " Do you have anyone dependent on you? " the man wrote: "9.5 million illegal immigrants, 1.1 million crack heads, 3.4 million unemployable scroungers, 80,000 criminals in over 85 prisons plus 650 idiots in Washington.
The IRS stated that the answer he gave was unacceptable!
The man responded back, "Who did I leave out?"

Bonjour! How about this French kitty wearing a blue beret? I love how that beret brings out the eyes on this handsome French feline! Don't you just love his bowtie too? Je vous remercie!
One more kitty, because this all business kitty is in a blue room so both Sandee and Sally will like these shares today.
HaHaHa! I am not so agile on a bicycle these days. But we recycle so we try to be a bit green these days. I am a recycle fanatic! Thanks to Love is...for sharing going green.
I think Maxine has been spying on me! My nose has been running like mad! It is a good thing though, because at night, I get so congested. we finally put up a warm humidifier and it helps loosen those nasal passages so you can get a little relief. We are having Spring like weather but keep hearing the snow will return next week.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

/Everyday LivingWarm Heart Wednesday/Pink Saturday/Maxine Cracks Me Up/Love is.../

My Sweets and I have been so miserable. We are truly under the weather and although he had to go back to work on Tuesday we still feel rotten. So I am sharing lots of bright colorful shares so I can smile too. I am getting sinus issues with my crummy head cold and he gets bronchitis so easily. So we keep struggling through these days! How about some colorful marshmallow Peeps for Easter? It is just around the corner,
I may have told you about the group I belong to. We send notes and letters and cards each week to encourage folks and there are so many. If you know anyone who could use some encouragement and prayer too, please pass it on to me so I may share it with the group. You can send me a private message at my email with the address for the person and a little about them, i.e. battling cancer, elderly, disabled, etc. Thank you,
Vegas baby, in blue and pink. I missed Sally's Blue Monday this week as well Aw...Monday. It has been a rough week. I want to get back into the swing of things here. This photo will warm my heart as well as those encouraging words I can send to someone so please visit Jenny and share something that warms your heart. My hubby's co worker left early today, heading to a poker tournament in Vegas. Lucky guy.

I am hoping that Beverly will see all these pink's I am sharing today. I miss visiting her each week. My cupcakes for Springtime. It is 69 degrees today and I decorated a lot of wedding cake cupcakes. I tweaked a white cake mix and made the frosting from scratch and made some Spring pastels to share today. Those pearls are edible too.
With warmer weather coming soon Maxine speaks her mind on fashion choices! I think this gal is a character and she always speaks her mind,
We always count our blessings because we are relatively healthy and do not have to use a lot of prescription medication. Love is...can warm my heart and make me smile anyday. Even when I feel badly.

Friday, February 26, 2016

W O R D S/ Feline Friday/

Has anyone else noticed the inappropriate language everywhere you go these days? I get so aggravated by it at Face Book. When you try to hide the post, because you know the person really well, but don't want all that "stuff" showing up on your own feed, politically correct Face Book will ask you "Why" don't you want to see this? "Why" don't you talk with so and so and resolve this issue? Argh.......Aack.....Why doesn't Face Book have a teeny tiny drop of morals or at least a common decency clause or simple respect for others? Hmmmm......something to think about.
The younger generation loves tatoos. But what if those words you say on social media were written on your body?
I love this, now if I only had that Ferrari! Hmmm......."Be careful with words. Because once they are said , they can only be forgiven, not forgotten." I wish I knew who this was attributed to.

Sometime you have to stand alone because you know the truth and in the end it will work out to benefit you greatly.
I love this quote.
This one too. My father would say, "God is the ultimate judge, so don't worry what others think or do or say about you."

I wanted to share with Feline Friday and I love Grumpy Cat. He is quite a mean fellow some days. I like the other kitty. A true smile.
Laughing Out Loud, I think he was mislead!

Do you watch the Big Bang Theory? If you do, you will know Sheldon's favorite song when he is feeling under the weather. It is called "Soft Kitty". This photo from July 21, 2015 of Mr. Kitty says it all, "Soft kitty, lazy kitty, roly poly ball of fur! I made those words up for him. Join Steve and share some Feline fun today.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


I still can not get any of my photos to load so I am using a few google images here. I also am using a few Face Book photo finds. This technology really makes me grumpy some days. I recently joined a private group that sends cards, letters and notes to people who need encouragement. Many people are going through some difficulties in their lives. Pamela is continuing the legacy of her late mother who sent hundreds of letters and cards to those needing a smile to brighten their day.
The feeling is one of great joy when you open your mailbox and see letters from folks all over the country. I know when I was having a particularly bad week with too much going on to mention, this group sent me notes and cards and letters encouraging me and helping me find my focus.
This group has warmed my heart. I often feel left out or empty sitting at home with only the furry companions to share my day with. Yet when I read that someone has a dad waiting for a new kidney and mom is across town in a different hospital or a young man feels he does not fit in at school, well, I have to :
I pray, I write cheerful notes, I try to be encouraging and I think deep down inside of each person, we all have felt unloved, unappreciated and even disrespected at times. I encourage everyone to look for those who are in need of a kindness and share some with them.
A few years ago I loved sending birthday wishes to elderly folks. Suzanne had a group of us who sent cards to many folks who otherwise would not have any birthday wishes. We often included a small monetary gift too, usually a dollar bill. One lady wrote to tell Suzanne that although she did not have a pair of shoes to call her own, her room mate at the assisted living home gave her shoes to wear to her various appointments. All those dollars we sent her afforded this lady the opportunity to purchase a pair of her own shoes. It is a story I have never forgotten and one that makes me grateful for each and every thing I have.
My hubby has been under the weather all week with a terrible head cold. He needs a stronger cough medicine but he is stubborn and won't call his doctor. part of these encouraging words reminded me of him. He was suppose to see his eye specialist today to get set up for his cataract surgery. He cancelled because he cannot stop coughing. Say a prayer he will call the doctor and get taken care of.
I dislike all the social media political barking. I think this should be the statement each and every political candidate has to memorize. All the bashing is getting us nowhere. Our 19 trillion dollar deficit isn't going to evaporate into thin air. I hate seeing all the political rumblings and grumblings. Change is not coming, it has not came and until the hatefulness goes away it will remain cruelty at it's finest. Don't you ever get disgusted with the bashing of others? Usually done by those who want to take their personal agenda's and stuff them down your throat. Just a thought...
Good reading, especially since one of the Columbine killers mom is making the rounds on all the popular talk shows after her 20/20 interview Friday night. Not a fan of the main stream media all I can say is I am very happy the proceeds of the book she wrote will be donated to benefit mental health . Another good read, from the 9-11 tragedies:
This Ivy league educated widow talks about her private dealing with the tragedy on 9-11-01 and her language is not censored.  I have an extra copy of the book if anyone would like to read it.
Please pray for those in need especially John and Diana Kosmoski, Vickie, Don and Christy Briningstool,, Baby Mayah, and others hurting from life's difficulties. Please visit Jenny and all those who share in Warm Heart Wednesday.
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Who Knew?  Wednesday Humor to make you smile.

I sure hope something here warmed your heart.

Monday, February 15, 2016

In Side Out: Blue Monday/ Baby Blues/Aw...Monday/Love is.../Maxine Cracks Me Up/My BoJon Heritage/My Super Bowl Heroes/

Do you know this movie? Oh My Goodness, I just have to say it is my very favorite movie currently. I have watched it twice and then I just bought it. It is the voices inside of each one of us, Fear (purple), Anger (red). Joy (green) Disgust (green) and Sadness (blue). It is one of the nicest ways I have seen that you can convey feelings that you feel to young children and as an adult, the lessons in each one of these feelings is truly valuable. Sadness will fit in to Blue Monday so tell Sally you saw Sadness here along with Joy's bright blue hair.
When Harrison James debuted on Tuesday February 10, 2016 at 2:50 P.M. he weighed in at 9 lbs. even and was 21 3/4 inches long. What a sweetness. Ah.....youth!
This is Jordy Nelson. He is a twelve week old puppy who belongs to my grandson Colton's sweetheart and her mom Lisa. Although this Jordy doesn't much look like this guy:
American football wide receiver Jordy Nelson plays for the NFL team the Green Bay Packers. Jacey and her mom love those Green Bay Packers and Jordy Nelson is a favorite player. Puppy Jordy came along just in time, our new great grand baby Harrison James who debuted on February 10,2016. The idea is that Jordy and Harrison will grow up together and be great pals. I thought it was one of those Aw...Monday moments to share with Sandee and those who participate with Aw...Monday too.
I thought this Love is...was quite appropriate for Valentine's Day, just yesterday. Hope your day was extra special.
Maxine, always has the words to say, even is sometime you don't like them! Silly Maxine! But I am so much like Maxine some days and I have learned to filter the words before they exit my mouth most days.

I have had this wonderful box filled with great Slovenia and Italy treasures. Cousin Kay visited Slovenia and also traveled to Rome this past August. She sent me this box of wonderful souvenirs . This is an awesome t shirt. LOVE is the main ingredient in Slovenia.

I wish I spoke the language but this is a bottle of Honey and Brandy.  I am really loving going through all these great gifts. I have run into a snag trying to post my cute and adorable great garandbaby's photos here  and the rest of my BoJon treasures from Kay so please forgive me and let me tell Kay :

Have a wonderful week and see you soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Warm Heart Wednesday And A New Baby

My heart is full! This precious boy, Harrison James, was born yesterday, Wednesday February 10, 2016. He is a beautiful boy.

When he was born yesterday afternoon we did not have to wait too long for him. He was quick after four hours of labor. This boy can make you S M I L E and if that doesn't warm your heart...

I hope you stop by Jenny's and share your warm hearts too.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blue Monday/A Super Bowl Win/Aw...Monday/Love is.../Maxine Cracks Me Up/

Oh Sally you are gonna see some blue today! A real American gentleman, a hero in football, a man filled with dignity and kindness. So happy for Peyton Manning and the Denver Bronco football team. Never been much of a fan of Mr. Elway but when he hoisted that Lombardi trophy and said, "This one's for Pat", I lost it! An emotional season, an underdog going in to the Super Bowl. I pray like Peyton too except I do ask God if He could give me a little nudge in the winning direction! Happy for Gary Kubiak, the first coach to win a Super Bowl with the same team he played for. A nice win. Von Miller, oh Lord, we know Von was the MVP! He let Cam Newton get a good view of the Levi Stadium laying on his back! I am just happy no one was seriously injured. Cam will learn, he needs a little humility, some grace, some stepping back for a moment. He will be back. I have no doubts, he is an excellent QB! As a dancer, terrific too!
This morning I said Lord, did you put this verse on my heart to remind me that Peyton Manning is a kind heart? It is fitting for this Super Bowl 5 - 0 win!
A QB deserving of this win! He brought so much to Denver and when fans who followed him with the Colts remark how they still love this man (except when he plays their team) you know he has done something right.
Gotta love my girlfriends in Indy!
The excitement, the electricity, the emotion! Love these Bronco boys!
Denver's Union Station decked out in blue and orange. These guy made us all so very proud.
The ultimate Super Bowl fans, and all time Bronco loving kids, our Brittany and Jeremy. Who loves their Denver Bronco's?

Hoping when Peyton leaves Denver Brock will take the helm. He was the starter when Denver beat the Bengals, the Packers and the Pat's! Youth and talent. He and Cam are both going to be great quarterbacks!

So much blue for the Broncos win and now a little Aw....Monday

Smokey looks like he has blue eyes here! Although this is an older photo,  this big guy is the most unique dog you would ever want to meet. Thinks he is a person and will sit in a chair like one if you ask nicely.

If you tell Leo he is handsome, he will make this face. "I am, I really am handsome"! I hope you stop by and visit Sandee and everyone from Aw...Monday. We all need smiles in our lives.

People were shooting fireworks all over the neighborhood after that Bronco win. Sometime life is like that and Love is...always puts it into perspective for me.
Laughing Out Loud! I love most all of my relatives but I get Maxine. Someday's you only want to see Papa John at your door, or Domino's and maybe even Pizza Hut!
I promise it is the last of my Bronco blues for the night! This cutie is Ella, her momma Lyndsee is a Denver Bronco fan, daddy, Andrew, well, he likes Tom Brady and those Patriot's! No matter what outfit they put this girl in, she will laugh and giggle and make you smile. She even has teeny, tiny, Bronco shoes. That is Jeremy and Brittany's Bronco tree behind her. We all had a terrific time at their house having a Super Bowl party today. This was a tough week, J and Brit lost a friend from their office, Lorice. He was fine Monday, Wednesday they received word he passed away leaving his wife and four year old child. Life is short, say I love you to those you care for. Brittany's mom got word that her dad Robert fell and broke his pelvis. It is a much more complex surgery and injury than the doctors had anticipated. Please pray for his well being and pray for the family of Lorice. He was in his 30's and the kids think it was his heart. Have a good week and smile.