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Thursday, February 18, 2016


I still can not get any of my photos to load so I am using a few google images here. I also am using a few Face Book photo finds. This technology really makes me grumpy some days. I recently joined a private group that sends cards, letters and notes to people who need encouragement. Many people are going through some difficulties in their lives. Pamela is continuing the legacy of her late mother who sent hundreds of letters and cards to those needing a smile to brighten their day.
The feeling is one of great joy when you open your mailbox and see letters from folks all over the country. I know when I was having a particularly bad week with too much going on to mention, this group sent me notes and cards and letters encouraging me and helping me find my focus.
This group has warmed my heart. I often feel left out or empty sitting at home with only the furry companions to share my day with. Yet when I read that someone has a dad waiting for a new kidney and mom is across town in a different hospital or a young man feels he does not fit in at school, well, I have to :
I pray, I write cheerful notes, I try to be encouraging and I think deep down inside of each person, we all have felt unloved, unappreciated and even disrespected at times. I encourage everyone to look for those who are in need of a kindness and share some with them.
A few years ago I loved sending birthday wishes to elderly folks. Suzanne had a group of us who sent cards to many folks who otherwise would not have any birthday wishes. We often included a small monetary gift too, usually a dollar bill. One lady wrote to tell Suzanne that although she did not have a pair of shoes to call her own, her room mate at the assisted living home gave her shoes to wear to her various appointments. All those dollars we sent her afforded this lady the opportunity to purchase a pair of her own shoes. It is a story I have never forgotten and one that makes me grateful for each and every thing I have.
My hubby has been under the weather all week with a terrible head cold. He needs a stronger cough medicine but he is stubborn and won't call his doctor. part of these encouraging words reminded me of him. He was suppose to see his eye specialist today to get set up for his cataract surgery. He cancelled because he cannot stop coughing. Say a prayer he will call the doctor and get taken care of.
I dislike all the social media political barking. I think this should be the statement each and every political candidate has to memorize. All the bashing is getting us nowhere. Our 19 trillion dollar deficit isn't going to evaporate into thin air. I hate seeing all the political rumblings and grumblings. Change is not coming, it has not came and until the hatefulness goes away it will remain cruelty at it's finest. Don't you ever get disgusted with the bashing of others? Usually done by those who want to take their personal agenda's and stuff them down your throat. Just a thought...
Good reading, especially since one of the Columbine killers mom is making the rounds on all the popular talk shows after her 20/20 interview Friday night. Not a fan of the main stream media all I can say is I am very happy the proceeds of the book she wrote will be donated to benefit mental health . Another good read, from the 9-11 tragedies:
This Ivy league educated widow talks about her private dealing with the tragedy on 9-11-01 and her language is not censored.  I have an extra copy of the book if anyone would like to read it.
Please pray for those in need especially John and Diana Kosmoski, Vickie, Don and Christy Briningstool,, Baby Mayah, and others hurting from life's difficulties. Please visit Jenny and all those who share in Warm Heart Wednesday.
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Who Knew?  Wednesday Humor to make you smile.

I sure hope something here warmed your heart.


Sandee said...

Prayers for all those that need prayers and your hubby needs to go to the doctor before he ends up with more than a head cold. I'm just saying. Men are so tough. Not.

I hear you on the politics. Both sides make me cringe. It's the way of things anymore and nothing gets done.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

LV said...

I always feel like I am there and we are talking when you blog. Love hearing about what goes on with you and family.

Denise said...

this post touched my heart, thanks for all the kindness you share with others. may you be blessed, as you bless. praying for the prayer requests you mentioned, including your husband. I love you my friend.

Jim said...

Anne, my heart is warmed from reading your post. I love the mail/notes ministry you guys have. Our Sunday school class had a ministry similar. Both Mrs. Jim's mom and my dad enjoyed getting their letters/notes/cards so very much. I will pray for those you mentioned. There are a lot of Bloggers and FB friends who are hurting too, I pray for a lot of my 'friends'. I think a lot pray for our Jenny too, I do. She has it tough in many ways, way more than most of us.

Theresa said...

I LOVE getting cards and notes in the mail! What a wonderful thing to do! I am SICK of the political junk too! I love that sweet little one, one week old:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Edna B said...

I think your idea of sending the cards and letters is a wonderful idea. Think of all the joy you brought to so many folks.

I think that little puppy is just adorable. Gosh, I hope your hubby gets over his cold soon. As for the politics, I agree. I wish they would all just stick to policy instead of slinging verbal insults.

Ah well, they haven't asked for my opinion. haha. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

xinex said...

I hope your husband is better now. Cough sometime just won't go away. It lingers on when I catch it too....Christine

Lux G. said...

The paper, rock meme is hilarious.
I hope you can fix your uploading problem soon. Have you tried cleaning cache and cookies or changing the photo size?

Betty said...

Very well written! I hope your husband is feeling better soon. I also know the frustrations of modern technology.

I stopped watching the debates. I just couldn't take it anymore. I can't help but wonder how many people will end up not voting because they're so disgusted with today's politics? Certainly not an answer, but I could see it happening.

Yes, we need to spread a little goodwill.

GranthamLynn said...

Great posts. Getting mail does warm the heart.
About your photo's I've had the same problem. If you have them saved to your computer you can use PicMonkey and Pinterest to get them on your blog. That's what I have to do. Just edit or not in PicMonkey then choose the Share button and pick pinterest. Once you've put them on your pinterest board you can cut and post into a post. That's what I do. It's a hassle but the only way I can get it to work.
Give it a try! I hope it works for you.
Have a good week.

Jeanne said...

Dear Anne, Your posts are always so uplifting and full of love. Your post today about sending letters and cards is right up your alley. I think we all have moments of needing encouragement. You are a huge blessing to so many people including me. I have missed visiting you and so many others. Time is always an issue with me. Not enough in the day.

Thank you for this kind and loving post.

Jenny said...

Dear Anne,

Your cop joke made me smile! Still chuckling over that one.

I love the groups you wrote about that send cards and letters. The shoes made me teary eyed.

Thank you for being such a blessing and warming so many hearts with your presence in the world.

You. Are. Incredible.

Thank you for linking to week 14.