Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Celebration Day

These two are celebrating three years of marriage today. April 30, 2016. What a beautiful day it was. A little snow and many wonderful memories.
Love is...always comes through with the best advice.
This was written on my parents marriage certificate. It is excellent advice.
One little....
Two little....
Three little......coming in September 2019!
Good advice for newly married couples. Marriage Box says it all. It has excellent advice.
Brittany and Jeremy. So glad these two found each other. So happy seeing their phamily blossom and grow. Like peas in a pod, they go together so well. Happy Anniversary to you both.

April 30, 2013 brought this little fellow into the world:
He came to live with us in June 2013. Buck Owens wrote a song called, I've Got A Tiger By The Tail. I think Buck wrote this song from Mr. Kitty also known as Tiger.
The little guy made fast friends with Roxanne, Hannah's little chihuahua. When she  became gravely ill, he never left her. When she passed away, he mourned the loss of his favorite friend. He has a kind heart.

Cats love sleeping and eating and running the house.
Birthday photo. I interrupted his beauty sleep. If looks could kill....he gave me a rather long yawn after this snapshot. So here is my Tuesday Show and Tail in honor of the good days when Angela hosted this fun meme.

Sunday, April 21, 2019


Friday, April 19, 2019


Pink hair, don't care! Her hair is beautiful. I am a huge fan of pink. Particularly in clothing and lip colors.
Molly Ringwald was "Pretty in Pink". The movie was quite sweet and she designed her own prom dress. She was perfect for the part.

The country singer Kacey Musgraves has a perfectly pink living room.
Marilyn Monroe looked pretty in pink.
Everything looks good in pink!

This beautiful pink bouquet comes from a florist in Boston, MA.
Stop by Pink Saturday and share your pink goodness.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Did you know if you spell H A N N A H backward it still spells H A N N A H ? That is our youngest daughter, the pre school teacher. She isn't a wild thing but a weird sense of humor, sort of like her father.  Do you know any words that spell the same forward and back ward? Share them here please.
We were suppose to have rain mixed with snow. I would really like the snow to go away and stay there til next Winter. But the rain can stick around as long as it doesn't flood. Water is so unpredictable.
When Harrison was a tiny baby he loved music. I would play a song and if he loved it he would calm down. If he hated it he would scream. I made a play list just for him. As he grew older he loved to crazy dance with me. Some of the very best memories I have are with him. This song by the Serendipity Singers was a favorite. I still sing this song for him.
Here is an example of crazy dancing to bubbles!
Alastor Avery, enjoying the sunshine.
I have always loved this song. Auntie Ang taught me this song as a young child. I sang it to all my kids and now the grands and great grands.

Who doesn't love Snoopy? I love sharing this crazy comic character. So does my cousin MaryJo.

Holy Week is here and this has always been a very favorite Scripture to share. Do you celebrate Easter?

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday Show and Tail and Happy Tuesday

Leo says he doesn't get enough blog time. So here he is in all his glory. He loves getting his teeth brushed. Isn't that so funny? He is a gentle soul unless wild rabbits are involved. Than he is on a mission! So in honor of Tuesday Show and Tail here's Leo!
I never get to do what I want! Leo can pout like a toddler.
Yoga for a Happy Tuesday
This is some good food for thought.Always be thankful.

Maxine, I agree with you today! I have never been a fan of ironing. Years ago my friend Mary E. took her clean laundry to a lady who ironed her clothes. She did not like to iron either but apparently she knew someone who did. I had a cousin who had her mom iron her socks! W H A T ????

Strong bones are the best bones. Unfortunately, I don't have those bones. I had to have a bone density earlier. You know you are getting old when the tech's name is Carly. But she was good at her job and I will hear from my doctor tomorrow hopefully with results.
My mom had bad bones. Just my luck. Getting older is the pitts. I was at Target earlier and chatting with one of the sweet cashiers, Jovita.  She lost her son in a shooting at a local Wal-Mart. over a year ago. she just lives day to day and makes the most of it. She was telling me about a customer, walking out of the store. She said the lady was 96! Wow! She looked 56 and acted young too. Good genetics. We had a good chuckle over that.
A little police humor.

In his tent playing with Blaze Trucks. This child is growing up too quickly. Love my Harrison James.
Alastor Avery loves this Papa. I think he is going to get some pearly whites pretty soon. He is drooling everywhere/ If you love baseball, you will love this child. Prop him up on a sturdy pillow and he will watch a ball game with .

Matthew 19:14 says Jesus loved the little children. This is such a powerful verse. A beautiful share.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Aww.....Mondays and More

This guy is always napping. He has the purrrrfect life. He likes laying around by some of my Cabbage Patch boys and the Bronco Bear. I don't have sewing talent but I wish I knew someone who would make a couple of these Bears for me. The gal who made this one is no longer in business. She did great work and was very reasonable. That Bronco Bear was instrumental in the back to back Bronco Super Bowl wins in the glory days, before political correctness took over the NFL. Stop by Aw...Mondays and say hi to Sandee and friends.
If baseball is on or I can go to a game, I am not interested in much else. This is a real truth in baseball.
Love is...reads my mind! I sure miss this sweet comic and the artist who created it. Kim Casali created this sweet comic and did the artwork as well. She has been gone since 1997. What a tremendous loss.
HA HA HA! That would probably fall under "illegal" things your car would say to you if it weren't against the law!
Does your mind ever wander like this?

Watching what you eat is tough ! I love Gummy Bears and I love Cheez It crackers. I know more exercise and more healthy veggies are better for me !
This pinterest find is a cute blue sock monkey.  Oh to have the talent to create such cuteness.....sigh I am thinking of Sally today as I do most days. She was the best hostess for the Blue Monday meme . I think I admired her so much because she was burdened with serious health issues and yet she was cheerful and she encouraged each one of us. She also made the rounds and commented on every blog of every person who participated in the Blue Mondays. She was a rare find. When she passed away she became even more of a real hero to me. So many people came to her phamily and shared their thoughts on Sally. She was an incredibly kind CHRISTian. she reached out to each invididual person and she cared, she truly cared. I am missing her today.
A blue rose in memory of my friend  Smiling Sally who left this earth for her heavenly home three years ago.
There are baseballisms and this is a favorite Sallyism. Missing you and hope to see you in heaven someday Sally.