Sunday, October 31, 2021



Humor for a dreary and cold Monday morning.

I couldn't figure why the baseball was getting bigger. Than it hit me.

It can happen, really!!

Love is...can always cheer me up even when the weather can't. Have a wonderful new week.

A new month, new memories, new challenges, but so many new blessings. Have a wonderful new month and a terriic new week. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


 1. Thankful for a busy Wedesday which lead me to get ready for Thursday.

2. Thankful Mister Kitty behaves himself and today would not allow the pups to come steal his dinner.

3. Thankful for the Atlanta Braves, thanks for winning one tonight. You needed another win.

4. Thankful for sunshine and cool breezes.

5. Thankful for my son Jeremy. He helped me get my new virus protection on my laptop.

6. Thankful for each of you who visit. You mean so much to me.

7. Thankful I can pray. So many in need of prayer.

8. Thankful to have a few friends who I can relate to seriously and also laugh our heads off too!

9. Thankful for my sweet friend Bea. She makes sure I am in the loop on the latest medical adventures of her big sister who is 94!

10. Thankful for a car mechanic who is honest, hard working and always looking out for their customers.

11. Thankful for Brians Home Blog because we all share what we love. A gracious couple caring for kitties otherwise tossed aside by society. LOVE these folks and their feline phamily.

Prayers for newborn Matilda Mae, cute as can be and a blessing to her phamily. My grandmother would say, God is always taking good onesout  and bringing  newborns into the world. He has a Master Plan. Oneday He may let us in on His plan. 

Prayers for my Sweet "M" with a recent cancer diagnosis. Prayers for comfort, healing and peace are being asked. This lady is super special to me and I care for her so very much. 

 Prayers for Tessa and her grandma. Together they will navigate this disastous healthcare situation. Tessa's grandma has a broken bone in her leg and the hospital can not help her until next week. Yes she is 94, so what is the issue?????????????? She was injured in a fall at Rehab, so paying to watch out for herself. Hmmmmm................... Grandma is Right As Rain also.

Prayers for Shannon getting ready for surgery and Larisa her daughter who will ultimately be her caregiver and helping hands. 

Prayers for the triplets, Nancy, Daisy and Charles ...getting ready to take the world by storm! Improving daily and kicking butt so they can go come with their siblings waiting patiently.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Wordless Wednesday


Happy Tuesday and Maxine Cracks Me Up


Happy Tuesday This was too funny not to share. It seems this is the life of most people today. Buried in their phones. even while headless Ha Ha Ha

Oh Maxine, your snarkiness is outstanding! That poor dog, he has to contend with the cat too.

I had this post all set to go and was going to add my Tuesday 4 but instead it all went to my other blog and this blog post vanished into thin area.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Aw...Mondays and Love is...

 Aw...Mondays I am guessing the reason that I can not get much done in the early morning hours is due to the fact that the pups and their role model Leo stand by the fence and have a bark a thon. Now I go out there with a spray water bottle and a snarky face! They know I mean business! So barking is a big deal at this house!

This is us after a long weekend of hard work and checking off those projects we finished. We have tired arms from repainted the front deck. Our goal is to get a concrete porch and prayerfully praying for that to happen in the next year. God Willing ~

Although Annie at Sparks is on hiatus I wanted to share a favorite Sparks. 

Saturday, October 16, 2021



In celebration of Auntie Ang, her friend Little Ang (glasses on) and all those lost and all those struggling with breast cancer.  Auntie Ang had breast cancer and lost her battle too soon. I will always believe she was not given the best care althoguh she had the best insurance available. I loved my aunt, she was kind and funny a sharp dresser and strong willed. Her life long friend Little Ang, was a small lady with a big heart. I remember visiting her tiny house she lived in on the same block as my paternal grandparents. What  wonderful memories. I remember when Little Ang passed away although no one ever told me the cause of her passing. She made me always feel so welcome in her precious home. These women were rare. I am not sure very many exist anymore. They took care of each other.  In celebration of those who lost the battle, those fighting the battle and the month of October celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness never stop fighting. I am praying for all who suffer with this dreadful disease today and pray for the loved ones of those lost to it. 

Have a beautiful Pink Saturday

Friday, October 15, 2021

TiME GOES BY/ Feline Friday

Time drifts by. It moves too slow or too fast depending on how you are feeling about it. My head has been spinning. So much to do. Not enough time in the day. But somehow it will all come together.

Blake will walk into my house and go around the corner and slowly say C A T ! Then louder, C A T ! He will carefully approach this beast, smile and run away. Not Shea, she stalks him. When he settles in for a nap she approaches him quickly and touches him full on the face. He looks up, did she just really touch my face? R U D E ! 

Just another Feline Friday here at the house that small children love.

Nick has decided to rename Mister Kitty "Garfield". The cat has more aliases than a criminal. But as long as he gets his meals  and his beauty rest he does not care what anyone calls him. Just call him to breakfast and lunch/dinner.

Friday, October 8, 2021


 We watched our two little grandsons today. After they left, we took a two hour nap.    

Then we wnet out for some Mexican food at a favorite place. It was a great day mostly because Avery was able to take off the day and enjoy those boys with me. It is late and we are exhausted. A busy day. Had to wish a  Happy Heavenly Birthday to my mother-in-law Rita.

The years have flown by since you left us but we will never forget you. Pink Saturday I thought their photo here would be a perfect Pink Saturday addition.

I will be aroudn to comment tomorrow, God willing. We have so much going on , we have to buckle our belts for a few weeks so we get everything we need to taken csare of. Prayers welcome. Thank you.


Thursday, October 7, 2021


 I can never find a good photo of my lazy Mister Kitty. a/k/a Tiger. He is forever sleeping or eating. So I started searching for the top rescues out there. I figured there are many people who want to help homeless animals. Here is the one no kill shelter I found

I was shocked to learn that so many shelters euthuanize kittens! I can not believe home many innocent animals are put down to make room for more!

I think it is a good thing that shelters have animals spayed or neutered before releasing them. I had a neighbor that had that old cat, they called her MaMa, but this poor cat had dozens of litters of kittens, and I am not even going to try to think about what happened to those poor kittens. But eventually MaMa disappeared. I am sure she went somewhere quietly to pass away peacefully without having to deal with more kittens her tire old body could not take. 

I had tried to reason with the owner of this poor feline. I asked her why she would not spayed her. She always had that same answer, I can not afford it. Ah....baloney! There are vet clinics who offer reasonable rates to help with the financial burden (if you really do have a financial burden). The neighbors phamily lived a nice life. She had a high paying job with benefits. Two of her kids also worked after school and weekends. My personal opinion of pet owners who do not spayed or neuter their pets is, they should not be allowed to own them. I think they should post their phoots at shelters and vet clinics to show how irresponsible they are. 

I wish there was an app or a website that would show shelters and clinics that there are people out there who have no business owning pets. If you can not afford to care for a pet it is simple. Do not get one.

It is tough world we live in and I know not all shelters are up front and honest either. My friend was a lifelong animal lover. She has probably 4-5 pets that she rescued. But after her retirement from a long career in journalism. You know, the days when journalists gave you both sides of the story. She became involved in a local shelter where she lives. She was seeing things there that were not on the level and brought it up to the director. The woman who ran this shelter was not the brightest being. She would  text my friend threathening her , talking inappropriately and threathening my friend. Fortunately when they went to court those text messages were taken as evidence and the woman was removed from her position. 

I was grateful to see how many animals were spared this woman's Cruella DuVille mentality.

Today I am thankful for the people like Brian's mom and dad. Ellen and Lorianne who do their part saving feline fur babies from death . They take in these sweet pets and care for them.  I Know there are so many more of you out there. Please comment your own stories and thank everyone who is involved in the rescue and loving care of these pets. You are all so amazing.

No matter what you have to put up with, rescuing an aminal is worth it."

"They don;t choose their fte, open your heart and youe open to homeless cats."

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Happy Tuesday and Maxine Cracks Me Up


Happy Birthday and Happy Tuesday to our son-in-law Jake. Although they are miles away from us we get to wish him wonderful birthday wishes. You will see them here agin in two weeks when they celebrate their two year wedding anniverary.

These are were made for each other. Hannah is a domesticate godness and she baker Jake a beautiful cheesecake for his birthday. She could have a business because she bakes the best cheesecake around.

Now I can not edit my photo Hannah sent me to show you Jake's birthday Cheesecake. She is such a kitchen queen cooking and baking and enjoying a simple life.  Do you like cheesecake?  I could do a face plant hahaha but I am going to try my hand at a chocolate cheesecake. It is my sweetheart's favorite.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Random Monday Thoughts


I am very technically challenged but I want to share a sweet story here. I would love to share a photo but I respect the privacy of friends with young children.

My friend in Kansas has two little girls. The oldest one turned 4 this weekend. She is a real sweetheart. She told her great grandma recently that  Jesus died for us so one day we will all go to heaven and be with Him. She is a smart little lady and her mom telling this story made me smile. I love those young mom's and dad's teaching the little ones about all the important things. One day this world will fade away but eternity will be forever. 

I was raised to know that same truth but often told to pray to saints. In the 2nd grade, I can remember thinking, I never had one prayer answered by a saint. I think I will go directly to Jesus. I figured He did die for all of us, so why shouldn't I just pray to him? 

Everything good I know I Learned early on from my parents and from my teachers at school. I am grateful every day for the childhood I had. It is refreshing to see young mom's raising kids like this.

Amanda and Aaron are expecting natural triplets. They homeschool their kids, mostly Amanda, because Aaron has an outside job. But with Amanda on bedrest, he is able to work from home and their homeschool community pitches in to help with their five little ones and their homeschooling. Amanda says it best, if we don't teach our little ones about Jesus, the world won't. Amanda comes from a very large Catholic phamily and she is the most encouraging young mom. She has her hands and heart full of little ones, yet it is her favorite world to be in. She encourages everyone she knows because that is her way. Although she is unable to do much physical activity now, she makes sure to inspire and encourage those of us who know her at social media. If you knew Nancy, her mom, you would know where Amanda gets her spunk.

This painting is called "First Day in Heaven".

I have a prayer request, for Brenda and Steve. Brenda is one of the kindest people I know. She is always willing to help out and she is a nurse . She has that personality, what can I do to make you feel better? Help you in any way. They would appreciate prayers.

Always praying for Amanda and those triplet babies growing so quickly. If she does not go into labor on her own, they have already scheduled a C-Section. It is very exciting, because she will have a team of doctors. Having worked in the medical school and the hospital Admissions for many years, it was always exciting when there were multiple births. Not all surgical procedures have large teams of doctors and nurses but multiple births and Transplant patients do.  I learned so much about my own surgery that I had because I asked questions. If you don't take hold of your own health, someone may not see important issues you have. Always be alert and pay good attention. 

The eye exam I had, was a blessing this year. That doctor was older and he knew all Opthamology good guys like E. Bruce Wilson who was a Neuro-Opthamologist.. When I had my first neurosurgery that guy tortured me by placing these metal clothespins on my eyelds to hold them open. He claimed he was checking my  peripheral vision. I said I think he shouldn't send me a bill because "torture" is not usually covered by health insurance! Although he is retired now, he was an excellent surgeon and all around good guy. My friend Sandy S. had an older sister who lost the vision in one of  her eyes. She would have lost the vision in her other eye except Dr. Wilson was there to help save her vision in one eye. He came highly recommended. They sure don't have doctors like him today.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy this new month. I am finding nuggets in each day to remind myself how important it is to take care of all the little things in life. They are usually the big things, and sometime we realize this too late.

Today was a prime example, people losing their minds over social media shut downs. If that made you pull out your hair, you aren;t going to like when worse things come along. So take a breath, stop watching 24 news coverage and remember what is truly important in your own lives.

Sparks for Annie who is taking a break.