Monday, October 4, 2021

Random Monday Thoughts


I am very technically challenged but I want to share a sweet story here. I would love to share a photo but I respect the privacy of friends with young children.

My friend in Kansas has two little girls. The oldest one turned 4 this weekend. She is a real sweetheart. She told her great grandma recently that  Jesus died for us so one day we will all go to heaven and be with Him. She is a smart little lady and her mom telling this story made me smile. I love those young mom's and dad's teaching the little ones about all the important things. One day this world will fade away but eternity will be forever. 

I was raised to know that same truth but often told to pray to saints. In the 2nd grade, I can remember thinking, I never had one prayer answered by a saint. I think I will go directly to Jesus. I figured He did die for all of us, so why shouldn't I just pray to him? 

Everything good I know I Learned early on from my parents and from my teachers at school. I am grateful every day for the childhood I had. It is refreshing to see young mom's raising kids like this.

Amanda and Aaron are expecting natural triplets. They homeschool their kids, mostly Amanda, because Aaron has an outside job. But with Amanda on bedrest, he is able to work from home and their homeschool community pitches in to help with their five little ones and their homeschooling. Amanda says it best, if we don't teach our little ones about Jesus, the world won't. Amanda comes from a very large Catholic phamily and she is the most encouraging young mom. She has her hands and heart full of little ones, yet it is her favorite world to be in. She encourages everyone she knows because that is her way. Although she is unable to do much physical activity now, she makes sure to inspire and encourage those of us who know her at social media. If you knew Nancy, her mom, you would know where Amanda gets her spunk.

This painting is called "First Day in Heaven".

I have a prayer request, for Brenda and Steve. Brenda is one of the kindest people I know. She is always willing to help out and she is a nurse . She has that personality, what can I do to make you feel better? Help you in any way. They would appreciate prayers.

Always praying for Amanda and those triplet babies growing so quickly. If she does not go into labor on her own, they have already scheduled a C-Section. It is very exciting, because she will have a team of doctors. Having worked in the medical school and the hospital Admissions for many years, it was always exciting when there were multiple births. Not all surgical procedures have large teams of doctors and nurses but multiple births and Transplant patients do.  I learned so much about my own surgery that I had because I asked questions. If you don't take hold of your own health, someone may not see important issues you have. Always be alert and pay good attention. 

The eye exam I had, was a blessing this year. That doctor was older and he knew all Opthamology good guys like E. Bruce Wilson who was a Neuro-Opthamologist.. When I had my first neurosurgery that guy tortured me by placing these metal clothespins on my eyelds to hold them open. He claimed he was checking my  peripheral vision. I said I think he shouldn't send me a bill because "torture" is not usually covered by health insurance! Although he is retired now, he was an excellent surgeon and all around good guy. My friend Sandy S. had an older sister who lost the vision in one of  her eyes. She would have lost the vision in her other eye except Dr. Wilson was there to help save her vision in one eye. He came highly recommended. They sure don't have doctors like him today.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy this new month. I am finding nuggets in each day to remind myself how important it is to take care of all the little things in life. They are usually the big things, and sometime we realize this too late.

Today was a prime example, people losing their minds over social media shut downs. If that made you pull out your hair, you aren;t going to like when worse things come along. So take a breath, stop watching 24 news coverage and remember what is truly important in your own lives.

Sparks for Annie who is taking a break. 


Mevely317 said...

Natural triplets ... how wonderful! Do they know their gender(s)? Amanda and Aaron sound like proof that our Lord loves us and wants us to go on. (At least a little while longer.) Praying for them, as well as Brenda and Steve.

So glad your eye appointment went well. I THINK it's sometime next month I see mine ... almost 2 years, now. I've been putting it off (and off) while Tom gets back on even footing, but I fear my cataracts are breeding faster and faster like bunny rabbits.

Have yourselves a blessed day!

Sandee said...

What a lovely post about a young family and their faith. Their kids will grow up with the same values as they have. fun for them.

Prayers for Brenda and Steve and for all those that need prayers.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a blessed day and week, Anne. Love and hugs. ♥

pilch92 said...

Yikes! That does sound like torture at the eye dr.'s. I will pray for those you listed. WOW-triplets! XO

Brian said...

I wish we had more young families like that, the world would improve quickly. Glad the eyes checked out good!

messymimi said...

Lots of prayers for your friends, and especially for parents of five now expecting 3 more! Wow!