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Monday, April 17, 2017

Aw...Mondays and Blue Monday Fun

Here is a Karaoke Kitty for you on Aw...Mondays . I hope you stop by and say hello to Sandee.
The last movie we saw had this Blue Smurf in the lobby. Stop by and say hello to everyone at Blue Monday. Our oldest daughter Noelle had the largest Smurf collection ever! They were popular when she was small and now they have made a comeback and have had some movies including a brand new one! Do you like little blue smurfs?
Love is...making me think of fresh bread. I have a bread maker and I do not think the bread will make itself so....

s is a great letter. The karaoke kitty is silly and there is a fun S word. How about Smurf, you know the little blue creatures? Sweet is a good s word for Sweet Love is...shares and there it is again! S is for share or sharing. So many words that start with the letter S.

A favorite grandgirl Christal and her sweet hubby Alex. They were baptized this weekend in the Catholic church and on Easter SONday  they were married in their church. Their three children were also baptized and I admire these parents so much. They attend church with their kids each week and they had a lovely wedding. Here is a collage of photos Noelle put together. we had a wonderful time.

Christal is so crafty and she created these sweet centerpieces  for the reception tables and inside those sweet boxes were mini heart shaped cookies. She is a special young woman and I love her so much. Alex too, he loves baseball and who doesn't love America's favorite sport?
Hope your Easter was a beautiful day too.


Sandee said...

You started off with an Awww and ending this post with an Amen. I love everything.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Lux G. said...

That singing kitty is so adorable! Haha.
A lovely day to get married. Congrats to your friends.

Happy belated Easter!