Friday, February 19, 2021

Things I Love from A to Z

 I had so much time to create my last post. I enjoyed trying to think of words that would would fit into my Thankful plan.

I decided to try it again and list things I LOVE.

Avery,  Addy, animals, angels (Alastor Avery, Yesenia, Sarah ), Art, Apples

Brittany, Brody, Blake, Babies, beautiful kind hearts, books, brothers, Baseball

Children, cats, ,clothes, crepes, cameras, collectibles

Daphne, Dolls, Duke, Dogs

Edward, Every season, Embracing loved ones, Enjoying life, Energy (being energetic), Enthusiasm

Finn, Franklin, Faith,  Friends, Freedom, Fruit, Fun, Flower Gardens

God's Grace, Good people, games, Grands, GreatGrands, Gentle Breezes, Gardens

Hannah, Happy people, Horses ,Hump Day, Hugs

Ice cream, Icicles, I love Yous. IOUs. 

Jeremy, Jake, Jeans, Joyfulness,

Karoke, Kisses, Keys, Keepsakes, Knowledge

Leo, Loki, Luna, Leggings,  Lulu, Love, Letters, Laughter, Liberty, Literature

Marriage,  Mollie,  Mister Kitty, Moon, Monkey Business, Magical Moments, Mountains, Music, Movies

Noelle, Nick, Noodles, Namaste, Native, Neighborly, Noble, Nirvana

Optimism, Open-Hearted people, Ostriches

Phamily, Piper, Pizza, Peguins, Pretty Paper, PJs, Pie

Quiet, Quaint, Quirky, Quilts, Quackhood (the world has many)

Rebekah, Roger, Rainbow Bridge (where many loved fur babies live), Radio

Stella, Stars, Skies, Salad, Silly jokes, Shoes, Sleep, Sunshine, Sisters

The Word of God, Thor, Tea, Treasures, T-shirts, Tomatoes, Travel, TV Shows

Umbrellas, Unicorns,  Unlimited wifi, Unique things and people

Vegas ( love the shows and finding adventure off the strip), Vulcans (Mr. Spock), Victoria Magazine, Vegetable Gardens

Waffles, Watermelon, Welcoming houses, Wonderful memories, Wishes that come true

Xmas, X-Men, Xena, Princess Warrior, Xeroxing Things like articles, recipes. etc., X-Files

Yellow roses, Yogurt, YooHoo, Yakking,  Yummy food, Yes to so many adventures

ZigZagging, Zippety DoDah, Zippers, Zebras, Zoos, Zest, Zeal,  ZZZZZ's, ZipCodes, Zazzle, Zorro


Brian said...

Bravo, that was such a fun and happy list of thankful things!

Mevely317 said...

Bravo, indeed!
I did something like this back in September 2018 ( ... but it was DOA and I lost heart.
You remind me of Ann Volkamp. We're doing her 1,000 Gifts in Bible study; and I'm thinking to do a post about that. Let's ac-cent-uate the positive!

Ginny Hartzler said...

We both love many of the same things!

pilch92 said...

That is a great A-Z list. XO

messymimi said...

Wonderfully well done!