Monday, February 22, 2021

Happy Tuesday and Tuesday Show and Tails and Don't forget Maxine

 Happiness is a good thing. So stop by Happy Tuesday. Share some happiness.The world has become more scary but I try not to consentrate on that. Instead, I devote my time to happy things. Today was not an especially great day. But the electrician finally made it back to upgrade a few things so "praying" the city inspector will approve our solar. He is a nice young man and another electrician was with him. They worked hard and got everything done in a few hours. A smile for that victory.

Nightly grooming routine for this busy boy. I can rarely capture a good photo of him. He is terribly nosey and into things that are none of his business. But he was chasing the red dot earlier and had to have a quick nap. Now he is ready for more action. He makes me happy most of the time. He did not steal Daphne's food recently, so that is a  happy thing. He fits purrfectly into Tuesday and Show and Tails. My day disappeared quickly, one thing, than another and so on. I am grateful to be able to rest now. But I did accomplsih a few extra tasks waiting on the electrician.

Oh Maxine, you stole my heart today with this one. You are a little more direct than Bill Engvall with his "Here's your sign" mentality. HaHaHa Her pup is always looking so confused! Love you Maxine.


Woke up to the sunshine filling the sky. Happy!

Made pancakes and ate two with fresh blueberries that were super sweet. I loved it!

Had to load the dishwasher twice since I had so many dishes . They came out sparkling clean! YAY!

Dusted in my living room. Seems like the dust always setlles in my spaces.

 Did one load of laundry and enjoyed it! Laundry is my mental health therapy. Makes me happy cause I talk with God and do my best prayer time with Him there.

We cooked a roast with veggies last night and I was able to get the leftovers all contained in smaller containers and refrigerated after having some of the deliciousness. The hubby had it for breakfast. Happy.

I decided to forget about the things throughout the day that were not pleasant.  I made sure the recycle was coming tomorrow and filled one completely. Happy that the second container was half full. Makes the trash load lighter.

Opened my front door to see the Fed Ex guy drive away. He left our truffles. It is our only vice really. Talk about being happy! The hubby was busy at work so he said I made his day when I told himt he truffles came. It does not take much to make us happy. :-)

Always looking forward to another day, if the Lord willing, gives me another 24 hours. I do not take anything for granted. Life is fleeting. Be happy. Be Thankful. Have some fun. Eat a Truffle

Sweet dreams. Enjoy a rest night of sound sleep. 


My GBGV Life said...

Maxine is always the funniest! It's good to give the mind a break and forget about all the troubles now and then.

Brian said...

Such a sweet kitty! Does your solar work at night? Hey, Maxine sure nailed that one!!!

Edna B said...

Your kitty kat is beautiful. I just love that Maxine! We really could use a shot for stupid! You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Sandee said...

I hope the inspector passes your solar project and you can move on to other things.

I love Maxine. We do need a vaccine for stupid.

I love all your thankful things on your list. What a lovely day you had.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Big hug, honey. ♥

Mevely317 said...

I'm so sorry to hear you were having a difficult day! But props and *hurray!* for your ability to discover the bright side. Truffle therapy works! 😁

Timmy Tomcat said...

Hope that solar is alright and we have a feeling with that boys purrs it will be buzzing correctly, wait, does solar buzz?

Kathe W. said...

Wonderful post- it's always healthier to look at the positive rather than the negatives! Have a wonderful day!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Truffles sure would make ME happy! Cats are so nosey, and always getting into trouble. But then dogs are always eating things they shouldn't. So I think that cats have more sense.

pilch92 said...

Nice list of things to be thankful for. :) XO

messymimi said...

Such a happy post!