Monday, August 20, 2018

Aw....Mondays and More

It is a late post for Aw...Mondays and a sweet kitten who looks like I feel!

Getting ready for one of those milestone birthdays where you have to apply for Medicare was weighing heavily onmy mind. Recently,  I made the call and spoke to the lovliest lady named Robin. She really put my mind at ease. Often people who think they are helping you are really scaring the pants off of you with their horror tales of the Medicare system. So enough said except I am grateful I spoke with Robin at the Social Security 800 number. I heard God whispering "I told you so!". Learning to listen to Him is getting a bit easier.
You can call it what you like, special needs, disabilities. I like Joni Eareckson-Tada's take on it best:
She has often said, she dislikes labels. She said I am a cripple. I sit in a wheelchair. I don't really have a disability. I broke my neck and it put me in this chair! She always says when she gets to heaven she is going to dance with Jesus! Our country loves labels and offering pharmaceuticals to whoever feels like they need one. Have you seen the warning labels on so many of these drugs? It is absolutely frightening.
A friend I have known since we were 13 via "pen pals" reconnected with me at social media. She lost her younger sister Jackie recently. Jackie had Downs Syndrome. She lived a life that touched so many. I did not know her but hearing what others have to say about her makes me smile. I think Jane was truly blessed to have Jackie as her sibling. May Jackie Rest In Peace .
My friend Dr. T. or "Koko" as we call her always said her grandmother told her people do not understand those born with a pure soul. If you know someone with Downs Syndrome I know you will relate to this. Koko and I worked together, for many years in an ENT office. She was the doctor of Audiology.
The hubby is winding down his six days off in a row. He returns to work on Wednesday but we worked hard all weekend long with the newlyweds.
The start of our weekend long project.
The green, green grass of home.
Oh Maxine, stop reading my mind!

A thoughtful share for Anniewho always spread kindness. Remeber her in your prayers please as she is taking a much needed blog break.


pilch92 said...

I am sorry for the loss of your friend's sister. My friend has a brother with down syndrome so I do know what you mean about a pure soul.

Sandee said...

So sorry about your loss.

I feel like that kitty now and then. Not often I'm happy to say.

Medicare isn't all that bad. Lots of work on the front end but not too bad once you get signed up.

I hear you on the medicine that's handed out like candy. The hospital tried to give me Norco for something I just needed Tylenol for, so I refused to fill it. And people wonder why we have an opioid epidemic on our hands.

Have a fabulous day and week, Anne. So good to see a post from you. Big hugs. ♥ said...

Sorry about your loss but glad to hear the call went better than expected! It's always nice to be surprised by kindness of others!

Mevely317 said...

Amen(!) about old age not being fit for sissies! If you've a chance, check out "Still Me - After All These Years." One of my blog friends, Susan, is a contributor - and author in her own right.

How I wish I'd 'pulled up my big girl panties' and made that call to Medicare. Instead, I tried fumbling this way and that. The crux came a few weeks ago when I received an ugly-$$$ bill from my new doctor. Medicare had paid ZERO. Whaaaat? Well, I went out on Medicare's website and registered (finally), only to discover they still showed by former employer's group coverage as 'primary.' Thankfully it's all straightened out now but what an unnecessary hassle.

So good to see those you've spotlighted … who some might label 'handicapped.' I think the only handicaps are those lies and misconceptions we let ourselves believe.

Have a blessed day!

Edna B said...

I agree, Old Age just isn't for sissies. However, I prefer it to the alternative. I do what I can and I don't worry much about the things I can't do. Medicare isn't the end-all, but I'm glad I have it. I also have a supplement insurance, Blue Cross, Blue Shield for Medicare. My prescriptions for breathing medicines are wicked expensive and this insurance helps quite a bit. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Hi-ya, Anne. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and for signing on as a follower. Now it's my pleasure to return the favor.

My hubby and I have been on Medicare for a number of years, and we think it's terrific! It costs us soooooo much less than our coverage did before, and we don't have a single complaint about our plan. (We're with Kaiser Permanente.)

You're right about Downs children. I've known quite a few special needs children because of some volunteer work I did, and every one of them was a gem that shone with pure love.

Have a wonderful weekend. Count me in as your newest groupie. :)

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