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Friday, February 24, 2017

"G" is for Good Friends, Thursday and Friday Things

This just in....Layla got to come home last Thursday! Yay! This poor lil lady had surgery at the vet's office and she was sad. They said she had kidney failure but actually ended up diagnosing her with Pyometra. She had not been spayed and when they removed her uterus it was over 7 bs. in weight very dangerous for a sweet girl! She looks quite fit and happy and we know Mr Trek is guarding their house waiting patiently for her to return.
Layla is a very good dog. A bit goofy in her mannerisms but a real sweetheart. Glad she is on her way home.

Good friends, Barb who I have known since we were young teens when we were pen pals. This was in 1977 before her wedding. Wow! Time flies quickly. She encouraged me to blog now I am encouraging her to start blogging again. I like to think of it as a journal and some days get away from me.
My friend Lynette and her beau Snooks. They were at Cripple Creek last week and they some awesome ice sculptures there. I have known her since we were kids riding tricycling. We went through many difficult personal crisis during the years of friendship and here we are, all these years later.Still knowing each other and keeping in close contact.
Monica and her late father at her wedding to Carlos. We were co workers and she was a really kind heart.
Linda doesn't blog much these days with their market coffeehouse in Sterling, Kansas but I was blessed to meet her in November 2014 before Nick ran a Cross Country race there. She is a sweetheart. A true person and kind heart. She has a delightful hubby too and their oldest daughter Tressa is a sweet young woman.

Some pretty pink clouds for Pink Saturday. I love how the sky changes in just a matter of moments. I don't think most people care much about such simplicity. They are involved in a no win battle against each other. Our country is so filled with hate, I choose to depend on God and His artistic beauty that He surrounds us with. It is beautiful and calming. I stop and am always grateful for all that He gives to me.

Just sweetness from Love
Oh Maxine!


Sandee said...

The best of this post is Layla for me. What a good ending. I hope she thrives now. So cute.

It's wonderful to have friends that span your lifetime. Very wonderful.

Have a fabulous day my friend. ♥♥♥

Mevely317 said...

YAY Layla! Love that picture of her grinning.

Old friends are priceless, aren't they? Thank you for sharing these glimpses.