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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Greatest of These is Love

 This kitty looks like my Mr. Kitty. But I don't know the cute puppy. I thought Sandee would love this and maybe some folks who share with us each Monday for Aw....Mondays.
I am not seeing a lot of love lately.. I have been preoccupied and may be more sensitive to it . My friend Barb lost her dad last week and is reconnecting with her siblings. I have been busy in prayer. Lorna has been crazy busy, her dad fell and broke his hip but waited for a day to go to the doctor. Then he had a couple mini strokes. They sent him home today and she asked for more prayer. She doesn't think he is ready to be home already. Love. It is what makes this world go round so I like seeing it. I don't like seeing battle lines being drawn. People attacking others or saying hateful or hurtful things. I am going to talk and share love as much as I can!
I have been trying to find this little Precious Moments figurine. She is called Friends Write from the Start! She reminds me of Barb who was my first pen pal and we were 13 back then! So I am going to think of her each time I smile at this little figure.
Do you know that I wouldn't  know Sandee if I hadn't first known her good friend Mike? I knew him from blogging and social media and now I love seeing them both here each week for Aw....Mondays. Deena (Parsley) introduced me to Karl (Iggy) here. Barb started me on the path of blogging. I have all these awesome friends because of someone else or something. I love it!

Susan and Yvonne were high school classmates. They are two of the many reasons I use social media.Tom and Jerry is our favorite cartoon. Susan posted something at social media, she makes me laugh at least ten times a day! It was a Tom and Jerry meme.So I shared another here for her and Yvonne. I just did one of those questionaires where you answer each question about your likes or dislikes. Yvonne was tired of the politics too. She made me smile. Even if Jeanne is away from Blue Monday for a while longer I can still share my blues.
Wind turbines near Salina, Kansas. We will be heading there in May for Nick's college graduation. We just made our hotel reservations and have shared all our information with our other kids. It is something we look forward to.
Love is...can make me smile but I know so many who could use this simple advice.
Oh Maxine, you better behave because the IRS will be watching you! But I believe my W-2 will say "R u kidding????"
 I always remember He is the light of the world.

Zach and Rebekah having a lunch break at the Denver zoo. we always pack our own lunch. What fun we had this past Saturday.
Jayden and Michael having lunch too. That Michael is the quietest and most chilled out lil fellow. Jayden is a walking question machine? Why? What is that? How come? They are so sweet and I sure love them to pieces.
Lambie Pie has a serious Zoo face. We watched him for an hour last night while the kids went to the gym. He sat on the sofa with his grandpa and ate a cookie. I need to get that photo off Grandpa's phone. It was priceless. This one keeps you moving quickly. No time to stop and rest. He is a tiny walking machine!
This squirrel appeared to be preparing for more wintry days with this hunk of bread he was toting! It looked like a hotdog bun until he got closer, I think he scored a loaf of bread!
Michael's expression, "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze, someone pick me up. I am small, my legs are tired!"
Rebekah is like the "Child Whisperer'. These little ones all flock to her. She also has an amazing way with the Zoo animals. They all want to be her friend!
This Silverback Gorilla was being a bit camera shy. One of the Great Ape momma's had a new little girl last February 2016. The volunteer said she did not learn how to walk until November 2016 because momma was so protective. We could not get their photo. Momma was like, "Oh no you don't!"
Here is a 1959 photo of part of big beautiful BoJon Phamily frommy mom's side of the phamily. I love my Phamily! Each and every single one of them!


Sandee said...

Awww, so cute. Both of them are adorable.

Have a purrfect Awww week. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

NanaDiana said...

What a sweet post, Anne. The kids are all just adorable and growing!!! How does that happen so quickly? I went to the zoo last fall with the kids and it was so much fun. I love to see things through their eyes. Hope you have a great rest of the week. xo Diana

Mevely317 said...

You're right, there's so much unnecessary ugliness out there on social media.
Oh girl, I can't believe Nick is already fixing to graduate from college! (Seems like yesterday ....)

Love the pictures of your lil guys!

baili said...

i am sorry about your friend's father death ,may his rest in peace.amen.
some souls on this earth cannot survive without love .they meant to love somebody and to get love from someone.
i agree the most Precious sense that give a person true meaning of life is love and nothing else .
love creates beauties of life and give natural shape to relationships.
without love a heart is like a body without soul.
meeting blogging friends in real life is exciting and fantastic feelings.
I have my friends who used to be with me in same school and we are still in touch and whenever i visit my native land i meet them specially .
your grand kids are lovely may they see happy long life ahead!

messymimi said...

Lovely pictures, and i pray for love to break through in this world, too.