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Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Word for 2017 and Other Shares

Kindness is the word I have chosen for 2017. A New year, a new start to wipe the slate clean and start new beginnings.
I am not much for making promises of diet and exercise but I will try to keep active and eat some fresh foods in 2017. Otherwise I really want to write in my blog more frequently and post at Instagram. Face book is so liberal and so many angry souls there. I am trying to get away from it more and more. So I will try to use kindness more and more. The world is in dire need of it.
I hope you stop by Sandee's  and share your favorite Aw....Mondays post too! Friends consoling friends because they got a cat! You can not make this stuff up! I love it!
September 6, 2015. This is one of the blue sky shots I am sharing here. Stop by and say hello to Jeanne at Blue Monday.
These were blue skies and fluffy clouds when Nick attended Cowley College in Ark City, Kansas. Lots of wide open spaces, something we don't have much of here these days.
A favorite find from the running days when Nick ran competitively. I collected so many quotes.  Lots of amazing photos and many stats of great runners. It all starts by putting one foot in front of the other.
I keep hearing many of us will be in the deep freezer in the upcoming weeks. Maxine is gearing up!

Auntie Ang and me about 1955. My folks had a beautiful front yard. Dad took pride in his yard and those trees that stood on either side of the front sidewalk. I am sad when I see the condition of my once beautiful phamily home. They even tore out the link link fence and replaced it with a rickety old wooden fence. These photo s make me smile about the way things were.
Auntie Ang in May, 1978, probably getting ready to celebrate Uncle Louie's big birthday in May 1970. Although she and Uncle Louie had no children of their own, they sure loved all the kids in my maternal phamily. All the cousins spent a lot of time together and enjoyed riding in the backseat of Uncle's car. He would treat us to the Dairy Delux and take us for rides out in the country. Good times and happy memories.
Uncle Louie with his younger brother Tony (left). Tony perished in a mining accident with their dad in February 1927.
Uncle Louie at his May 8th birthday bash back in 1970. He was a remarkable man.
A perfect verse for the first day of 2017. Happy New Year to all!
My Denver Broncos missed the playoffs this year. It is the first time since 2011. But instead of enjoying their win over the Raiders as their head coach steps down due to health problems, we have to listen to all the negative chatter about a player getting into a tiff with another player and now they want to throw criminal charges at the Bronco. All I know is these guys are human. They laugh, they win, they get hurt and yes they lose their temper. Last year when Josh Norman, the former Panther got into a hassle with Giants Odell Beckham Jr. only Beckham was suspended. Some teams get away with cheap shots and others are penalized for every single step they take. If you choose to use these guys as role models that is your business. But play fair all the way around. The expression,  "to each his own" holds so true for pro sports today. We have the politically correct crowd, we have the haters, the football lovers. No one wants to get along. Everyone wants to sling mud and judge everyone else. No one ever looks at the finger pointing and sees their own fingers pointing back at them. Just some random football thoughts. #ilovefootball #respect #broncoscountryorangeandblue #toomanypoliticsnomorefun


Lux G. said...

Happy 2017 to you, dear. Thanks for giving us always some good vibes.

Ann said...

My favorite of the day is the dog consoling is neighbor, so cute. Hopefully 2017 will be a good one for our country we have had so much division in the past few years. Happy New Year.

Sandee said...

I so love reading about your family. It's so near and dear to your heart and it shows.

I too am going to eat better and exercise more. Yes indeed.

Love the two dogs consoling each other. They have cause to be afraid.

Have a terrific Awww Monday my friend. ♥♥♥

Mevely317 said...

Wonderful images - and motivation, too! That verse from Proverbs is probably my favorite.

Love the pooch-hugs!

Debbie Harris said...

An excellent word for the year.
Those two dogs are great, love it!
Your verse is one of my favorites. I came to appreciate that verse early in my relationship with the Lord. It carried me through some difficult times after I gave my life to Christ.

Have a pleasant week~

Kathe W. said...

you truly have a lovely and loving family! Happy New Year

Intense Guy said...

I hope the new year is kind to you and yours.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Because Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor has no Internet for the foreseeable future, I invite you to post your “blues” at Blue Monday 2. Links only, no previews, but we’ll have a lot of fun until Jeanne can get back online. Hope to see you soon!

Dogmom Diva said...

Kind is my word, too..after all the nastiness of the past year, kindness is necessary..hugs))