Monday, March 16, 2020


Yesterday was 3:16. These numbers compile one of the most significant Scripture verses:
I wanted to remind myself to share it here. I also enjoy the beautiful Spring flowers which gives me hope that Spring will pop up very soon. It brings me happiness. Hoping you will stop by Happy Tuesday and share some goodness with everyone. Times are difficult for many these days so share something happy.m I also wanted to mention, during these times when everything is closed down  to think of others less fortunate. If you can, write some cards or notes and send them in a large envelope to a  local nursing home/assisted living in your own area. Many people have no one and with restrictions on lock downs many lonely souls could use a bit of happiness to brighten their day. Think about doing this or if you have kids at home, you might want to have them draw pictures or make their own cards,
Oh I love police humor and police dog humor too. Often we only hear the bad news about bad cops and we need to use better judgement. There are many great law enforcement out there. Let's be kinder and certainly more gentle. This fellow thought he needed more then a mini me of himself. Perhaps he was wishing for a nice juicy thick steak. Hmmmm...... I enjoy remembering all the fun we had when Angela hosted the Tuesday Show and Tails.
Oh Maxine, you are such a character! HaHaHa!
Comedy is all around us, it really depends on your outlook.
Wise words for difficult times.
I lost my big sister February 22, 2001. But she was married August 18, 1958. My sister Mary was the flower girl on your left. My brother Bill was best man next to the groom. I was a tiny toddler so not party of the wedding party. When I was small, I was quite shy (I know you can not believe it!) so I was often told that I was hiding in the back row when I asked why I was not in the photos. My sister Pat would have turned 83 on March 27th. She died so young and from such a terrible cancer. All the other attendants were cousins, Sharon the other flower girl. Cousin Ron (RIP) on far left and my cousins Charlotte (next to bride) and cousin Jeannie. I love my phamily.
Although Annie from McGuffy's Reader is on hiatus, I wanted to share this beautiful quote because she started this to share kindness and beauty. This quote gave me such a smile when I thought of my own sister.
A little Irish jig for your Saint Patrick's Day !
We know a sweet lady who is Irish who has a very talented daughter. Kirsti can play that harp and make you weep joyful tears. She is so talented. Enjoy your day and be safe, stay healthy and sending hugs and love across the blog world airwaves


Terra said...

Thanks for the little splashes of cheer and humor today. John 3:16 says it all.

Brian said...

Awww, that K-9 Officer is so cute! So much is closed up this way but we're all making do. Take care.

Sandee said...

I love them all. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

Mevely317 said...

What a TIMELY, sweet'n-funny medley! Love your suggestion of sending uplifting notes to the nursing home ...I've so many greeting cards sitting around and gathering dust.
As ever, thanks for brightening my day and bolstering my spirits. We're all in this together!

pilch92 said...

I am sorry you lost your sister so young.
I like the eye Dr. joke. Stay healthy. XO

Hallebose said...

Stay safe and healthy too. Thanks for the smiles, and reminder that people may feel lonely.

Edna B said...

That Maxine is something else! I think the doggie should have at least been given a box of snacks. You be safe and have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.