Sunday, July 8, 2018


No other words are necessary for this quote. I love collecting quotes at pinterest and google. It seems when I find them, they fit my mood, my day, my life.
Love needs to be everywhere. You can not live without it. If you try, you will be miserable. Hate will start to consume your soul. Love is a much better answer than hate. Spread love wherever you go.

Reminding everyone to please pray for the following people and anyone else you may wish to add to the list:

1) Mike in Florida, he suffered a mild heart attack. His wife is Cindy, daughter Sam. These folks are amazing people.

2) Amber, niece of Anne of Texas diagnosed with breast cancer.

3) Diane and phamily, over the loss of their sweet brother Kenny.

4) The O'Gane Phamily especially Marlene over the loss of my sweet friend Kathy unexpectedly.

5) Lucy my sister-in-law and her phamily that were injured in a horrific car accident.

6) Zuliabel Blackwell my hubby's aunt who is elderly and not doing very well. :-(

7)  Debbie is having knee replacement surgery tomorrow. Prayers appreciated.

8) Heather in Texas recently had a procedure regarding some kind of tumor/lump. PRAY.

I will check my list twice and add more tomorrow. God bless you and enjoy your SONday!

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Sandee said...

Love is the answer to most thing.

Prayers in progress for all those on your list and for you and yours too.

Have a blessed Sunday, my friend. ♥