Sunday, January 16, 2022


 If you stop by my blog My Tata's Cottage I have lots of special requests to ask your help with. I don't want to repeat everything here and you get the feeling I forgot that I already posted this.  A special blog friend needs encouragement so sending her a card would be joyful for her.  Others need prayer, lots of prayer. 

I once knew a very successful lady named Tena. A mutual friend, who was a very devout Christian lady, told Tena she would pray for her regarding an upcoming procedure she was having.  Tena replied, oh honey, you need to pray for someone who needs it. I don't! W O W ! That knocked my socks off! 

Not everyone thinks like us, that would be the most boring thing in the entire universe! Who wants to sit around looking, acting and thinking exactly like the millions of other people all over this planet!? But when I don't agree with or think exactly like someone else, I was raised to use good manners and be polite and kind. We have become a world of apologetic humans who think someone else is more deserving of whatever it is they want and we don't deserve anything because someone said so ! I have a hard time with this mentality. I also have a hard time with bullies and lately, they are all over the place!

We all have opinions, ideas, and thoughts. But we show our true character by simply expressing our example not our opinion.

I know I have plenty of opinions but I share my faith because I think kindness is more important than spouting facts or showing everyone how much we know about everything! I don't like debating and we are entitled to think our way and leave it at that.

I am not looking for a pat on the back but when the world started to go mad day by day back in 2020, I stopped posting lots of personal photos and stories and started to simply post Scripture at social media. . I am not a theologian but many people started to send me messages or even commented that I helped them get through their day by sharing what I did.  I stick to a routine at social media so when someone I know started questioning the verses I posted because it was not  in their favorite interpretation! I Had to take a breath and pray about it. I felt like when I post something the Good Lord may have given me a little shove in the right direction. So I am not going to argue or debate anything with anyone because what I do is simply because I get a feeling someone who may be  shy or concerned or worried and needs a bit of encouragement appreciates what I post.

I had a blogger say I should not post Scripture here. Well I do and if it upset her, she should not stop by. If I see something I don't like, I scroll past it! Problem solved, no confrontation needed! Life should always be so grand!

If you would like to encourage LaVoice (LV) by sending her a card well she regains her strength from COVID please e mail me if you need her address. We want her to be surprises by all the cards she will receive. 

If you feel you can pray for others I listed at my other blog, please do so. If you have a kind word to pass on to them, that is perfect. Life can be simple but we seem to like to complicate it! My husband reminds me of this occasionally, out of kindness! haha he knows me oh so well.

Yesterday was a wild ride. I had my hair appoint with Jae at ten o'clock. But earlier in the morning it seemed like everyone had an immediate need. My son-in-law Roger was working, he could not get through to his wife, our daughter Noelle. He asked if I could walk over to the house three doors away and ring the door bell. I put on my winter coat and boots and still had my night clothes on. I figured the neighbors would get a kick out of my early morning fashion choices! Their dog Piper sat in the window, she did not bark but looked at me with a look that said, "Hey watcha doin?" After two rings of the doorbell here came my daughter, still in her night clothes. She had fallen back asleep and was over an hour late to work! Good thing she works from home. She was mortified. I said, don't sweat it, your dad did this two weeks ago. He jumped outta that bed, into the shower and into his clothes before I could finish making his coffee. He was out of the door in about 8 minutes. I think he set a record, hahaha

I had been checking in with Hannah regarding Jake who had his shoulder surgery Thursday. Roger was ringing my phone as Rebekah, my middle daughter was texting me saying my DIL Brittany needed to ask a question. I was waiting for Avery to call me, as I was compiling a list of questions for him. My phone was a hotline yesterday morning and I felt appreciated.

Sitting in Jae's chair at the salon I felt like a million bucks as she shampooed my hair and told me about her weekend trip to Pueblo. She and Avery and I being natives love to chat about our hometown. Avery had to cancel his appointment with Jae as his co worker got her booster shot on Wednesday,  Geraldine tried to come in to work Thursday, was deathly ill and had to leave. She was still sick Friday so Avery  had to cancel his day off Friday which would have given him a four day weekend. Life is a wild roller coaster ride some days. We just pray Geraldine gets well. She has a really serious heart condition and does not do well with these shots. Daisy to the rescue Saturday morning, to give Avery a much needed haircut.

I like days that float by like Spring time breezes and sunshine. Unfortunately when complications arise life is a bar room brawl and you wonder why the heck you are stuck with all the bullies. More on them another time. In the words of my  late mother, life is hard, pray harder.

These coffee mugs had me smiling. Lauren, a food blogger I know received the Jurassic mug for Christmas. I need the Not today Satan, as I mention that to him on a daily basis. 


Theresa said...

We all need prayers! I will be praying. Enjoy your day dear friend, a fresh hairdo always helps me too:) HUGS!

Edna B said...

Send me LV's address and I'll send a card. I did not know that she was sick with Covid. email is: Hugs, Edna B.

The Feminine Energy said...

I don't proselytize my religious beliefs and don't much care for it when others do. Only 31% of the world's population is "Christian" and others think their denominational choice is just as true as yours. Putting "God" into a box and saying "Mine is the only way and yours is absolutely wrong!" is such a human habit. Superiority and the alpha-dominance is a trait of humans & it's such a shame... regarding not only religion but many other things as well. Your hair is beautiful, by the way. That's such a nice picture of you. :-) ~Andrea xoxo

Louca por porcelana said...

Love your blog. It always makes my day. Pray and pray hard ...Learning with you and your Mother. Best wishes.

Mevely317 said...

Billy Joel said it best: "Don't go changing, to try and please me." (We) love you just the way you are!"

Ginny Hartzler said...

Because of Covid, we have not had our hair cut in over a year. I look like a rodeo clown, or someone charged with static! Good grief, our blogs are OURS, to post whatever we feel like. If people don't like our viewpoint or religion, they do not have to read it. I believe that spreading the word of God is the beat way to make use of a blog.

Linda said...

I was know what? You keep on posting scriptures and sending emails etc. Because the devil hates it! The devil hates anything in regard to our Lord and Saviors name being used. And you know another thing? Us Christians have to pray for these lost souls, that is our job, pray and let God deal with them. Our job is to pray and try to lead them to Christ. It's rather simple, actually. smiles. UNFORT. many folks have black hearts and just can't accept Christ and his enduring love and grace. And yes, that is so sad.

Brian said...

You sure have lots going on. Yes, rudeness is everywhere and it's awful. Our Dad's Grandma had a favorite saying...everyone is entitled to their own wrong opinion!

messymimi said...

Keep posting what you want, it's your blog. If someone doesn't like what's on TV, change the channel, if someone doesn't like what's on your blog, go read elsewhere.

If we believe that Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me," then we have to tell others! It's not that we are saying our way is the only way, He said that.

Jesus didn't leave us the option to see Him as a great teacher and nothing more. His statements about Himself as the Son of Man who came from the Father did not leave us any room to just label Him a great teacher and move on.

Terra said...

I am puzzled and irked that people would tell you what to post or what not to post. I post Scripture on my blog and other social media, it is a loving thing to do. We are sharing Good News, the offer of eternal life. Send me the address and I will send your friend a card: thekilns1 at hotmail dot com.