Monday, January 24, 2022

My BoJon Heritage


The sunrise today looks like eyes peeking through the tree. It really made me smile.  Hoping you have had a wonderful Monday so far.

Mia is one of my American Girl dolls. A terrific lady at etsy made this Valentine Dress. Mia is on display all desked out for February 14th. I try to mail Valentines from Loveland, Colorado every year. They hand stamp the cutest message to your loved ones. We put up a few Valentine's Day treasures. I can not get into that shed to grab my other stuff. I just do not feel up to it. So this will do.  I left my little Precious Moment figure in her cloche. Avery gave it to me, it says "This grandma is fabulous". Harrison gave me the Willow Creek figure. She simply says "Grandmother".  I also had one of my Nativity sets under glass. That O'Brien Sculpted set is a little more pricey like my Belleek pieces from Ireland so I have to be careful with them. They are so special to me. 


My ears have been wonky and causing me dizziness. My friend Angie in Ohio is a nurse. She recently got over the crude like everyone else. She said she had the worst Vertigo so she tried Benadryl. It was a miracle cure ! I tried it too! But I forgot how sensitive I am to drugs even OTC. I was asleep in 2.5 minutes for over 60 minutes. hahaha. But my head felt lighter. Poor Nick, something he ate or he claims, it was his laundry made his face swell up like the Pillsbury Doughboy. He has his own stash of Benadryl for these moments in life. Tonight at dinner his face was much better. Which reminds me, Rebekah takes a screen shot of all of us gathered around the dinner table. I will make her give that to me tomorrow, We had a beautiful lasagna with salad and fresh garlic bread. It is nice just the five of us gathered around the table.

Elizabeth is still hanging in there waiting for that baby girl to make her entrance. She appreciates the prayers.

Andrea sent her husband Nick to the basement, don't worry, it is comfy and cozy there. He has a basket of items to help him get well. Seems like everyone hit into the super crude. They would appreciate prayers too. 

My sister Mary lost her cat Chompers. He just up and passed away. She was very sad but in human years he would have been 98! He lived a wonderful life as he and his two brothers were rescues. It is awful what someone did to those poor babies. They were neutered as newborns so they were quite skittish (wouldn't you be??) and my sister is the original Cat Lady. Years ago her vet made house calls and they saved the lives of many feline fur babies. My sister was always a sucker for kittens. We had a terribly angry and probably drunk old man who would do away with these precious kittens. My brave sister got into his yard one night and slipped away with those kittens. They also had lived a very nice lifestyle and loved my sister so much.

Recently my friend Lynette told me she and her boyfriend were out on the town. Her bf got up to talk to a guy at the bar. She called me the next day. She was mortified. She said it was Ronnie, one of the son's of the mean old cat hating old man. She called her beau back to the table and asked him what the heck he was doing talking with the  Cat Killer! Poor guy was clueless! She told him he helped his dad do away with kittens when we were small and she better never catch him talking with him again. Poor fellow, they worked together on the railroad. I am sure Ronnie knew immediately what Lynette meant because she said he had a very guilty face.

My dad tried to reason with the old neighbor but the old guy would not listen. It made my father sad and he was more of a dog guy. But every chance we had to save more kittens from an untimely death, we sure did it! Back than no organizations were around  to help you out. My sister adopted out many kittens through the years. These three little brothers were her last fur babies. So say a prayer for her too.

The weekend was a tough one and the Buffalo Bills lost the AFC Championship game. Someone posted, Dear God, for the sake of society let the Bengals win next week! it was a sad night to see them lose. But they are a young team. 

This google images reminds me of my sister's house back in the day of her rescue mission. She saved many tiny kittens from starving or meeting a worse end. Aw...Mondays

Always where I like to be! Thanks Love is...and I always dedicated my love to Love is... to Marydon who use to blog and we became fast friends because we shared this always and forever.

More Sparks because Annie was the best Sparks host. 


Sandee said...

Benadryl is an excellent medication to treat vertigo. It makes me sleepy too.

Lots of love here and the cat hater is near and dear here. He's gone now, but we had a cat hater that would trap and God knows what he did to the kitties. They just disappeared. We were happy to see him go.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous day and week, Anne. Love and hugs coming your way. ♥

Terra said...

Nice sunrise photo with the eyes peeking through the tree, and the Valentine's dress is so cute. I had not heard of Benadryl as a vertigo treatment, I will keep that in mind.

Mevely317 said...

Benadryl is an amazing tonic! We always keep a bottle on hand -- both for us AND the pups. I'm looking forward to seeing that picture of your precious phamily around the dinner table! Keep warm, okay?

Brian said...

I sure would have talked to the cat killer...with a ball bat.

pilch92 said...

I am sorry about your sister's cat. I like your Valentine's Day display. We still have our tree up and a lot of decorations. XO

The Feminine Energy said...

Sure hope you get to feeling better, kiddo. And I love your Valentine decorations! So cheerful & bright. Take good care~ Andrea xoxo

messymimi said...

Lots of prayers for all. We just lost a cat, too, so i get it.