Sunday, August 7, 2016

Day Four: BoJon Loves Babies

I bet you thought I was going to show you more brides. I will, eventually. After all I have 27 more days to share this wonderful heritage with you. I have to tell you I started this blog draft and then lost my aol account and this blog. I will admit my attitude was less then nice. I was so stressed I had a pounding headache for three days! Still don't have any access to aol but by the grace of God I got back into my blog. I am so happy. I can not tell you exactly how but one thing I wish blogger and google and everyone else had was more live customer service and we could speak to someone who speaks our own language. It would make life so easy over here. Anyway thank you blogger for some of the tips you gave me to try to get back in here. Praying this will continue because trying to access a new blog is too much work!

So BoJon's love babies, oh heck, we love all children! Both of my parents came from very large phamilies. Although their parents experienced so much tragedy and lost some of their children they persevered in life. Those folks were strong in their faith and their love for each other.  We try to carry on their traditions and their faith and love for phamily. Here is Michael. Oh this great grand boy is fearless. Such a different personality from his older brother Jayden who was more cautious at Michael's age. I say "was" because my buddy Jayden has broken his collar bone and now has a fracture in his elbow bone! This boy became more fearless and let go of the zip line he was cruising along on. His sense of humor and his ability to smile through his pain is something I don't see in adults much less a small boy who turns five in less then one month.
You can see his broken arm and of course, he writes right handed and will start kindergarten in two weeks. Miss Drazah lives in a small farming community with her mom these days but we are so happy when they come to town. She is a smart and sassy girl who is very articulate. I love these lovey doveys!

Three of my loves. My phamily is growing so quickly I wish my folks would be able to have seen these precious little ones.
Scrunchy face Harrison fell asleep in momma's arms. Oh how he fights sleep. He is his father's son! We were at Jeremy and Brittany's last night celebrating Jeremy's birthday which is actually on August 9th.
HaHaHa! That bird is clueless as to the thoughts of the devious cat. Talented but clueless. Stop by Sandee's and visit all the fun shares for Aw...Monday!

This pinterest image shows Lake Bled in Slovenia the place where my ancestors started it all. Isn't it lovely? I thought Jeanne and the Blue Monday crew might like this pretty blue picture along with this fun vintage blue photo and awesome DIY project for those crafty gals from Pinterest too:

I love my heritage, I love my phamily and I love these cool DIY projects using old mirrors,dishes and trays to create frames. Amazing and so creative.
I can not leave you without a Love is... and one more blue. My hubby loves windmills and I have often tried to get a good photo shot while he driving particularly in the state of Kansas where we will be two weeks from today returning Nick back to class for the final time as a Kansas Wesleyan Coyote. I found this image to share here and my hubby loves it:
Before I sign off and pray that this blog will still be here tomorrow here is my final share for today:
Oh Maxine, you are one clever lady not to mention comical.
Sweet dreams.


bj said...

Family is all-important..I, too, am very proud of mine....
sorry about the blog trouble....I had to start a new one a few years ago and it wasn't fun...after using the new one for a year, my old one became usable again but by then, I didn;t want to change back...too much trouble..

Edna B said...

So good that you are back in your blog. If you're going to have it printed to book form, now is the time to do it. Google is so finicky! Your little ones are so precious. Enjoy them while you can. They grow up so quickly. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

Sandee said...

I was shocked to see a post from you. Glad you're back in your blog. When things go wrong they are so very stressful.

I love the Awww as always.

Have a terrific day my friend. Big hug. ♥♥♥

Linda said...

I am so sorry you are going through blog and internet issues. Your photos are beautiful! I am also very sorry to hear that you had a headache for three days! Warm hugs and love to you.

Ann said...

I knew you had to be in Kansas by the windmill pic. Your phamily is adorable each and every one. I LOVED getting your card and letter, I'm not so good at the written word but I will try to get one off to you!!!!!! Have a good week.

Intense Guy said...

Such cutey pies - I hope the arm is all healed up by now.