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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Day 6: Childrens Poetry by Eugene field (1850-1895): With Trumpet and Drum/My BoJon Heritage and Pink Saturday

With big tin trumpet and little red drum,
Marching like soldiers, the children come!
   It 's this way and that way they circle and file---
      My! but that music of theirs is fine!
   This way and that way, and after a while
      They march straight into this heart of mine!
A sturdy old heart, but it has to succumb
To the blare of that trumpet and beat of that drum!

Come on, little people, from cot and from hall---
This heart it hath welcome and room for you all!
   It will sing you its songs and warm you with love,
      As your dear little arms with my arms intertwine;
   It will rock you away to the dreamland above---
      Oh, a jolly old heart is this old heart of mine,
And jollier still is it bound to become
When you blow that big trumpet and beat that red drum!

So come; though I see not his dear little face
And hear not his voice in this jubilant place,
   I know he were happy to bid me enshrine
      His memory deep in my heart with your play---
   Ah me! but a love that is sweeter than mine
      Holdeth my boy in its keeping to-day!
And my heart it is lonely---so, little folk, come,
March in and make merry with trumpet and drum!

Eugene Field 1850-1895 With Trumpet and Drum

Eugene Field was an American poet who wrote childhood poetry and humorous essays. He wrote the poem Wynken, Blynken and Nod. His father was an attorney who defended the slave Dred Scott who sued for his freedom.  This lawsuit is often referred to as the lawsuit that started the Civil War.

I love poetry and have been introducing some to Harrison when I watch him on Fridays. I am also listening to various types of music with him.  I love reading to him and he likes the Dr. Seuss books a lot!
Hey good looking cousins! Devin, Harrison and Jayden had a fun filled day today. Devin and Jayden saw the movie The Secret Life of Pets with us and their grammie and grandpa, Noelle and Roger. Harrison stopped by later on to have a visit with his folks.
Jayden is so silly! He loves his colorful cast. He has become so fearless he wanted to jump on the trampoline at Grammie Noelle's house. She told him no, he already has one fractured arm from a zipline! This boy starts kindergarten next week.
Another favorite photo of mine. These guys make a gal smile!

This google image of a pretty pink and white pillow made me smile. Premier Designs has a silver bracelet that has these same words engraved on it. I LOVE that simple bracelet.
I am going to be giving one of these bracelets away in a drawing I will have for everyone who purchases at least $75 in Premier Designs jewelry. It is a fun way to see the beautiful quality of their jewelry without a lot of hassle. I am easy peasy when it comes to sales and I love those people who call and want to give me an order without having to host their own show. W live in such busy times we often have too much on our plates to begin with. Cheryl who is my Avon lady gave me a nice order and she was not a big jewelry person. Because she surprised me with such a terrific order she surprised herself at the cool things she could wear and will now be an avid customer! I think Beverly and the Pinkies might like that pillow. Maybe some of them would like a pretty bracelet too. 
I've never been inside a pink church, have you? This pinterest find made me curious as to what else I could find in pink inside this walls. HPS to all! Have a great weekend.

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Sandee said...

Your little ones are so adorable. You have one fearless one there too. I'm guessing there will be lots of boo boos with him. He's all boy.

I've never seen a pink church until today. Very interesting.

Have a fabulous day Anne. Big hug. ♥♥♥