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Monday, August 29, 2016


Aw....Roxanne. She was a special little girl. This was taken April 22, 2012. She lived with us for a few years until she passing on  November 3, 2013. God sent this girl to us, I just know it. She would dance when she heard the song "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John. Just a sweet girl. Someday I want to find a little Chihuahua just like her and live the rest of my life protecting these little furry friends from bad people. I saw the cutest boy Chihuahua at the pet store. I have to walk through there occasionally so I can smile and lower my blood pressure from the evils of this world.  I see protesters at one local pet store. I think they should be protesting those that breed dogs illegally.  It is so frustrating. This lady must have a protection order because her pets are clean and happy and well cared for. But boy oh boy does she have the puppies. Lots of tiny pups and a handful of big doggies too. Or at least they will grow into their little sturdy bodies quickly. Stop by Aw...Monday and tell Sandee hello today.
I missed both Sandee and Jeanne last week. Back ache issues. :-( But I am back today and took this photo of the morning sky while making sure the hubby got to his bus timely. The clouds have a blue hue in the grayness of the early morning hours.
I would like to recline in this cozy blue bedroom I found at pinterest. Currently we have gray and bright yellow in our bedroom. It is a cheerful combination but I do love blue. Stop by and tell Jeanne hello along with the Blue Crew there too.
Aw....Love is...always makes me smile and this is truly part of my everyday life.
I use to love bike riding.  I probably need a bike with a wide comfy gel seat today. Which I did not know they have but my daughter's beau Zach told me that is what he has. Maxine is plain grumpy today!
Today marks the wedding anniversary of my parents. What wonderful role models they were. Faithful and kind and loving. They loved each other their entire lives. I miss them so much on days like these although they are issed each day I live.
Their wedding day August 29, 1936.
This was them in 1979. I miss them both so much.
Thank you for sharing with me today.


Sandee said...

Awww on your baby. We miss them so when they leave us.

Love the blue bedroom except for the wallpaper.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday. I'm glad you're feeling better. -xoxo

GranthamLynn said...

Great collection of Blue's. Your parents photo is so pretty.
Nice to see you again. I haven't gotten to visit in a while.
Enjoy your week.

Edna B said...

Your little Roxanne is just beautiful. It's amazing how much joy and happiness our little fur babies bring us. As for Maxine, I love her tricycle. One of these days, maybe I'll get one of those for me and Pogo.

You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Theresa said...

Sweet little puppy with memories of love:) Enjoy your day dear friend, hope you back is better! HUGS!

Jeanne said...

Good morning dear Anne, I am so late visiting this week. Too much going on and we are leaving for Fl. hopefully late Friday. The storm is keeping us very nervous because we are going to Jacksonville where our daughter lives. The first Gator game of the year is Sat.

We too have two precious poodles that have passed and it is amazing how much they are still in our hearts.

My parents were so much like yours. Loving and wonderful. When one has that kind of family love we have been blessed. I too will never stop missing them.

Happy Blue Monday belated.
Big hugs,

IntenseGuy said...

Roxanne looks like a little charmer!