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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Grateful BoJon Girl Day One

I am grateful to have made it this far in 2016. What a year it has been. Grateful for my little flower garden and pretty blooms. I love the autumn or Fall, and love seeing the beautiful colors burst forth.

Achy back and all glad to be alive today and enjoy so much of God's goodness. Baby boomers are stronger and more resilient. we have lived through some turbulent times although our generation can not compare to the last. They really were  heroes and encouraging us after what they lived through.

My father was a life long New York Yankee's fan but he would smile if he saw this photo of David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox). I am grateful America still affords us this luxury of freedom. What a first class gentleman and excellent ball player this man is. Born in the Dominican Republic he knows the opportunity the U S A held for him. God Bless Big Papi for respecting the American Flag.
In 1982 Jim Rice, another Boston Red Sox player saved a child's life that had been hit in the head by a foul ball. Jim knew if he got that child into the clubhouse that little one had a chance to live. When asked why he did it he said simply, "I thought about my own children." I remember watching that game with my dad and his smile seeing someone act so quickly and courageously. Back then people weren't troubled by the things that cause such a mess in our society today. I was grateful living in those simpler times.
Grateful every day I live for my faith. I may stumble but I will never stop believing.
My hubby was raised a Baptist and a Nazarene. But he befriended an older Catholic priest. I could write a book about Pastor Edward Pettit. He was a terrific conversationalist. The priest was trying to stop smoking and told my husband he saw a hypnotist! My husband thought the priest was quite silly. Pastor Pettit gave him this verse. They had a little bet between them. My hubby would say "Father if you get to heaven before me put in  good word for me" and the priest would say "Ditto". Pastor left this world after a long career in the priesthood which is says he was inspired by God Himself as a small boy of 8. He told us he felt God called him to do his work. A finer man never wore the collar like Pastor Pettit did. He was a true man of God.

I say it a lot, but very grateful to have been raised by these two incredible examples of God's goodness. My folks were so beautiful and they are here with my two oldest siblings. My father taught me so much about sports, particularly baseball and my mother taught me how to pray. I will always miss them but I would never wish them back into this mixed up world we are living in.

I am very grateful to have been raised as a sLOVEnian a/k/a BoJon Girl and growing up in the best neighborhood in the world. Until next time:


Sandee said...

What a lovely and uplifting post. Thank you. A nice way to start the long weekend.

Have a fabulous day and a blessed Labor Day weekend. ♥♥♥

Mevely317 said...

Achy back and all ... yours is a great perspective!

Ya, that was pretty cool about David Ortiz' instinctive show of respect. I don't remember hearing about the other incident in '82, but that makes me want to look it up on Google, and perhaps learn whatever became of that child.

I, too, miss my parents terribly but they'd suffer and die all over again to see what's happening to our country.

Have a great weekend!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Such a lovely, WONDERFUL post and full of God's love and truths. The first photo brought tears to my eyes; there is yet a remnant who respect and believe. A church sign...If you wait until you're in trouble to're in trouble!