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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Random Things

I have learned without this, I am nothing and I get upset about trivial things I can not control so I pray whenever the need is there, which is about sixteen plus hours each day.
I was thinking about this motley crew and still keep in contact with at least 4 people to this very day. 7th grade Mrs. Martha Sandstrom, Saint Mary's Catholic School, Pueblo, Colorado. Our teacher's son was the Pueblo District Attorney and at one time one of the bad mother's from an older peer wrote a scathing, mean and hateful letter to the parish priest, the priest felt threatened, gave the letter to the DA and he turned it over to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. She must have been shocked when they showed up at her door to confront her! Otherwise I had a wonderful childhood and very happy memories of these kids, most of whom I knew my entire parochial school years and some of them into high school as well.

My friend Karen Mesojedic-Clark , the girl with the Marlo Thomas "That Girl" flip hair in the 7th grade photo, lived in this house during our childhood. Her father kept the yard immaculate. The grass was lush and green and they had a huge backyard tree that dropped "cigar" shaped pods and we would pick them up and pretend to smoke them!  That tree was a Catalpa tree. Ah childhood, and the imagination you have! We also spent a lot of time lying in the grass and staring at clouds passing by. We would shout out the things we thought we saw. Life was simple then.
This one is for my sweet friend Linda who loves her farm chores and makes them fun while she is praising the Lord! She is a favorite friend and I cherish her friendship very much.
This is a Colorado autumn.
This is a 2014 Colorado Autumn sunset. I sure love my state and living here my entire life.
I just love this expression. Batman is and always will be very cool to me.
I'm not a golfer but my son Nick is! This is good advice for life in general.
Come back soon.


Edna B said...

That photo with all the trees and their golden yellow leaves is just beautiful. Aside from the wonderful weather that Autumn brings us, the colors are just awesome. This is one of my favorite seasons. Spring is the other favorite.

Today is simply gorgeous here too. Pogo and I are going to have us a fun day. Lots of relaxing, and a few fun crafts. Enjoy your day. I hope it is awesome. Hugs, Edna B.

Sandee said...

What a lovely post and a walk back through your childhood. Only having one bad thing is so good. Adulthood can be a tricky place to maneuver through. We do get through though.

Have a terrific day my friend. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Gert said...

Anne, what a great post . I love old pictures and memories!! Your autumn photos are gorgeous... I too think Linda S. I'm is a wonderful lady. Is that a Tens unit you bought for your back? I'm so glad you're feeling better.


Mildred said...

It is fun to read your childhood memories. On our recent drive to Atlanta, I made the detour by my childhood home, school and the cemetery where my parents are buried. I still keep in touch with many old friends; treasured memories, for sure.

Betty said...

The trees really get that pretty gold color? Amazing. I miss Fall so much. I say that every Fall, but it's true.

I have all my old class pictures too. I wonder where they all are now?