Monday, September 26, 2016

Daily Thoughts

A Pinterest find for Aw....Mondays. These two love each other. Don't you wish we all could get along in our world? What a fine place it would be. Tell Sandee and all the participates hi today and share your favorites too. Monday's can be blue for some folks, so this will perk you right up with all the smiles you will find. Take care.
My grandson Colton is 20 years old. He has his own son Harrison James. But my hubby still has this photo on his desk at work. I sent this photo to Colton on Saturday. Although he was at work, he stopped to acknowledge me and said he loved the program Blues Clues which was a great kids program a long time ago. You can see the Blues Clues dog in the background here. He was blue and white perfect for Blue Monday along with the blue picture frame. Stop by and give Jeanne a Monday hello. She does a great job like Sandee keeping these posts up and running each week. Thank you ladies.
I shared this Love is... with you because you know I love these little comic characters, they have made me smile since the 1970's. But this one makes me smile because in our newspaper yesterday I found an article that said my city, Northglenn, is one of the hottest housing markets in the USA! No no! Now I know why that annoying realtor guy kept knocking on my door. He wants to buy my house! Well.....unless he can guarantee the same mortgage payment, and at least the same square footage for the price we paid we have to tell him N O everytime he bothers us! My little city is a sweet place to live. Quiet and these homes, built in 1964 are solid brick.  I do not want a house that costs $400,000 and has siding! Eeehewwwwwwww......when I can have durable brick that took time, effort and love to build! In fact, several years ago my hubby and I met an elderly gentleman in the grocery store. He started a conversation with us and asked if we lived in Northglenn. When we said yes, he said he was a retired brick layer and probably laid the brick for our home! I just do not want people with more money then us to come in here and bully their way by snatching our property out from under us! Many elderly folks still reside here and this kind of action is happening in older, beautiful neighborhoods in the Denver metro area. No matter how many "bad" stories I have heard about Five Points near downtown Denver the fact of the matter is, elderly black grandmothers were forced out of their homes by these yuppie types who tear their homes down and build these gawd awful Stepford looking houses that look like cardboard cookie cutter houses! U G H! This has also happened and is happening in North Denver which once held a large Italian and Hispanic population. Now elderly folks are being forced out for these wealthy youngsters to come in and steal their land. These people have no where to go. In Northglenn, a two bedroom apartment rents for $2,000 a month. In Denver, my goodness, I know the housing costs are astronomical. My girlfriend and her phamily have lived a great part of their lives in Park Hill.She said on her brother Teddy's block, only five original owners remain. Teddy told us that a crazy woman walked up to his neighbor, the good doctor's home and rang his bell saying "I am buying your home". The doctor said "Mad'am my home is not for sale." She said " I am going to buy your home" He said "Not for sale, goodbye." and slammed the door shut in her face! You see these older smaller, brick homes are goldmines. If you tear off the roof you can add another floor. Instead of 2000 square feet you will have 3000 and that my friends, increases the value of your home by thousands!
My hubby and I said we would watch the debate tonight, if the two stellar candidates had shock collars on to shock them every time they told a lie! They could set up a fact check machine too. When they lie about the "truth" they are telling, they could be shocked again! But instead, I have to pray for our country as the disrespect toward the American taxpayer is truly despicable. I believe there is nothing a man or woman will do to change the destructive course we are headed on. I trust God, people fail you every single time.
RIP Arnold Palmer. Tomorrow I will go to a place and order your favorite drink, the Arnold Palmer, half ice tea, half lemonade. Do you know that was invented here in Denver, Colorado? Arnold was in town and walked up to the bar and ordered it.  Telling the bartender he wanted a half lemonade half ice tea drink! A woman overheard him order the drink and said that is sounded good and she would have a Palmer too! I love that story. I am not a golfer, our youngest Nick is, so enjoy those Arnold Palmer's in heaven from now on Mr. Palmer. You were amazing on the golf course.
RIP to a fine young man. Raised in Cuba and defecting to the USA with his phamily, he became a US citizen in 2015. My father would smile when I saw talent like this young man had. Taken too soon, tragically in a speed boat accident. The words speed and boat together frighten me! I am not an extreme sport enthusiast.  But my heart break for his phamily, what a tremendous loss.
A beautiful young man, leaving his phamily, a girlfriend and their unborn child behind. The MLB fans are the super classiest people you can find at social media. While the NFL has become something of a mini Washington D.C. with their political mud slinging, the MLB has come together and showed support of the Marlin's organization, the phamily of Jose Fernandez and have kept their comments respectful.
My dad , as many of you know, was a semi pro baseball player long before he and my mom dreamed of having me. My two oldest siblings were tiny little ones back then,  He taught me everything good about life. He taught me about sports, which, like him, I love dearly. But he would be so sad to see the mess our country is in and he would shake his head at the sadness and hatred running wild in our country. We do need to come together and it will not happen if our media isn't held accountable as well as our government . They have certainly not taken much of a stand and I do not remember this much racial tension prior to the past eight years. It is really sad and our country seems to be going backward rather than going forward.

My folks were good and godly people. They did not hate anyone nor have hatred in their hearts. They raised all of their five children with love and kindness and faith, something sadly lacking in our country today. Just my thoughts.
This pinterest find says it all best regarding our country in distress today.
There is more wisdom in the word of God, then the entire world.


Linda said...

The two boxers are adorable, a perfect photo for "Awwww Monday!" And I love all the photos you are sharing. I got a few giggles, too, so thank you so much for sharing these as well. I live in Montreal, Canada, and since I get a couple of American TV stations, of course I have seen all of the TV ads for Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

It sickens me how they are attacking one another. I mean, we have similar here in Canada at election time, but it seems much less when I see what is going on in the U.S. It's funny, because both the U.S. and Canada are free countries but when I see the candidates attacking one another it makes me think of WWII and Hitler, and I find it scary, actually, and this is so sad.

I love the header and background on your blog and thank you so much for sharing, you have brought a big smile to my face today. :)

Sandee said...

Awww on the dogs. Yes they do love each other.

What a shame about forcing folks out of their homes. I guess it does happen in many places. Not right. Not right at all.

Your parents sound like wonderful folks. The limb doesn't fall too far from the tree either. You came from very good stock.

Have a blessed day. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Jeanne said...

Good morning Anne, First, thank you for the sweetest comments on my post and in your post. You are a dear blog friend and I appreciate this friendship so much. I am sorry this comment is so late. We are visiting our son and his family about a 6 hour drive from our home and he is moving into a new home with our help. There has been no time for my computer. Funny that your post was about buying a new home and much about your home. Don't sell. Smile!

The dogs are adorable and I am so sad about the state of our country at this time. We can only pray that we can turn things around in the future. I agree, we must trust in God.

We haven't had a minute with helping our son and his family move. I will share more about their new home soon.

Have a blessed week.
Hugs, Jeanne