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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thoughts on Phamilies and Friendships, Technology and Spiders too

You know this has been my life lately! Log on, oh wait, wrong password! So I am learning to live with it. One thing I tell God all the time is I no longer wish to have the patience of Job! He never listens to me. He must know something I don't. (Wink Wink)
I have to laugh out loud on this note! A FaceBook friend shared this as well as another FB friend sharing the password button too. My mother always said to never kill a Daddy Long Legs spider. I am not fearful of spiders to the point that I run screaming from the room! I am not their fan much either but mom said Daddy Long Legs was good luck so if I find one in my house I escort him out the door, gently, usually on a sheet of paper. I always wish him well too.
Yes, spiders are sneaky but when I think about the talent they were given I have to smile. My goodness they are engineers and architects. Only God could create such a creature. Think about it sometime. They are so talented.
Jeremy has always loved the Broncos. The  one Super Bowl he was fortunate enough to go to was the one they lost. He still says he never regretted it, it was an amazing experience.
Jeremy is always silly yet he is one hard working young man and always on top of his work. Zach was a Red Wings fan, hockey , you know, hailing from Michigan. But he went to that Super Bowl with Jeremy and they had the time of their life. Sitting on top of the world !
Christian, Nick, Jason and Ian. I am going to miss watching these guys run and especially Nick. He has been running since middle school. He is just really tired and wants to focus on this last year of college and his grades so he can find a good job this summer. God willing.
It was a cold and windy Saturday in Sterling, Kansas watching my son run in the championship races. Going to miss those meets.
Always reading in the Book of James like my father did before me. The main reason I got into Premier designs was because I found a bracelet with part of these words on it and that sold me on their jewelry. I cherish that bracelet. My father followed the bible to the very letter ! He was one person that I never heard an unkind word fall out of his mouth. He was faithful, humble and kind. Never judgmental, in fact he taught me this, never judge a book by it's cover. I try really hard to live up to what he taught me.
If anyone thought Grammie Noelle went to the Dallas Cowboy game Sunday and didn't buy Harrison James a Dallas onesie, you don't know Noelle very well. This baby is a Dallas Cowboy, Denver Bronco and Green Bay Packer fan! What can I say, he loves football!
The Eveland Clan, Noelle and Roger and their kids and grandkids minus Harrison.
My folks would be so very proud of these kids and the rest of us too.
Rebekah and Zach went to Guenella Pass without us last weekend. They had a great time.
The three sisters, they love each other and their brothers too.
Grandparent love. This kid in the middle, Colton, has his own son today (Harrison James) but he never forgets us. It is a real blessing having grandkids. They are everywhere in our lives.
When it comes to P H A M I L Y we have been there, done that! Our lives have not be easy but it has made us depend on Jesus more.
I wish I could come across more childhood photos from my own youth. We hated to part with our friends. I have been very blessed. I have made good friends and stick close to them. My mom would always say, if we ran into a one time kind of friend, with a friend like her, you will never need an enemy. I am glad I paid attention to my own mother because she was very intelligent just like my dad.
Mother's Day 1980, funny when you take an outdoor picture the sun has to be glaring into your eyes. I sure miss my momma every day although it will be 15 years sine she went to be with the Lord.Noelle was a tiny toddler.
Call your mother if you are one of those people who still has her with you.

Tomorrow I will pick up on those friendships. I spend my days with dogs and cats and not many people around me. I love chatting so tonight I was blessed to have some conversations with various friends I have known most of my life. They are those rare gems, beautiful blessings, only God can be wise enough to put into your life. Until tomorrow...


Linda said...

Your photos are all so beautiful, and your father sounds very much like my father was. My father was a very gentle, kind man and taught me so much. And as far as spiders go, I totally agree. They are intelligent, amazing and great architects. I also got a few giggles, too. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Sandee said...

You had a wonderful father and I had a tyrant. Spare the rod and spoil the child. I can't remember how many times my principle would drive me home and tell my mother to keep me at home until I heal up. It was that bad. And my mother stayed with him.

You have a wonderful family Anne. You really do.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Intense Guy said...

I fortunately have my mom still with me - and she is in the office today too! And she is clear out cobwebs. Laffs.