Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Good Life

A tiny baby sister with her big brother! Jeremy and Rebekah. This was taken in 1988. Rebekah was a newborn and Jeremy was going to turn 3. Goodness, it seems like yesterday...
Twenty four years later....graduation for pretty Rebekah from Metro State University. One year earlier handsome Jeremy graduated from what was formerly known as Metro State College. Siblings, friends, raised to be kind and caring, respectful and compassionate. I think my hubby and I did a good job raising kids. My mother use to say "God blessed you, you had healthy babies and you are raising them right." Life is good, you can not ask for much more than that.
I was going to finish my tribute to pets we have had and still do have. But other than wishing Bandit a very happy birthday today, he is 13,  I am asking for prayer for Jeremy. Tomorrow he is having gall bladder surgery. Now I have to smile and tell you some silly things, because it is how I deal with life when it comes to my phamily and serious stuff. Jeremy was told at the emergency room yesterday that he could have the surgery but it would be the end of May or first of June! Not acceptable. Anyone have gall bladder? Let me tell you, I have! I struggled with three neuro surgeries where they basically rooter rooted my brain! The pain was zero compared to the ride I had with gall bladder. So...when my son says 4-6 weeks I say "B A L O N E Y"! At our house we have a saying, "Look out, don't make dad mad, because he will "Bruce Lee the door down"! My hubby has always been a fan of the late Bruce Lee. If you know anything about him, he was a master of martial arts. My hubby can still do a decent round house kick! It is a lethal weapon! You can knock a door down by kicking it in! So even though my honey doesn't tear doors down it is a good metaphor to use in these stressful situations.
Here is an idea of how this surgery breaks down. I will tell you, when I had mine 19 years ago I was told it is not genetic! Wellllllll......that is a fib! My dad started it having a gall bladder attack while eating popcorn! Ouch! Then each one of my siblings had it. My sister Mary was the youngest patient her doctor had, 19.  My brother Ed had it with kidney stones Nothing like a brother glowing like a chartreuse Crayola crayon!  My brother Bill and sister Pat had it too. Then my mother who jinxed me! Oh, did I mention, they left an instrument in her when they closed her incision and she was glowing too!? Had to have a second surgery to  clear up the infection! Then I had Nick, had a hysterectomy and six weeks later, bingo! Gall bladder surgery! Sigh! Every single friend of my mine that had gall bladder either had a new baby or had a hysterectomy. Interesting huh?
So back to Jeremy's story. I called his insurance company, got more surgeon names and went on a quest! Found a local doctor, Dr. Nickel who practices nearby. I called to get some info, gave the receptionist the info and accidentally mentioned who I worked for! Next thing I know Jeremy had an appointment this morning and surgery scheduled tomorrow!  So please pray!
The doctor has a nice personality. He told Jeremy, "When people come to me with gall bladder pain, I call it Old Testament pain, you're crawling around the house looking for a bible or a gun!" Amen, doctor! I have been there and done that. Gall bladder is unbelievable, it just hurts to the very core of your being! There is no way anyway could wait weeks for the surgery. The emergency room gave him a prescription that the doctor says, "claims" to break up the gall stones, He told Jeremy it is very expensive and does not work. We were suppose to pick that up today, so I called the pharmacy and told them to cancel it. I guess it was a godsend that  they did not have it in stock yesterday!
It is all I will say. Our health care system is going down the drain! If I did not work where I work Jeremy may have had to wait weeks to have his surgery and could have lost his job in the process! I see this treatment daily of people. Doctors that won't accept specific insurance , some patients go weeks without care. No one cares.  I guess I should rephrase it. Our government does not care. It is all I have to say. I am not a Democratic, I am not a Republican and when they come knocking on my door this summer "campaigning", I will refuse to answer. I don't accept their calls. I have 110 blocked calls on my cell phone. I refuse to talk to telemarketers or political calls. I have a three minute popular song on my home answering machine. Most won't wait to leave a message. They all hang up! It may be annoying but I am going to stick with God and let Him do what He has to do!
So please pray for Jeremy and pray Dr. Nickel will have a steady hand to complete the surgery and pray Jeremy heals quickly. I will share my second half of the pet tribute soon. Thanks for stopping by.

A quick final note, continue to pray for Leena. She is the five year old daughter of  Jeremy's friend Edgar . She has been hospitalized and they could not figure out what was causing her pain. They took her appendix out, no relief. They somehow found out, she has gall bladder! SO pray for her as well as she goes in for surgery tomorrow too.


Ann said...

Will be praying for Jeremy for surgery tomorrow. A number of years ago my hubby had his gall bladder rupture and it was horrendous, almost lost him--it is nothing that can wait for weeks!!!!The Healthcare System is going to ruin our country I'm afraid. Like the pic of the graduate, such a proud time.

Denise said...

Praying for Jeremy, and dear Leena.

Mevely317 said...

Of course, I'll be praying and can't wait to hear the good news when Jeremy's in recovery. Ya, it's not what you know or even how much $ you have ... but WHO you know. Right now hubby's in limbo between the orthopedic surgeon, the oncologist and a cardiologist thrown in for good measure -- and no-one will make a decision re. going forward with surgery.

Love, love your idea of a 3-minute song on your answering machine! Just wish I could convince Tom to give up the house line.

Intense Guy said...

Health care will only get worse with our Government meddling in it.

I hope Jeremy has a rapid and complete recovery!

Edna B said...

I have to agree about the health care in our country going to pot. It gets even worse if you are over 64. Our government doesn't look too kindly on our seniors when it comes to their health care. I'll stop here though, because I could rant on for days about this topic. I'll say a prayer for Jeremy's speedy recovery. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.