Friday, May 2, 2014


I found the perfect word to share for Alphabe Thursday: xerocopy. It means photocopy! Why is it perfect for me? Because my honey will celebrate 23 years at his job this July. But these days he scans most of his work into a computer! Ah, life has changed since 1991 when Hannah was born at home, the hubby had a job interview later that day and still works for that major law firm. He has worked in their office services department making sure all their paperwork is perfect for their court dates as well as copying their  office needs. It has been a good job and he enjoys the people he works with.
I hope you visit Ms. Jenny and all the participates of her fun weekly brain game! I wanted to share my honey with you today because, tomorrow, May 3rd, we celebrate thirty years of marriage!
This is the day we got engaged! Ah...the memories, the years have flown by!

Our wedding rings and my flowers. It was a beautiful Spring day and I hope we have many, many more years together.
A wedding portrait. We were younger and thinner and my honey had more hair! I had less wrinkles and we were in love, still are today!
A truth in marriage.. We have had a journey like no other. Early in our marriage I was very ill and had three major neurosurgeries. He stuck to me like glue. I knew he was a keeper. He shaved my legs at the hospital and  washed my half bald head. He was a tower of strength. I was weak and depended on him to lift me up!

This verse was imprinted on the beautiful marriage certificate my folks had for their wedding. I love these words, they have been very true in my own marriage. I also thought Beverly and the Pinkies would like this beautiful Spring flower and words of widsom from the best book ever written.
The Phamily 2009
Christmas 2010 with the Phamily
Summer 2011 with the Phamily.
Tomorrow I will share a few current photos. 2014 started out to be a tough year for us. I had the dreaded flu on December 30th into he New Year My honey had bronchitis three times and than he had dental surgery. It was the first time I had to help him! Jeremy just had gall bladder surgery and Nick is mentally preparing for leg surgery this Spring. A final note before I get some much needed rest, my honey ordered us the sweetest anniversary cake. I will share a photo tomorrow .Thoughtful isn't he?


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

What a blessing to have a good and true husband ! Happy anniversary to you and may you enjoy many more.

Roan said...

I believe you found a keeper. Happy anniversary! That was a nice trip down memory lane.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeee these!!!!!

TexWisGirl said...

how very sweet - you are blessed to have each other. :)

Denise said...

Precious memories.

jack69 said...

I love it when you talk of the love for your hubby. Yeah, it is hard for us men to judge things and stuff. BUT some of us boys (inc. your hubby) know how to judge and pick the right girl for us.

Sweet entry, and very Phamly! (smile)

Sweet Tea said...

Enjoyed hearing about your marriage and your family. Both things you can certainly celebrate! Congratulations and may you be blessed with many more happy years!!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Anniversary to you and your honey, Anne. He is definitely a keeper. You have a blessed marriage.♥

Thank you for joining us this weekend, and thank you for all you do to make Pink Saturday special.

Edna B said...

Happy Anniversary. Thirty years, wow, that's just wonderful. I just love your photos. You've been blessed indeed. I wish you both many more years together. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Lola said...

A very happy anniversary - and many more happy years ahead to you both!

PS Hope you're all feeling better now too. And many thanks for stopping by.

Lola said...

Me again.

I'll do my best to get a card to LV - however, because of the (mañana-style) Spanish postal service, it may take a while to arrive!

Intense Guy said...

Happy Anniversary!!

I hope everyone recovers and feels 100% really soon!