Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday Mom! !Missing My Dad

Happy 100th belated birthday to a mother who left me too soon. I was going to post this on her birthday January 4, 2014 but blogger was giving me a fit! She went to spend eternity in heaven and one of these days I am going to join her there. When I lost my mother on November 16, 2001 we had survived the death of my oldest sister Pat. Saw one of my childhood heroes pass away (Dale Evans). Lost a home and a dog all in the same month and watched in horror as 9-11 happened. But losing a mother is a tough one. There really are no words. Nothing that can wipe away the pain. But there is one thing my mother gave me that no one can ever take from me. She taught me to love the Lord. Always make Him first in your life. She taught me how to pray and I will always do that. I will use my faith as a shield to protect from  the evils of the world. All the politically correct garbage I see and deal with daily. All the "tolerance" people so easily accept. Shouldn't tolerance be a two way street? Why do some feel they have rights and the rest of us don't? That's not very tolerate!
Oh goodness, if my mother were here she would tell me to pray! She would remind me that life is tough and we need to pray harder. Always, always, always, using her faith to share with us and reminding us to pray and pray harder and be kind.

Today, 29 years ago, on April 5, 1985 I lost my father. It was Good Friday and I got that call you hate, my sister, barely whispering what happened. Gone. Taken to heaven before I could spend another day with him and say "I love you". My father, as a small boy, standing next to his sister in the First Communion dress. I believe the baby in my grandfathers lap is Joseph and he passed away during the Influenza Epidemic  (1918-1920). I often wonder how my parents survived in their youthful days. Both had lost siblings. Tragically. So much sadness and they relied on their faith and each other to get through it.
A favorite photo of my dad at my sis Mary's wedding. He was a proud father.
My folks with all their kids. A favorite phamily photo.

Mom and Dad with five of their grand daughters.Mary next to grandma, Carrie holding Noelle, Holly and Karla in front of my dad. Such a wonderful memory.
My dad's favorite book in the bible.

My mother's birthday post is late but if she were here she wouldn't mind. She never was one to think of herself first. I miss her. I miss my dad. He was the most humble and amazing man I knew. His faith was strong and his love for my mother stronger still.  They had a wonderful marriage, they were committed to each other and their children. I wish everyone had parents like I did.


Cindy's Stitching said...

What a wonderful tribute to your parents. Yes, you were blessed to have such awesome parents and a house hold much of us didn't grow up in. I love both of my parents more today then I ever did. I understand none of us are perfect. I am going to see my dad in June and my mom is coming to see me in May. I think people forget one of the commandments is to honor your mother and father. Your family photos are so nice.

Annesphamily said...

Thanks Cindy! I tried to find your blog without success. It is always wonderful have comments from kind hearts. enjoy your weekend!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Beautifully written, I love that she was a praying mother who instilled her faith in you. Lovely.
Following you, too.

Edna B said...

What beautiful family photos, and such a wonderful tribute to your parents. My parents and brother are gone, but I have my children, grands and great grands to keep on with. God has been good to me too. You have a peaceful night, hugs, Edna B.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

You have wonderful memories of your parents. I have a few but losing them both in 2000 within months of each other was very difficult.
We aren't promised an easy life, just that He will be there with us.
We are blessed to know that as so many don't ! (())

Intense Guy said...

Such a beautiful birthday post.

I enjoyed the photos - the hair styles really changed - the the look of love in your parent's eyes did not.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Such a dear tribute to your Mother and Father. A life-long love is always a treasure. The photographs are precious. I lost both of my parents recently - Mom in 2011 and Dad in 2012. They were married 58 years and for the last 30 years lived right up the street from me. I know the feeling of missing them every day. I find comfort in knowing they are always with me and we will be together again. Happy Birthday to your Dear Mother. Blessings to you. xo Karen

Buttercup said...

My mother's 100th birthday will be this October. I've already been thinking about the post. She died in 1990 and I don't think a day goes by without me thinking of her. I know she would have enjoyed our blogs and my sweet blog friends. So grateful for the memories.

P.S. Love your family pictures.

Denise said...

Your parents were very blessed to have you as their daughter, love you.