Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blue Monday/Love is..../George Strait

Four years ago when we moved into our home we bought new bedroom furniture. But we have too much for the small room. The sign on our bedroom set "This bedroom set is HUGE" which my hubby did not believe. Our furniture is HUGE! But we decided to try to find a second dresser and give Nick our dresser. He has the same, do it yourself dressers that we had! So I will try to do a post about our bedroom pieces and see what every thinks about buying a second piece like this above and redoing it. I hope Sally and the blues like this blue share! Give me your thoughts if you like to decorate, refurnish or just have interior design ideas. Visit Sally and all the blues too.

Today was a tough day. The idea of having lunch alone with my honey was making me smile until he had to invite his brother! The whole idea went down the drain! Here is some free advice, if you dislike country/western music, do not, and I want to repeat that, do not eat lunch at the Texas Roadhouse! They kick up the c/w music! Of course, they seated us under a booming speaker! He started to complain and the next thing we know he is going to pout in the car because his head hurt! I know he is not one hundred percent well! But....first of all because you hate c/w music you should have chosen to sit home by yourself! Secondly, if you suffer migraine headaches do not consume boxes and bakery items filled with sugar, sugar, sugar and more sugar. Do not drink coffee and tea for the entire day and complain that your hurt heads and you can not sleep! A medical doctor is not needed for this dilemma! Use common sense, which, if one does not know what that is, one should refer to a dictionary that can explain it! Caffeine will not make you sleepy. Drinking it in excess will, surprise, surprise, give you a headache! Extreme doses of sugar will also give you a headache! Get a list of foods to avoid because you experience migraine headaches and I will guarantee avoiding caffeine and sugar will be on the top of that list! Of course, I only have had neurosurgery three times, what would I know??? So a kiss for a kiss was not at the top of my list today! I hope you can share a favorite Love is..with me. Marydon shares her at Facebook these days. Visit her at MD Middaugh to see what she is up to.
George Strait, sigh! I have every single song George sang in his entire musical career. I had always dreamed of seeing him in concert, but his "The Cowboy Rides Away" show was in Denver last night. I was sad I could not go! My girlfriend was there as well as Jeremy's friend Adam who told me George played for three solid hours! Sigh!  Plus he won the entertainer of the Year Award in Vegas tonight. Double sigh. Hopefully and God willing I can convince my daughter Noelle to go to Dallas with me next year and attend the awards at the A T and T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Doesn't George look handsome in his blue shirt? Sigh.
Now I need to get to bed and rest but one final shot of George in another blue shirt. Ah....sweet dreams tonight! (wink wink)


Chubby Chieque said...

Enjoy your week ahead.

Hope it will be a wonderful one.

Greetings from Istanbul...

Roan said...

Be still my heart. Love George, too. But be positive, even after he completes The Cowboy Rides Away Tour, he will still play selective dates around the country, so there is still hope. I have seen him twice. The first one was at UNC where the acoustics were terrible. So saw him again at the FedEx Forum in Memphis. Amazing show! Really enjoyed your post!

SmilingSally said...

Hi Anne,

Yep, that final shot is a good one.

People are funny about music. What type, how loud . . . I like most kinds, but sometimes would like it turned down a bit so I could enjoy a conversation.

I love your soft blue chest, but I would never paint my furniture because whenever I've painted anything, I find that I'm so very sloppy at it.

Have a Happy Blue Monday!

LV said...

I stayed up till the end of the awards show which is rare for me. I could care less about the first half, but it was worth staying up past my bed time for the end. The older ones are still the best.So sorry to hear your personal life is till going through so much misery. Hang in, it will get better.

Intense Guy said...

I can no long hear music - it is just mush in my head - so enjoy what you can and when you can!!


Ann said...

George is a country girls dream come true. He's a cutie for sure. I'm not a huge country western music fan but I do like his, he seems like such a gentleman. We have a habit of buying furniture that is too big too--don't know why!!

Mevely317 said...

Well, I don't know the first thing about refinishing furniture ... but I LOVE c/w music and 'King George"! May I share a little funny story?
In the early, EARLY days of his career, I didn't much care for country music and barely knew one singer from another. Nevertheless, one Friday evening I got talked into joining friends for a BYOB dance at the Taylor County Coliseum (Abilene) to hear a newcome called George Strait. I think we paid like $5/person to gather round these long plastic tables ... no-one paid much special attention to the tall, good-looking headliner ... tho he sounded good. Real good. My favorite's still "Amarillo by Morning." What's yours?

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

well, I surely hope your Sweetie remembers this for next time ! So happy George got Entertainer of the Year, he is such a gentleman.
We love the Texas Roadhouse and I try to sit in Willie's corner :))
I am always fussin' with sumpin' !

Theresa said...

My Husband loves to eat there:) We don't have one close enough to us but when we go out of town, he always finds one! I enjoyed seeing George and the awards he so deserved! Still SO handsome and talented! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

Denise said...

Thinking of you my friend.