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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have written a post about the guide dogs previously but we have a patient at the office where I work who has the sweetest yellow lab guide dog. I always have the urge to reach out and pet this precious pooch but I know I can not. This sweetie pie sits at her mistresses feet while the doctor examines her and is the perfect little lady! I am always amazed that one can be so courageous and trust a dog to lead them on the right path. I think these dogs provide much more than being a helpmate. I think they are lifelong friends who always know exactly how to comfort you. I also think the person who handles their guide dog are so blessed because  they get to have such a wonderful and intimate relationship with an amazing and loving creature who wants nothing material from the handler. Pets are so different from people and these wonderful help mates are no exception. Their generous hearts and kind and caring mannerisms are something a lot of folks won't experience in their lives.
My maternal grandmother and my best friend forever was blind. She lost her sight to cataracts when I was 8. My grandmother was a strong and wonderful woman. She had only herself and her Creator to reply on for support with the sudden loss of her vision. She made the most wonderful homemade noddles. Actually my mom made the dough and rolled it and my grandmother cut those noddles paper thin and then the two of them made the most delicious homemade soup. My grandmother learned how to move about her home as well as our home when I was a kid and she never was bitter or tragic about the loss of her sight. After all, many years early she had lost two infant daughters. Then her husband and 17 year old son died in a tragic mining accident . So she was use to adversity and lived her life in such a wonderful,good and godly manner. I often ponder how different her life might have been had she had the opportunity to have such a partner to help her the way these guide pets help their charges these days.
I hope you will stop by Angela's and join the fun  with this weekly fun meme. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for letting me ponder my grandmother for a while.


Mary said...

Hello Anne,

I am always amazed at the hardships some endure and yet they have such a wonderful attitude in spite of the hardship. I enjoyed reading your memory of your grandmother. Makes me appreciate what sometimes is taken for granted. Guide dogs are amazing aren't they? Like you, I always try to remember that they are working and not to pet them. I enjoyed this post.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

What a cute puppy! I don't know if I could handle such difficult moments in my life without wanting to curl up in a ball and not come up for air. Your grandmother was definitely a tough lady!

Nanniepannie said...

Thanks for dropping by. I haven't been out and about lately, my computer has been slow and sluggish which makes blogging no fun at all. You are so right about these wonderful dogs and what a great tribute to your Grandmother.I just linked a post about my Dad for his 85th birthday with Savvy Southern Style.

Sandra said...

we live in florida, about 3 miles from Southeastern Guide Dogs. these wonderful dogs are in all our stores and malls, the trainers take them their to teach them. we also have many blind people with them every where we go and the urge to pet one is almost to much for me. they are wonderful. my husband and i spent a morning walking the dogs at the facility, they have 120 dogs that need to be walked an hour a day and ask for volunteers. i always thought they were all labs, but they have many different breeds. thanks for reading jakes story and commenting. our other dog Baby is a rescue, we had 2 others that are gone now, all 4 of our dogs in our 27 years of marriage have been rescue. baby and Jake were the worst of the abused. i will never ever understand animal abuse and child abuse against the innocent

texwisgirl said...

I too admire the dedication and heart that guide dogs give to their owners. It's an amazing relationship.

Your grandmother must have been one heckuva woman - to endure so much tragedy in one lifetime. Some others wouldn't have made it.

The Boston Lady said...

The guide dogs are truly wonderful as are the people who patiently train them. Your grandmother sounds like she was such a resilient person with a core of such inner strength. Growing up and knowing her must have been an inspirational experience. Ann

Heather said...

one of my dear friends, her name is heather too, has a daughter and a son who are blind. When Calli (age 11) is a bit older they will be getting her a guide dog. She and her brother are amazing young people and I simply adore them. The are both very musical and seem to enjoy their lessons really well. I love the story of your grandma. What an amazing woman she was! To have that memory of such a strong woman!

I hope that you are having a good day!

Chatty Crone said...

We have three dog trainers at church - so there are 3 puppies in our service too!

Leann said...

With God all things are possible and I know that he was with you Grand helping her through the days. But yes, she would have probably loved having a friend to be her companion and friend.


Angela said...

I'm so sorry I haven't been here to comment on your post yet! What a heart warming story about your grand mother. That is so tragic what happened to her with all of those losses. I'm so glad that she had you and your mom. I think she would have loved to have a guide dog too and the guide dog would have loved being with her. I always want to pet those dogs too! They always put a smile on my face when I see them because I know what a blessing they are to their masters! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and personal story!

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Intense Guy said...

There are some truly amazing dogs in this world.

Yellow Labs are among the best. :)