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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love is...

I think today true love is rare. I see so many people running about thinking all sorts of crazy thoughts. They refuse to make a commitment and then end up hurt and alone. It is always better to love and lose that love than to never know love at all 
I am old school all the way. I like being with one person who makes me laugh and can ruffle my feathers too! I like the common thread we share. The phamily bond. I like knowing what I get each day. A daily dose of fun and laughter along with the headaches and some time heartaches of life. I like sharing all of that with one special person.
I bought some Princess House items from someone I did not know but my friend knew. It was fun opening that box and sorting everything out. My Sweets was there helping me load everything into our dishwasher and than helping me arrangement it on my display shelf and tuck the rest away in our cupboards. He is good like that.
He is the one person that knows that look of sheer terror in my eyes when I am going to be slapped down by a pounding migraine. He is the guy who held my hand when my father was ill. He is the one who walked into the school to get our oldest daughter out of her third grade class so we could  travel to my dad's funeral. He is the rare fellow that washed my half shaved head and shaved my legs when I lay in a hospital for three weeks recovering from a first, second and third neurosurgery. Did I mention we were newlyweds the first time around that neurosurgery business?
He delivered our youngest daughter Hannah, not by choice but because I was a crazed banshee screaming like a wild woman while he gently helped me bring that girl into this world.
He is the man I walked out the front door to meet so I could tell him his father passed away. We have lost so many material things in this world and yet we never lost sight of each other or the fact that we would remain together and see this life through thick and thin!
He gave me my very first bible, a New American Standard bible that I still own although it is delicately held together by a few threads of the binding!
He is calm and collected, I am a raving madwoman . When it comes to our kids and any problems at school, he is diplomatic, I am protective and brazen!
He is the man who borrowed a co workers car to come rescue me on the side of the highway when our old mini van broke down years ago.
He runs like the wind. I walk like mad to catch him. He is technical, I like to have fun!
He knows the bible inside out. I am still learning. He understand the bible in the original form, Greek! I tell him "Honey, that is still Greek to me!!"
Many years ago when Donald Trump and his first wife Ivana divorced a friend wrote about them in a womens magazine. She said they had the perfect marriage, all the money in the world and yet so much unhappiness. She could not understand why. I can. They put their trust in things. They never knew rare love. They never shared pain. They never lost an unborn child or had a bank take their home away.
I know rare love and I am honored to share that love with a man who has made me laugh and cry for twenty seven years come May 3rd 2011.
I have to share this photo with you. It is my favorite t shirt currently and I have the coffee mug and all the little things that go with it. I love my Sweets and he loves me and this is why our marriage works:
 This the the house rule. I can make anyone's life miserable if they don't keep mama happy! They know. It works!
Now join Marydon and Sherry and Tete


Heather said...

I agree, I think people don't stick together through thick and thin like you have. I think true love is out there, just really really hard to see.

Intense Guy said...

I agree too - too many lazy, selfish "hedonist" these days.

...but then, I live alone.

Tete said...

Sweet! I have one of those guys, too, and wouldn't trade him for all the money in the world. What we have, money can't buy. There's a peace in knowing he will always be here, until death. I love forever love stories.
May God always bless your union.
Hugs- Tete

Shirl said...

Hello, Happy Pink Saturday! Love your pink post this week. Cute post, how true! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.
I wish you peace! Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Mary said...

Beautiful and touching post Anne. The love that loves in good and bad, sickness and health...too many couples just don't believe and hang in there. I am a fellow sufferer of migraines, are yours due to the neurosurgery or neurosurgery because of migraines? I have a strong family history of them.
Have a beautiful Sunday with your special guy and family.

Donnie said...

June will be 45 years with one of the greatest blessing God gave me in this world. Happy Anniversary in May and I'm sure your hubby smiled when he read this post.

maryt/theteach said...

Anne Thanks so much for dropping by my blog today. I've been more active on Facebook tha my blogs these days. Are you on Facebook? If you are ask to friend me: Mary Tomaselli :)

Marydon said...

Oh, Anne, what a beautiful share ... I feel the same way. Sorry I missed EVERYONE this past 4 days ...

You have such a delight about you, my friend. I love that T-shirt.

Have a beautiful week~