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Thursday, April 7, 2011


"Z" is for ZZ's...I love getting them. It is always wonderful when I get a full nights rest. I hate those long drawn out nights when I toss and turn. I love my "Z"'s.

This is probably a short post for me but I thought if I added a great google image and a few pet "sleepyhead" pictures  you would like it more!

So here goes.

Getting enough rest each night helps keep our complexion clear and we tend to eat better foods and balance our lifestyle according to our rest patterns. I love snuggling into crisp clean sheets and during the cold wintry nights love to snuggle with our toasty electric blanket. My Sweets is always warm and I tend to get cool so I rely on him to help keep me warm in those winter blue nights. The comedian Jeff Foxworthy once commented that snuggling up to his wife was like snuggling with a Butter Ball turkey! He said women have cold butts! I am not sue why we are designed the way we are but that is one of the truest statements!

Now I hope you join Jenny at Alphabe Thursday and hop over to Angela at so you can share with Alphabe Thursday and also Tuesday Show and Tail. Have a terrific day.


Tete said...

Isn't that the truth! My butt is always cold and I stick it in the middle of my DH's back every night to get it warmed up so I can sleep. Mine stays cold even on the 4th of July! DH is so hot when he sleeps, we can't do an electric blanket. I love them but he wakes up sweating even if we have his side turned off. So, he is my source of heat. He even sweats when I have a hot flash. Poor guy. I also warm my feet up on the back of his calves! HEE HEE- Gotta love our men for putting up with so much!
Hugs- Tete

Jackie said...

I love sleep and I get very lazy but I am always cold at night and snuggling up to my boyfriend is like a hot water bottle. So nice and it puts me to sleep.

Clean crispy sheets are also nice.

Sue said...

Now that menopause has officially hit me, I am no longer the "cold" one. I am like a furnace!



I am finally a person that can wear turtle necks, coats, vestsssssssss......I went thru menopause in my late 30's and once my Dr. took me off of hormones I have been able to be like everyone else............cold. I can finally own a few coats, vests, and I just love those chunky turtlenecks, and it may of helped that I lost over 60 pounds on weight wathers so my health is much better. Hugs Mary

Heather said...

I love my sleep too! I don't get enough but boy do I feel better when I get a lot or close to a good night's sleep. My bottom is always cold too. Hmm, boy we are made weirdly. I do hope you are having a good day!

Donnie said...

You are too funny and your photos were so perfect for the letter ZZZZZ.

taylorsoutback said...

I love my Z's too...there is such a sense of comfort when you climb the stairs to a loft bedroom with sloped ceilings...can't explain why - just is...still there are times when the tossing and turning prevents those Z's...

Love the puppies! We can take a lesson from them - they know how to nap.

Ames said...

I too love crisp cold sheets, but I don't think my butt is cold. You sure he didn't say cold breasts? :0~Ames

Marydon said...

G'day sweet Anne ~
Love the Z's ... pop over & see why ...

Those pooches & kit-cat's care darling! Are they all yours?

Have a sweet PS weekend ~

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Jenny said...

Oh what a sweet post for this last round of Alphabe-Thursday.

I love snuggling into my bed when I have just washed the sheets. I dry almost all my clothes outside and that smell and the smooth, soft cotton is always a treat!

Love your husbands butterball comment! I'll have to tell my husband that one!

Thanks for a fun stop today.


Splendid Little Stars said...

ha ha! Thank goodness for warm husbands!

Mary said...

Funny post! I have heard that same Jeff Foxworthy routine. He is so funny. I love cool nights. I sleep better. Like you, sometimes I toss and turn. I am a light sleeper and don't always sleep well.