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Thursday, June 9, 2011

H is For Honey Bees and Hedgehogs

Hello this morning. I am going to put up a quick post and show you two favorites of mine. I am linking today with Jenny and Angela. These two delightful friends each have a wonder meme and I enjoy sharing my thoughts and often google images or my own photos with them both. Come join the fun!

I love tea and I love honey. Unfortunately the honey bee is becoming a rare siting in our land. They are dying out and they can not keep producing honey without our help. I think they are a great H post for Alphabe Thursday today and also a funn remind of Tuesday Show and Tail's! You can find lots of information about honey bees but I think they are the "queens" f the bee industry! The hard working little bees produce honey combs and in turn we produce honey from them. Go find your favorite types of honey out there and then read all about honey bees and see the tremendous amount of work each little working bee does to provide you with a relaxing and satisfying sweetness to add to your tea and other edible delights! If you have ever seen the movie "Fried Green Tomatos" you will see the "Bee Charmer" there. That character could charm bees like a sooth sayer! It is a delightful movie so watch it if you have not caught in through the years!
Then there is the hedgehog. I have a fond memory of my late friend Jacki who succumbs to asthma at the age of 42. She is still so sadly missed but she had a little hedgehog and he has his own website. I learned a great deal about these sweet little critters and you can too. Go to your google search engine and google them! They are cute  critters.
I am sorry to be so vague but work has been an absolute hassle and I am in prayer constantly. Not only the work place trauma but the Lord woke me up this morning at 4:30 to pray for Sally over at and Baby Ollie They both have their surgery today so  keep them in your prayers that the Lord will guide both of the surgeons and the surgeries will be successful. I am late for my date with Jenny and Angela. Please forgive me but join in the fun.
The Lord put this on my heart this morning so I am sharing it here:
"Better to be lowly in spirit and among the oppressed than to share plunder with the proud." Proverbs 16:19

I chatted with my sissy last night for a long time. Always pray for her with her heart and her sudden job loss from the situation she was thrown into. Allow the Lord to give her the benefits she so deserves from many years in the grocery chain industry.
Later I will share some vintage photos she sent me. You will love them!
Gotta run! Love all of you more than you know. I am always thinking about you, each and everyone with your own wonderful hearts and beautiful creative souls. God Bless You!


Pondside said...

Hedgehogs - iconic creatures that we don't have over here!
Bees are in short supply this year due to some sort of virus. We're a little worried about our little orchard.

Flat Creek Farm said...

We have hedgehogs (actually son does - they're so cute!), and now we are beekeepers too. So, needless to say, you caught my attention... two of my favorite "critters"! Wonderful post. Would love to see your late friend's hedgie website too. -Tammy said...

Great H post!! Love honeybees and hedgehogs too.

Sue said...

I worry about the bees, too. And I enjoyed your H post!


Keri said...

We have lots of been in our garden. I don't know what I'd do without them! And I've always wanted a pet hedgehog. I've got a nice non-pokey guinea pig though. :)

NanaDiana said...

Oh how I love Honey Bees! My Uncle was a bee charmer too..and had many hives and never got stung. He had no fear of them whatsoever. It is sad to know that we are losing great numbers of them to "progress".

I don't know much about hedgehogs but they really are cute little critters.

Saying a prayer for those that had surgeries today! xo Diana

Paula said...

Honey Bee's and Hedgehogs! Perfect! I love honeybee's and try to plant as many flowers every year that will help them survive.

I love Fried Green Tomatos. One of my all time favorite movies!

Mrs. Adventure said...

Aww what a great post! Hubs and I plan to raise bees once we have land. And I love fried green tomatoes I own it and watch it anytime I need a pick me up ;-)

storybeader said...

I'm not familiar with hedgehogs but remember seeing honey bees in a number of movies. I've never been out on a farm but know people who sell honey.

Lola said...

Great post!

And thanks for stopping by over at my place!

XOXO Lola:)

Jenny said...

Hedgehogs always make me smile! We still have a lot of bees in the garden here, but I wonder if it's because most people don't have gardens in our area. Maye the bees are drawn to the scarcity of it as well.

I will send prayers to your friends. You are always so good to remember those in need of support.

Thanks for linking.


Intense Guy said...


Thoughts and prayers for you and yours...