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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Prayerful Request

My friend Teresa is going through a difficult time! She has been getting treatment for breast cancer and had a set back! Ugh! Life is cruel to good people. she is such a wonderful lady. She does the billing for the office where I work. Her husband took a job in Wyoming and they moved there nearly two years ago. She is a first time grandmother with a super sweet baby boy just a few hours away from her. She has a good heart. A kind soul. A graceful woman with tremendous faith. But she is having a rough time. I am asking anyone who would be kind to send her a greeting. A word of encouragement in the form of a card or letter. I know many women have been down this road and I know you probably know the exact words to say to her because you fully understand the set backs, The rigorous treatment schedules. The many appointments with various providers. I just want to brighten her day more often because she is a doll! Today I was at  lunch and she called me. The other gal I work with took a message and said Teresa said it was not urgent. I called thinking I forgot to send a path report with the OP report on a patient she was billing insurance for. She said no, I had sent all the documents she needed. She said she wanted to hear my voice because I was kind! I listened! I said encouraging things to her. Talk about a girl having her day made! I was grinning from ear to ear!
I know I should make this short and sweet but I was going to post a similar blog anyway before I found out what Teresa was dealing with!
Did you know when I was thirteen years old I requested a pen pal from Tiger Beat magazine?
I loved Paul Revere and the Raiders and Peter Noone of Herman 's Hermits (photo above) along with the Monkees. I really wanted to meet a California girl pen pal and received hundreds of requests! My father thought I was insane! He said the mailman was going to be mad at me! Ha Ha! So I selected several and wrote letters to them. All these years later I am still friendly with Barb. She was one of the California girls that wrote to me! I was so excited. I thought I was  a teen celebrity! It made me so happy to get all that mail. There is something aobut a personal message that makes me happy. My friend Lynette is the first person to send me a birthday card and I don't think  she has missed one in all the years we have known each other. Age 3, crashing tricycles on the sidewalk in front of "Annie's" house my neighbor lady as a kid!  We are still friends. It means so much to me when she sends a greeting my way! Karen, my playpen buddy since we were old enough to sit up together! She is in Idaho. She is a colon cancer survivor. Do you know the first thing she did when she recovered from her cancer? She called me to warn me about the perils of colon cancer and she wrote me a letter!
A personal hand written note can literally save someones life.
Take my friend Amelia, I meet her through my doctors office. She lost her only daughter to breast cancer close to Christmas two years ago! She is an exceptional lady. First class and she remembers me each year with a Christmas card addressed to myself and my phamily. I love knowing her!
When our unborn daughter died in 1987 I was devastated yet even today I keep that stack of cards and letters in a box so I can reread them! It still gives me great comfort to know how many people cared about me and still do!
So if you can take a moment to send Teresa a card  or note let me know. I will give you all the detail in sending a card her way. Also Suzanne was very kind and posted on her blog too.
Thanks everyone and enjoy the weekend! It is coming our way soon!


Mike Golch said...

Prayers are being offered and I will post a link to Golch Central.

Chatty Crone said...

I will definitely pray. sandie

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I will say a prayer for her and her family....and can you send me her address and I will make sure that I will send her a card! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Sweet Tea said...

I'd be honored to send her a card.
Please email me her info.

EvalinaMaria said...

I would love to sand her a card. May I have the address?

Intense Guy said...

I sent her a card - and sent a prayer upstairs...

Ugh, I hate cancer.

Barb said...

Hi Anne,
So sorry to hear that your friend has to go through this. Will send her a card and offer prayers in her behalf!
Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Theresa said...

A kind word and a whispered pray... can mean so much! I am praying for her and have a card ready to mail! Hugs and prayers!

Jenny said...

Sending prayers and a card will go out today to her!

Jenny said...

Oops. Anne, can you e-mail me the mailing address! And yours, too!

jennymatlock at cox dot net

Thank you so much!