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Sunday, August 12, 2012

L is for Laughter

I am very blessed! I have spent most all of my life enjoying laughter! I love to laugh and watch others laugh as well. I thought it would be good medicine for my aching heart! Losing my baby boy to college nine hours away is making me sad so I think about funny things a lot! Being with my husband there is always one thing you will do, laugh! He makes the funniest remarks and says some of the silliest things!  Like "Hannah go to store, bring us a bag of ice and remember food for my alligator." Hannah complies.His odd sense of humor comes from his own father who was always capable of making me laugh! Two of our daughters, Rebekah and Hannah inherited his sense of humor! Noelle and Jeremy have their own laughable moments and Nick can be plain silly too! But my Sweets, he is the Master of Laughter!

Did you know that the USA does not even come close to the list of "Happiest countries in the world". Denmark is ranked number one. They have a high employment rate of 73%!  Norway is second with quality public health and education and a budget surplus of 162.5%  of GDP. Even Israel makes the list at number six. They have one of the lowest obesity rates! Look at Jayden, even as a tiny baby, he could toss out a hardy laugh! He turns one next month. Where does time go?

I worked with a doctor who was always so serious. He did not like laughter and if he heard laughter he would come out of his office and ask why we were laughing!
Here are some laughable moments:

Hannah and Markus, always having too much fun!
Maxine makes light of everything. You gotta love her!
 Roger and the grandbaby. Believe me, those two are up to something!
  Rebekah, Naomi, Alyssa. Friends forever and always laughing, living life!

No other comment required!

You know cats and dogs will always try to outdo each other for attention! Cats, I think are much more devious which is apparent here!
I can always laugh at myself! This is one of those laughable moments, cutting ones own bangs the day before school pictures!
Up to something?.....Leaving  his poor mother behind for college!? ? The nerve!
Oh the goat! There is a loooong story behind the goat! My son Jeremy is absolutely silly!

Rebekah, Dan (USN) and Hannah. Who's so pretty in pink?
Noelle is pretty in pink too! Look at Jayden! What happened to that tiny baby?
This pink quote makes you think! I was so fed up with all the political garage on Face Book and all the nonsense about special rights, why can't we just relax, be kind and agree to disagree. I think we need to have more fun!
We were just talking, all the kids have plans today. Jeremy is at West Fest a big free concert where his buddy Adam and his band will perform in Fort Collins today. Rebekah and Zach are going camping. For a girl who loves five star hotels (giggle) like her mama this is going to be an adventure! Hannah is a sleepy head. Swapping stories with cousin Lindsay late into the night. We never know when she will emerge from the darkness into the light! Laugh Out Loud! Nick is hanging out with buddies. Everyone is leaving for college this week so they are getting in their last days of manly man time! Yesterday Nick ran a final run with his high school team and met Bradley Harkrader a record holder at his high school who still holds some of the best times. Then he came home and Joe Coors came to our door. Yes Joe is part of the beer family but he is a successful businessman in his own right and came door to door to meet voters because he is running for office in Colorado! Nick was impressed! So my Sweets and I will curl up like this Love is...couple later and watch the final moments of the 2012 Summer Olympics.
Now enjoy this bouquet of pretty pink and assorted friendship flowers I arranged just for you! Please visit Ms. Jenny and all the "L" posts there. I am late and probably will get a a failing grade! But I love the friendships there and enjoy this tremendously! Next tell Beverly how much everyone does appreciate her weekly preparations for Pink Saturday. She is a terrific pinkie and I can always find a pink or two to share! Visit lots of pinkies! They love you! Before you leave stop by Marydon and Sherry's and see how sweet Love is...really is.


Mevely317 said...

Oh.My.Gosh ... what a delightful post, Anne! (I didn't want it to end, actually.)
I don't suppose we ever get to old to giggle ... and I pity the man/woman who can't/won't.

This ... thanks for the great idea for next month's (workplace) newsletter.

PS - Your mention of missing Nick reminded me of our friends in Texas who, many years ago, were practically devastated when their twin sons left home for college. They laughingly recalled when months later at Thanksgiving break, they could hardly wait for the boys to leave again!

Ames said...

I love a good gut rolling laugh, even a snort gufaw laugh. It is the tickling of the soul. It makes me feel alive and youthful.~Ames

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awesome post!! LOVING all the fun photos!!!

A Quiet Corner said...

One of the reason I wanted live in Eastern Connecticut was...the people, who are down to earth, friendly and SMILE alot!!!!...:)JP

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You have a lovely family, Anne and should be proud of them! Having good humor is a wponderful way to live --my husband is also one who always making us laugh :)

I know it is hard to have a child go away to college, Anne. When my son left at age 18 he never came back as he ended up first living in Washigton DC where he went to college and then Colorado where he went to graduate school. I wanted him to persue his dreams so I was happy for him. My daughter went to college in NYC so she was close to home which made it easier on me but now she is in Colorado so life keeps moving on. Good luck to your son as he starts his college years!

Angela said...

I'd rather have laughter than sadness! Lots of funny things in your post. Loved Maxine as always. Great family pictures! I hate it all your babies are going off to college at the same time this week! I have a few years for that and luckily I live close enough to 3 different colleges that mine can stay home like I did! lol My neighbor's daughter is going all the way to Georgia for college. I live too far out for a politician to come door to door! lol I would be shocked if one did come here. They would get an ear full if they did! hahaha

Have a Wonderful Week!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Anne,
this is beautiful and just reading your post brought a laugh and a smile to my face this evening :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Andy David said...

My dear Anne,
Your family is beautiful and looked so happy. Life should be like this everyday for everyone (smile). Thanks for sharing my friend.

Anonymous said...

Anne! Hi! I love your hubby's sense of humor! What did she bring the alligator? Laughing is the best medicine.. poor doctor didn't know how to prescribe it!

Thanks for stopping over and your ongoing love and support....



Denise said...

Laughter is the best medicine, always.

EG CameraGirl said...

Laughter is such a wonderful L word!

Erika said...

I cannot imagine working in a place where laughter is not encouraged.

Jenny said...

Oh Anne!

I think we had the same hairdo when we were kids...those bangs...aren't they a chuckle?!?

And the in bread cat.

Yeah. I laughed out loud over that!

Thank you for this fun link.