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Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Year With Reflections of the Past

I had grand plans for this 2013 blog! I was going to post daily! That did not happen and we are only five days into the new year! But I am going to share a few vintage finds I picked up at the thrift store this week:

Four different tea cups. Three of them have saucers to match! All of them have Christmas designs and they cost less then three dollars for all four! Seventy five percent off! I love the December teacup. It is so precious.
This blue lady is a figurine from the Home Interior Co. I could never afford them when they were in the line. She was three dollars and in mint condition!
This blue dressed girl is Diana although she looks very much like Cinderella. Two dollars with her stand and she is all porcelain and still wears her hand tag! Tomorrow is the Feast of the Epiphany so the pretty angel behind her will be put up with the other Christmas decorations. Sigh!
A fun recipe filled cookbook. The two authors still live in Colorado. One dollar and twenty five cents! I have four recipes I am going to try.
Rose, oops, she is not for sale nor was she on the clearance table! Looks like Rose was trying to get in on the Carol Wright catalog bargains! Hee Hee! I wish I could turn my head in such a fashion! That cat is so limber and silly. She jumps high like a kangaroo! There is a blue shirt here!

Ella is new!She was lonely so Santa and the Mrs. took her under their wing. Don't you love her bare foot peeking from beneath her pretty dress? She was designed by Rhissanna Collins who has a sweet etsy shop. Ella thought my daughter Rebekah was a gem for giving me that pretty Christmas card with a personal message inside!

My vintage Santa and Mrs. Claus were shelf sitters from Home Interior. Sigh!
In 2002 the teddy bear celebrated his 100th anniversary! I found this tiny bear with a beautiful commemorative mug for $2.50 at the thrift store. He even wears glasses like Teddy Roosevelt! Hee Hee!
My youngest daughter Hannah gave me this beautiful Willow Tree figure with a bouquet of calla lilies. she is called "Best Wishes". My blue kitty in this photo!
She is in the kitchen cabinet with some other friends until I rearrange from the holidays! I love her. She will be happy to see her friend the kitchen tea Willow Tree figurine who holds a precious green teapot in her hands! Also a gift form Hannah! I know you will see pink and blue in my cabinet!
House of Lloyd was the first home based party plan I did years ago with my good friend Cindy Miller-Jones. Harry Lloyd prided his company by selling many items made in the USA! This sweet cottage framed photo was one of those items. Two dollars today at the thrift store. I see pink in the garden!
This Home Interior treasure has a few knicks on the dark cherry frame but this beautiful scene in a field of flowers is so reminiscent of a Monet painting. I am thinking of repainting the frame. what color do you think would look good? Lots of pretty pink in this field of flowers!
Rebekah and Hannah. Sisters. New Years Eve 2012. Hannah was going to work in the early morning hours last week. She stepped on something in the parking lot and when she bent over to see what it was she nearly cut her finger off. Someone tossed an empty beer bottle in the parking lot of the pre school center where she works! Sisters in blue jeans!
Zach (Rebekah) and Markus(Hannah) celebrating the fact that the world did not end in 2012!

Hannah and Jayden! She is silly, he is unhappy! He likes to talk on the phone and hates to give you your cell phone back! Especially I-phones like Jeremy and Hannah use! Hannah is always pretty (silly) in pink!
Jeremy and Colton. We watched Colton win both of his wrestling matches today! It was a very good day! Colton's school is represented by the "Mustangs". They have a bit of blue in their colors!
Although this is Nick coming home from Kansas tomorrow he will turn around and head back! I will be very sad. He is my lunch buddy. Always and forever! I will look forward to see my handsome son soon. Pray he has a safe return flight. I am going to have to sell more Princess House so I can fly there to see him run indoor and outdoor track!

 Noelle with my precious mom. My mom would have turned 99 years old on January 4th. But she went to be with the Lord on November 16, 2001. We really miss her.

My mama was a stunning beauty. I believe she was in a wedding here. I love that gorgeous dress. She had a lovely figure! My honey printed a copy of this photo for me. It is 8 x 10 and has a pink hue!

It is late and I am tired. I helped my honey do the Saturday mail at his job. Then we went to Colton's wrestling match. Both Noelle and Roger had to work! Hannah, Markus and Nick were already there when we arrived. Jeremy came later and we all watched him win both of his matches. It is a good sport for him. My grandson is a good kid. He has a kind heart! I like those a lot! Nick has a ten o'clock flight which means we need to be at the airport by eight!

I am sharing my pinks, my blues and this Love . Joining Linda for her Gratitude Sunday post too! Please visit these ladies who host these fun meme's each week:
Beverly , Sally, Marydon, Linda

"Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you." Jude 1:2



Rhissanna said...

Oooh! Anne! Those are two lovely photos of Ella and she looks very much at home there! Thank you very much and it's always a thrill for me to see a doll I've made at home with someone else. Happy New Year, Anne!

Theresa said...

WOW, that was a great post! Lots of wonderful finds, gifts and a tribute to your gorgeous Mother! I pray that Nick had a safe trip back and that you have a really blessed day, HUGS!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving all the goodies you found at the thrift store and loveeeeee the family photos!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Anne you found some great thrifty things but your best is your sweet family! I know how you love them. Get some rest sweet friend! Hugs, Linda

PS I've started a new Gratitude party on Sunday and I hope you join in sometime!

NanaDiana said...

What wonderful memories of your Mom and what wonderful memories in the making right here and now with your family.

I can't believe someone would throw a broken beer bottle in a school parking lot! There are lots of irresponsible people out there, aren't there?

You had a lot going on over the holidays, Anne. I hope things slow down for a while- xo Diana

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Glad you found some lovelies at the thrift store. It's God's own blessing I'm not near one as they are a weakness. I just adore finding great stuff (to me at least) at a bargain.
Your names have been added to the Prayer Keeping list.

Denise said...

Enjoyed this.

Jeanne said...

Hello Anne, I have been trying to get back to blogging since we arrived home from our trip. We did have a wonderful time. Thank you for your sweet comment.

Your post is a great reference to your fun holiday with loved ones. Your thrifty finds made me smile. I do love a good bargain.

Your mom was a beautiful woman and she lived a long time. My mom died at 65 of cancer and I still miss her so much. When one has a loving mom they leave us to miss them always. I hope my children will miss me as much. Smile. I miss my dad too Anne. I was so blessed to grow up in a happy family. Your children are blessed to have parents like you and your husband. I realize now that growing up in a home with faith in our Lord and love and respect, give children a better chance in life to be happy and have a better self image. I hope Nick is safely back in school.

Happy 2013.
Blessings and love,

SmilingSally said...

Thanks for sharing these blues. I especially like that Home Interior blue doll.

Happy Blue Monday, Anne.

LV said...

Always enjoy seeing what has been going in your families' life. Never a dull moment, with plenty of love spread around. I have one or two Home Interior things. Patsy used to sell it a long time ago.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Wonderful vintage finds!
Happy New Year!

Cafe au lait said...

Lovely pics!

I played too. Mine are here and here.

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Anne, sweet pictures of your blues...I love the pic of Noelle and your mom, your mom was the sweetest lady and is missed... Love the new years tea cups, so pretty and the dolls are gorgeous. We are i the cleaning out mode here, too much stuff so not adding a thing..I like enjoying your things so much, though...

hugs, Barb

Chatty Crone said...

I didn't know you are a thrifter. You have some nice things there Anne. Are you a doll collector? You have a beautiful family. I hope your daughter's finger is better by now. Love Sandie

Jenny said...

What a wonderful post!

I love how you count your blessings Anne!

Hugs and Happy New Year!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Beautiful collection and family you have Anne.

Oh boy, it's Thursday already but I am now just getting around with BLUE entries.
Please leave me a line or two in my BLUE, thanks.