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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TINKERBELL: 05/31/1997-05/26/2010

It was one year ago Thursday May 26th that we lost Tinkerbell. Her death nearly did Rebekah in! Rebekah loved that silly little dog since she wandered into our lives on Memorial Day 1997! The kids were small and they were playing in the yard but the side gate was open and Sweets and I were in the kitchen preparing for a phamily barbeque! The kids started shrieking and this skinny little dog wandered into our lives forever. She was dirty and thin and she was very timid with women. But she buttered up Sweets and by bedtime that girl was perched on his pillow like "Hello, I am living here now!" It has been a sad year without here.. Even though Hannah has "Roxie" and the other pets are still here it is sad without her. She was a loving little dog with a kind heart. Her death touched all of us in such a way. I can not even explain how we all felt losing her.
We can never replace Tink but we can all smile at the photos all around the house that show her sweet face!
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Parsley said...

I remember our emails about Tinkerbell. She was special.

Angela said...

Tinkerbell was a cutie! No wonder the kids were happy when she came to your house. I'm so sorry she passed too soon. I have a chihuahua that passed a good 10 years ago. It does get easier but it took me 5 years before I would consider getting another dog.

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Donnie said...

I can really tell she was loved and is missed.

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

What a lucky little dog. Thank you for giving her such a good life. I still miss my Shelby and she's been gone for many years and I've got Sophie now who is a real sweetheart, but I still think of Shelby often.

Intense Guy said...

They fill such a huge space in our hearts with love - that when they pass on - the gaping hole is hard to fill.

Chatty Crone said...

I'm sorry she passed last year - she looked so sweet!