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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I was just visiting Parsley and she suggested a summer meet and greet. We requaint ourselves with old friends here and make new ones too.
All you have to do is  put up your post. It should say MARCO and then people will answer back POLO! It is a silly but fun game and I am looking forward to meeting everyone here!
Blogger recently took away some of my friends and I am searching for my Longmont, CO. buddy who owes me a Martini at Mike O'Shay's! This blasted blogger keeps stealing my friends!
I am going to add one more item to this MARCO POLO game we will play during the summer. I am going to share ten things about myself you may or may not know about me! I like these little fun facts so we can all  learn about each other. Please come join this fun!

Facts About Anne

1. I am left handed
2. I started wearing glasses in the fourth grade
3. I am the youngest of five
4. I am a pure blooded SLOVEnian
5. I can not drive a stick shift
6. I read my bible faithfully daily
7. I have two friends from my youth, one since were
    babes together in the playpen and one I crashed my
    tricycle into at age 3! We remain friends today.
8. I have a super secret nickname only my sis Mary knows!
9. I hated being called "Annie/Anna Banana as a kid
10. I was an introvert until age 12

I have shared with you now come back and play...


Angela said...

POLO! It's late and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to write a few things about myself but here goes!

1. I was born in West Virginia
2. I can use both hands to write with but mostly I'm right handed.
3. Had my first baby when I was 29
4. Was married when I was 23
5. Live on a farm with no animals except 2 dogs
6. Drive a 4x4 truck
7. I don't go by my first name
8. I love getting a great deal using coupons
9. I had TMJ
10. Worked as a Legal Assistant before kids

Have a Great Day!

Donnie said...

I'm not too good at games so I'll keep you tried putting first letters, a-then see the drop down-erase it then do B etc- in either your address bar on the computer or in your email to find your lost followers.

Parsley said...

POLO! You are a precious friend Anne. Glad we've become bloggy friends.

Elisa said...


Jules said...


1. I am ambidextrious, right dominant
2. I started wearing glasses in high school
3. I am the middle of three
4. I am a Navy Veteran (yeah, some of you already know this)
5. I love driving a stick shift
6. I read my bible faithfully daily
7. I have 1 person I call my best friend and she is from France.
8. I have a daughter who I miscarried in 1995.
9. I hate my name. Oh well!
10. I was a social butterfly until middle school.

Intense Guy said...

I like left-handed, glass wearing, babies of the family, that can't drive stick-shift.

And I can see why being called Anna Bananna would make an introvert out you!

I find item #7 to be the most fun of all.