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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

P is for People Person

Please stop by Ms. Jenny's and visit all the participates for Alphabe Thursday! I love people so I am a people person! I must have inherited it from my mom! Back in 1988 as my brother, sister-in-law and mom crossed the Colorado state line and drove into Kansas on their way to my nephews wedding in Pennsylvania, I went into labor with our daughter, the middle! Nothing like having your mom 1,450 miles away when you are getting ready to deliver a baby! LOL! I told you this to lead into how I became so much like my mother! At my nephews wedding two different pastors officiated. A Catholic priest, as my nephew is Catholic and his wife's pastor. At the reception there is my mother seated in between these two religious men sharing conversation as if she knew them her whole life! My father was a quiet man, and he was not as outgoing as my mom! Ditto this phamily! I am peace, my hubby is quiet! I love to talk and learn about others. so part of my share here is the fact that on Sunday September 9th I am driving to Pueblo, my hometown to have lunch with high school girlfriends.
This is Lynette! She is the ring leader! Having known this woman since the age of three I am pretty sure I know all her secrets! Ha Ha! She looks marvelous! That is because she never married and Logan is the nephew of her honey "Snook". He prefers his nickname (he is a railroader) to his given name, Stanley! My friend is a middle school teacher and she knows how to handle kids! When we were 16 her dad passed away unexpectedly at a Denver Bronco game he was attending with her younger brother! My sis had a little car that had four on the floor! Now I hate a stick shift! I never learned to drive with the clutch and all that other stuff! That is another story for another time because having nearly killed my sister while she was trying to teach me....sigh. I will tell that story another time! My sis threw the keys to me and off I raced to Lynette's house to be with my friend and cry with her. As I sputtered and bucked that car all the way to the St. Charles Mesa  like a brahma bull,  all I remember is praying that God would allow me to get there in one piece so I could comfort my friend. She means a lot to me. We did some crazy things when we were younger and we pick up right where we left off! Whenever we talk we just start in and go with where we have been! I am excited to see her Sunday! She is planning our lunch!
This is Bridget! Ah, nothing like an Irishman to get a good Catholic girl into mischief during high school! She lost her mom Elizabeth who was 98 last week. This is the last family photo of Bridget, her mom and Bridget's son Alex with his daughter Alaina. She is really hurting and very sad. Bridget has led a colorful life! Married after high school to a dear friend Gary. I was the maid of honor and I was pregnant with my first daughter! Sadly they divorced and a few years later. Gary was killed in a car accident which seriously injured another good friend. She was married to Lewis, Alex's dad and now is with her third hubby Rusty. She and Rusty are having some real tough times. She was laid off from her job a few years ago and they may lose their home. Prayers all around are in order for Bridget and her family. She once took her dads car, without his permission, so we could ditch school! The darn car (shift on the column) died in front of our high school. The principal, Sister Grace Miriam came charging to the car and banged on the windows! She was yelling that we should open the doors and she was going to call our parents and as sure as she saw us there God would banish us to the bowels of hell with the no account public school boys she knew we were sneaking off to see! LOL! Goodness she was a mind reader that mean ol nun! Bridget's father James was a product of Ireland and grew up in Boston. Aside from being so handsome he had that Boston accent that I loved to listen to! He always had a story to tell us. Bridget and I shared many good times and if she is not up to coming to the mini reunion I will be sad but I will understand!
This is "Y" or as her given name says Yvonne. She is as pretty as she was in high school! No fair. Here she is with her cute mom! She is one of those gals that everyone loves. She was smart and funny and was very kind to everyone. We reconnected two years ago at a high school reunion and keep in touch. She and her honey Jerry love the Rockies baseball team so they spend a few weeks in Arizona each Spring watching them at Spring training. I asked her to send me a postcard and for two weeks she sent me a new postcard from all their travels primarily along Route 66! Is that a cool friend or what? She sent Nick a birthday card with a lil something inside and made me cry when she said attending graduate school at Arizona State University made her cry for two solid years cause she missed her parents! If think this picture is evidence of that love and devotion. She adores her folks and is very blessed to have them both! I am excited to see her! Plus she is a breast cancer survivor! Yea Y!
This is Charlene. She is going to be our guest of honor cause she is traveling all the way from San Diego to be with her home girls! She is pretty like her own mom was. But she has struggled with health issues. This girl can make you giggle. She has two grown daughters and is divorced. She was married to a golf pro and she lives with her ex mother-in-law! I giggle cause MIL is a San Diego Charger fan and has a team flag flying over their home! Being a Colorado native she loves her Denver Broncos but during any game when these two teams share the field Charlene has to go in the closet! She whispers on the phone to her dad in Pueblo and they chuckle over the football fanatics of her MIL! It has been many years since I have seen Char and I an anxious for the reunion. She was a friendly gal with a big personality when we attended high school and she got along well with everyone.
Carol is on your far left! She is pictured with Betsy (middle) and Lynette (right). She and Lynette and I were always in mischief in high school! Carol is a school teacher and she is a great gal! She was widowed in 2002 and her husband Joe died way too young leaving her with five kids, four daughters and a son. She runs two businesses and has a really serious side to her. We rarely get together and I am hoping she can make this little reunion.

This is Vivian! Although she is not part of the original Seton High School girls she is a dear friend! I have previously stated that I would have to kill Vivian before she would be allowed to reveal any deep and dark secrets about me! Wink Wink! When we were young she had long black hair and she still has this little grin that makes you think she may be up to something! She is a real hero. This girl survived ovarian cancer! She comes from the sweetest family and recently she moved into a new house! I am excited to see her this weekend and hopefully get to visit her new place! She has a kind heart for pets to as you can see here!

Now here I am with my middle! I am the glue that keeps this bunch together! I have a very persuasive personality and I can use that good old Catholic guilt if I have to to make these ladies behave! LOL! Someday I will take our high school photos and set them side by side with our current photos. Thanks for letting me share my people pleasing friends with you.


Denise said...

Sweet post.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a sweet sweet sweet post!! LOVING all the photos!!!!!

Theresa said...

I know you are gonna have SO much fun with the girls! Sweet POST:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Marilyn said...

Great story! You'd better have a lot of fun when you get together so no one goes home without sore muscles from laughing!!♥♫

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

It was so nice to meet your long-time friends! Have a great reunion and have fun making some new memories!

Mevely317 said...

I so enjoyed these introductions, Anne!
... Actually, I'm a bit envious of your life-long bonds!
'Wondering if you've read, "The Girls From Ames"? It's been a good long while since a book (especially non-fiction!) impacted me as this one has ... wonderful recollections of a 40-year friendship.
Reading this post, I wish I had an extra copy to send you!

Judie said...

Anne, Anne, Anne!!! What a fabulous post, you people-pleasing person, you!!! I loved it.


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Oh how I'd love to get together with some of my old girlfriends! It's just too far and we have fallen out of sad!!!

Annesphamily said...

Such fun! I treasure each one of you and love when you stop by. I see a follower or two as well and I love it! This makes me so happy! I love knowing all of you here. Blessings and have a beautiful weekend.

Hugs Anne

Jenny said...

You are a perfect people person!

You exude warmth and charm and kindness and beauty!

It was fun to pop on here today and meet your friends!

Thanks for happy link to the letter 'P'.